Darlings in Denim

Denim in the summertime can be weighty. With a quick roll-up on denim skinny jeans or a full on denim dress, this versatile fabric can easily go from professional to casual.

This professional dress is perfect for comfort in the workplace. Susie added a cute brown belt that pulls in her leopard booties and her sassy sunnies. She also accessorized with a brown medallion necklace and drop earrings. Her dress is perfect for the classroom or any business office.

Michelle on the other hand is wearing her free spirited graphic tee with skinny jeans. These jeans can be worn rolled or unrolled. When they are rolled, they tend to give a more summery feel. When denim on the bottom doesn’t seem to work for you, put it up top. Almost everything goes with a denim button up shirt!

Splash of Color

In a world where black is so…. well… black.  Ok,  so we know it goes with everything.  Yes, it slims our look, and we always feel great in it.  However, we thought why not add a little color. Brighten up the world a bit.  What most people don’t know is that for every skin tone/hair color/body shape there is a color palette that is just right for you. We have a dear friend named Whitney Meade who has helped us in the decisions of our colors, style, and accessories.

Susie and pink are a perfect pair! It compliments her skin tone and makes her look and feel bright and cheerful. Her white cotton skirt is trimmed in vibrant green, blue, and pink grosgrain ribbon and complements the pink stretch v-neck top. The colors of the ribbons are found in the necklace and provide a not so loud but still noticeable pop of color!

Top- Affordables, Skirt- Vintage, Shoes- The Rack Room, Necklace- Handpicked 

FullSizeRender (6)

You should never underestimate the statement of a colored shoe! What a pop these pink pumps bring to this overall outfit-and they’re fun!

Summertime for men is hot, but these stylish white pants and blue colored shirt with sleeves rolled make any man feel cool!   Shirt- Belk, Pants- Belk

FullSizeRender (5)

A brown loafer and khaki shorts should always be present in a man’s wardrobe, especially in the south. A pink polo collared shirt is sure to brighten any neutral bottom and always makes a big statement at gatherings!  ShirtRalph Lauren, Shorts- Dockers, Loafers- Belk

FullSizeRender (4)

Michelle’s color palette is clear. She has dark hair and bright eyes. Color should always be in her closet! The choice of color definitely matters! Here, she has on teal paired with a textured tailored pant. When you wear clothing with texture it is a good idea to wear it with a solid simple top.FullSizeRender (3)

Accessories are a must. Pulling this top and bottom together are a pair of snake skin heels and a multi-tiered necklace. Heels-Nine West, Top – JC Penny, Pants – Etcetra (found at clothing swap), Necklace – Belk

To discover your best colors, click here to meet Whitney Meade, a Certified Christian Image Consultant. For $25, you’ll receive a custom swatch set of 36 of your best colors to take with you when you go shopping!

Beachwear Fashion: Swimsuits and Caftans

Whether at the beach, lake, or  relaxing by the poolside,  women of all ages want to have fun, be comfortable, and of course look fantastic in their beach fashion.


IMG_3382 (1)



IMG_3381 (1)


Michelle’s two piece swimsuit by  Lucky Brand is a perfect example of a swimsuit which gives you an opportunity to have your moment in the sun in a standout look. The hat complements the suit while providing a relief from the sun!  Together, they  are definitely a stylish way to make a splash this summer.

Cover ups can also be our best friends when it comes to beachwear.  Cover ups are light enough not to make the hot temperatures unbearable while providing a break from the sun or giving a stylish look to those who are not always comfortable wearing a swimsuit! I think that cover-ups are very feminine and romantic. I especially like the style and look of a caftan on the beach.


A good pair of sunglasses will be your best friend when you are out and about in the bright sunlight. The great thing is that sunglasses are very affordable and come in so many different styles and colors. This allows you to switch them out and change the look of your beach ensemble.


We hope that you have enjoyed these suggestions for beach wear inspiration. Stay tuned for more ideas and stylish looks for these long hot summer days in the south.



Midi and Maxi Madness

FullSizeRender (1)

5 great things we love about midis:

  1. Standout silhouette
  2. Feminine addition to your summer wardrobe
  3. Camouflage problem areas
  4. Can be dressed down with graphic tee or dressed up with a pearls and a simple blouse
  5. A midi can easily make the transition from work to a night on the townmidi3midi2


5 great things we love about maxis:

  1. Flattering, forgiving, and super comfy
  2. Can go from dressed up to street-wear funky in a jiffy
  3. Compliments any body type or age level
  4. That ultra feminine, fairy tale feeling that makes you feel as if you are a princess from a time long ago
  5. Perfect transition pieces into fall and winter depending on what you pair it withmichelle (37)suze

Princesses on a porch

Friends in your life are like the pillars on your front porch. Sometimes they hold you up, and sometimes they lean on you. Sometimes it’s just enough to know they are standing by. If you know southern hospitality, you know how important the porch is on a house. This gem of a porch is gorgeous and lends itself to beautiful fashion pictures… all we are missing is the sweet tea! Straw hats, spectacular sunnies, and accessories make any basic outfit come to life. BFRX6370 Navy and green are a great combination for summertime. We are patriotic, lovers of southern style, and a little eclectic. Happy Summer!





Until our next front porch adventure…