It’s a Retro Weekend!!!

Kickin it old school

We know you are told more often than not that purging in your closet is a good thing. It’s not that we disagree for some items of clothing- but there are things we find ourselves saying- man, I used to have those or I used to love that shirt. Fashion and style as we all know is a vicious cycle. So, keep things you love, for they will one day be of value again!

Remember the days of Jackie O. With the peterpan collar and high waisted skirts, lookey here, lookey here!
retro (3)retro (5)retro (6)retro (4)

retro (1)
Remember the pleated skirts? Those unforgettable vests, even the tie back shirts that offer a more girlish figure with the tie in the back?  Boy, do we have some oldies but goodies in our closets?  Do you?IMG_5670









Pairing those vintage goodies with some modern and stylish accessories such as fun shoes, glamorous sunnies, and fun jewelry will help to modernize those classic retro garments!

Whether you choose to wear something from the 30’s, 50’s or 80’s, retro clothing is a fantastic way to express your own creativity and unique personality.  Adding vintage to your wardrobe is like adding more paint colors to your life’s palette!

So take a trip back in time and visit the very back of your closet or maybe those trunks up in the attic!!!   Rock the retro, ladies!!!

Valerie, The Young Professional

Young, professional women  face many challenges when making the transition into the working world especially in the summertime! Face it, it is so hot!!! What to wear and not melt, but still look appropriate and stylish!

We found a perfect example of a young  professional lady who wants to look great at work, church, and social events. Valerie is doing an amazing job choosing  separate wardrobe elements which will transition to each of the different aspects of her life!

Let’s take a peek!

Vibrant color in your wardrobe adds such personality and pizzazz. Valerie adds splashes of color that really complement each other and bring out her fun personality! A bright yellow paired with red heels and a classic white top during the summer months is a clean look.


Her strapless maxi is multicolored and can be worn with a brown wedge, flats, or even a dressier sandal.  Valerie can put a colored cardigan with this dress, and voila!!, it transitions from summer wear to professional attire. After work, the sweater can come off for a night on the town with friends.


The more casual high waisted shorts with flowy top is a go to in your closet. On days when you don’t feel like putting loads of effort into your outfit, but still want to look fabulous, this combo is perfect! Transitioning to work, the top can be paired with a pencil skirt and medium heels! Ready for the 9-5!!


Valerie is an aspiring fashion designer. Her style and beauty shines everywhere she goes! We just love her engaging work friendly, summer styles. Look for us to profile her again in the fall.  Thanks, Valerie!!!!

One is Silver and the other Gold…

Remember the old adage from Girl Scouts? Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold. Friendship is one of life’s most treasured gifts.   Female friendship has been the bedrock of women’s lives for as long as there have been women, and that has been a long, long time! Our need for friendships begins when we are little girls and continues throughout our lives!

FullSizeRender (9)


Our friendships provide  a sense of  understanding, appreciation, and compassion.        When thinking about friendship the words value and quality come to mind. What do they mean in friendship, you might ask? Well, let’s dive right in.



IMG_4002To add value to your life, the value of a relationship, valuing someone as a whole, all of which means that the person/human you are in relation with is important to you. In friendship, you might find that as you get older your circle of friends decreases in size but increases in value. Our friends give us an outlet in which to share our ups, downs, thoughts, and feelings with those who we share a close bond with  and  we know will have our best interests at heart. IMG_0880

In turn, quality is much better than quantity, when referring to friendships. A quality friend is someone who you can trust, who loves you no matter what, and someone you know will be completely honest with you even when it hurts.  Knowing that you have people you can trust helps to lower our stress levels and help us to survive the challenges which life presents to us.  For example, according to a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, women with breast cancer were four times more likely to die from the cancer if they didn’t have very many friends.   To put it simply, we need our friends!!IMG_7421IMG_7411

Take some of our favorite movies for example that give us great examples of true friendship: Steel Magnolias, Finding Nemo, and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood to name a few.



Good friends are good for us!!!

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one.”
– C.S. Lewis

So to all our friends!    Your friendships are a special gift to us which we happily accept and deeply appreciate!!!

Charleston Clay Jewelry

PenelopeSeraphina is ecstatic to have been given the opportunity to showcase the hand crafted, one- of-a-kind jewelry of  the Artist, Designer, and Instructor, Shannon Tabor. As new bloggers who are passionate about fashion and style, we would love the opportunity to showcase other businesses and the wonderful fashion and lifestyle options available in the Lowcountry.  Contact us if you are interested in collaborating with us!

We hope that you will enjoy our shots of  the  stunning styles and lovely colors of the totally unique jewelry from Charleston Clay Jewelry! Click here to view her blog where you can find all of her incredibly unique pieces.



Dusty Lavender Boho and Beach Pottery make for an shabby chic look.  Soft lavender colors are blended with earthy browns and then given a great rustic feel with genuine Beach Pottery.  Strung on oxidized brass chain.  Find this in Charleston Clay Jewelry’s Bohemian Artifact Collection.

672Long Fringe Earrings:  A blend of elegant and long tassels, paired with summery color and rustic design. These tassels sweep the shoulders and are simply perfect with those “up-do’s” on a hot summer day! 100% unique and handcrafted in Charleston.  Find these in Charleston Clay Jewelry’s Bohemian Artifact Collection


The Maui Earrings: Tropical delights to send you off to islands!  Dainty little earrings with river shell beads and antique copper accents and ear wires.


Stone Mint Dagger Earrings:  Rugged and daring daggers with soft and soothing colors of mint green and earthy browns.  Paired with green sea glass beads and Indonesian brass beads.  Hung on oxidized brass wires.  Find these in Charleston Clay Jewelry’s Bohemian Artifact Collection.


Summer Daisy Tassel Necklace- Bright and bold colors accent this perfectly poised daisy design!  Paired with a genuine leather turquoise tassel and strung on oxidized brass chain.  IMG_7208

Sea Turtles and genuine Beach Pottery seem perfectly suited for these hot days.  A stunning blend of rustic and boho design captures the eye, while mint green and terra-cotta color soothes the senses.  Strung on Oxidized Brass Chain.  Find in Charleston Clay Jewelry’s Bohemian Artifact Collection.


Short Fringe Earrings:  Fun and funky fringe with fresh pops of color and rustic design.  Add a bit of the unexpected to your outfit with these super cute and very lightweight earrings.  100% unique and handcrafted in Charleston. Find these in Charleston Clay Jewelry’s Bohemian Artifact Collection.


The Night Wanderer Necklace:  A double stranded, elegant stunner!  My hand crafted pendant paired with gold dipped glass, gold beads, lava stone, and faceted glass for added shimmer!  It’s finished with a hand hammered gold filled toggle clasp.  The necklace is 20 inches in length and 18 inches on the inside necklace.  The pendant adds another 1.5 inches to the length.IMG_7209IMG_7207IMG_7210

The Twilight Tribal Collar necklace: What a lovely, simple way to add instant elegance!  This beautiful collar sits at 16″ and packs a bold punch.  I hand crafted the focal tube with beautiful gold accents, then adding faceted gold beads and matte black beads to finish off the piece.  The clasp is an 18K gold plated lobster clasp.


Black and gold are a stunning combo, but put a bit of turquoise in the mix and you have a real statement necklace!! Made with my own hand crafted pendant, turquoise leather fringe, black sea glass tubes, and long gold chain!


Be sure to pay a visit to Charleston Clay Jewerly’s website, it’s definitely worth the click!

What’s Black and White and Totally Stylish?

If you are like us, there are many days you are in a hurry! Running late! Just not loving anything in your closet!……  You know the drill.  Who has the time or energy to match everything every day?  “Not me,” said  everyone!   So, what’s the style solution?

Coco Chanel once said, “Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that  black has it all. White, too.”

Believe it or not, her quote provides us with the style solution.  Monochromatic dressing is head to toe color dressing.  It can be any color. But the two colors,black and white just bring an added glamour to the table, whether together or by themselves. Have you ever looked at a woman entering a room who is wearing black and  white and thought to yourself that she looked totally stylish and chic? ….that there was a cool elegance to her look? Well, we can all be that woman. IMG_5417FullSizeRender





Black and white makes the perfect partnership just like Penelope and Seraphina. So, friends, that’s the black and white of it!

Vacation is Over!

The day one leaves to go home from vacation is always a sad day!  Today was that day- the day that we all wake up on and  find ourselves wishing  for just one more day to enjoy before returning to work and our normal lives.

Today, a friend rode back from the beach with me and asked if we could stop at a few places to run some errands on the way home. Little did I know that the day would turn into a charming little jaunt that spanned from Litchfield Beach to Historic Georgetown.

Our first stop was the Flea Market at the Beach!  That’s right, The Flea Market! What a busy place full of laughter, color, and so many different things!! Melissa bought steak knives, and I opted for searching for another hat to add to my growing collection!!!


I had a ton of fun trying on hat after hat! So many to choose from!! What’s a girl to do? Why, buy two, of course!!  I got two hats and a cute little bag for less than $16. Score!!

From the Flea Market, our jaunt carried us to an utterly enchanting Antique Shop full of all sorts of wonderful, old and interesting items!


The next stop was the Historic River District in Georgetown! What a charming area of shops, restaurants, and of course the public dock.  The street was full of people enjoying the weather, the town, and the scenery!

Charming gates and this lush deck were just a few of the wonderful landscape vignettes we encountered.

The river front is just beautiful! IMG_5306We also saw these awesome recycled wooden cigar boxes decorated with, of course, oyster shells! How creative and resourceful!


We ended our afternoon with a great lunch at this wonderful bistro. Great food and a unique décor!

All in all, it was a great way to transition from the week at the beach as we traveled back to the Lowcountry!

Until next year, Vacation, Until next year!!!


Our Security Blanket or The Great Cover up?

Ok, so you have the swimsuit, your sandals, and the fabulous sunglasses -so what’s next? Why, a stylish cover up, of course!    A glamorous cover up is a necessity for every woman no matter what your age! They allow you to transition from sunning or swimming at the beach to taking a stroll along the sand, attending a party by the pool, running to the store, grabbing some food by the shore, or even just taking a break from the sun!  That’s the style scoop, but these cover ups also serve another purpose. They can help to make it easier for those of us who don’t always feel comfortable with baring so much. They help to cover up our least favorite weak spots while providing a super chic and feminine look!  Let’s see some examples for you to incorporate into your beach fashion wardrobe.


This navy and white stripe cover up (Marshalls) is a slouchy cotton that is comfortable and easy.


Paisley cooler and cover-up(Tagadu’s) coordinate to make a statement when on the beach.


This black cover-up (TJ Maxx) has a little embellishment on the chest. Black goes with almost any color bathing suit so this is a staple to have in your closet.


White in the summer makes people look more tan than they are and has a fresh airy feel! We love white, especially when it has an awesome color splash on it like turquoise.


This is a great sundress (Landsend) that makes the transition from beach to beach house very easy. It’s conservative, comfortable, and still very cute and fashionable.


This lightweight caftan (Catalina) is a great choice for that very feminine beach cover up! Wear one of these, and you will instantly look good and feel elegant all summer! ( and maybe get mistaken for a celebrity)

IMG_4994 (2)

This gauze dress/cover up (Oh, my Gauze) is an excellent transition from the beach to a quick dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant!

IMG_5042 (2)

Another  popular fashion trend is the romper. This cute and oh so comfy romper is by Iris and is a great stylish fashion option when one leaves the beach to visit with friends at their beach house!


Sometimes the answer to the cover up question is as simple as black and white!  This white linen vest cover up (Match Point) is a really cool option. Linen is a perfect material for the hot and humid beach days!  The black tank cover up (Marshalls) is a great look for a beach or pool get together!

Water you waiting for?

Put on your cover up and go from lounging on the sand to living it up on the boardwalk in two seconds flat!



Make a Splash!

The most dreaded time of  the year has arrived! No, we aren’t talking about tax season, but something much worse  – the time of year which instills terror  and anxiety in the hearts and minds of women  all ages and sizes across the globe. That’s right, the dreaded swimsuit season!   The thought of baring all or what feels like all is very intimidating. Once again, that beast, self -doubt, raises up his ugly head and reduces usually self confident professional women to people who would just rather wrap up in a blanket and hide!

So what if we aren’t bikini perfect or supermodels! Think about it- How many women are? Take a look around us. The only perfect bodies are those in the glossy magazines and those in commercials which promise youth and beauty if only we use their products.

The truth is those that we see on the beach will all have cellulite and wrinkles just like we do. The other truth is that they won’t notice our bodies because they will be too busy worrying about their own self perceived body flaws. When we feel intimidated by the whole swimsuit thing, we resort to the fake it until you feel it approach! After a while, it does get easier.

There are so many types of swimsuits out there. Just choose one, put that baby on, go outside, and sparkle like no tomorrow!!! Enjoy the fellowship of our friends and families while enjoying the sun and the cool breeze!









IMG_4829 (2)So dip your toe in, get your feet wet, and make a splash in your swimsuit!!!

While on vacation…


If you struggle with your wardrobe on a day to day basis, vacation can be very stressful to pack for.  Remember that the goal of  vacay is for you to relax and have fun!   So take a deep breath and just pack clothes which are comfy and stylish!

Here are a few ideas to help you put together that easy peasy beach look!

  • Take the basic colors so that you can mix and match them with each other. Include a few bright colors for that extra pop of personality!
  • Shorts and tops as well as skirts and tanks are a must!
  • Don’t forget a scarf or two which can be used as a swimsuit cover up during the day and a fun addition to your look during the evening!
  • A cool dress or two ( black is always a great go to)
  • Either a black or white cardigan (Always a cute look when thrown over your shoulders)
  • Swimsuits and cover ups
  • Cool sunglasses and hats or visors (The Beach and Straw hats were just made for each other)
  • At least two pairs of shoes (low and high sandals)  Michelle is a runner so her running shoes go everywhere she does!!

Sometimes when we take a vacation, so does our wardrobe. Susie is less likely to be found in a slouchy tshirt and shorts, but Michelle can really take relaxation to a whole different level. Enjoy our “relaxed” week.

Michelle’s crab tank is adorable and the perfect top for Fun in the Sun!    When paired with this striped mini, it provides a burst of color! Who doesn’t love a pink and orange glamorous crab!!!


Michelle’s top is so comfy and stylish at the same time! Perfect for the super hot temperatures at the beach!  Her shorts are the perfect length and look stylish while providing the ease and function for her active life at the beach!  Her sandals are a must!






This t- shirt dress with a striped top is so comfortable and never wrinkles. It was perfect for a trip to the river and lunch! Susie incorporates a lot od hats since sunburn is an issue for her.


A Perfect go to dress for eating out at night is this black t-shirt maxi!  You can pair it with anything. Polka dot scarf and vintage bangle!


We hope you WHALE check back soon for our next beach post!!!

Legally Blonde/Perfect in Pink

15 Years!!   My, How time has flown by!  We can’t believe that Wednesday marked the 15th anniversary of one of our favorite movies,  Legally Blonde.


Elle Woods, an unlikely heroine, made her debut as a blonde, sorority girl whose journey to finding and achieving her true potential served then and now as an inspiration for girls and women.  Following her ex- boyfriend to law school in order to win him back sparked the beginning of her journey and self discovery  as we all learned a lesson in the importance of believing in yourself.


How many of us have felt in our lifetime that people around us are often trying to cast us in a certain stereotype?  Elle did a great job of showing us that we, as women, can all be many different things at one time. No limits to what we dream and can achieve if we just put our minds to it and not give up.


Another lesson, clearly present in the movie and the dynamics of the female characters is the fact that we are capable of  so much more when we, as women, come together and support each other instead of cutting each other down. Sound familiar?  Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies.


Lesson learned: Supporting other women and not letting others destroy our self-determination and dreams!


To quote Elle: “You must always have faith in people. And, most importantly, you must always have faith in yourself.”

So wear that pink proudly, and remember that  “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”

One more thought before we leave this post! While we both agree that orange will never be the new pink, we do love some orange and pink together!!