Do You Have a Chic Style?

How many of us have heard certain  movie stars and famous women described as being  chic and stylish?  What does the word “chic” even mean?

The word “Chic”  comes  from the French word ‘chique’ which means skills and elegance.  Through the years, it has been used to describe  a woman as smart and stylish. Contrary to what we see and hear in the media and advertising world, we are surrounded by many chic women!

The friends and family members that we know who  are not necessarily wearing the latest fads and trends but still look stylish and cause those around them to want to copy their look! These women know what looks great on them and know how to work with the wardrobe pieces  they have in order to create the look that they enjoy wearing.


Today was a perfect example of this! It’s still spirit week, and today’s theme  was athletic wear. Our gang of four took this theme and all went in different directions with it! The beauty of it all was that each of us wore what we felt good in…… the style was different but the outcome the same! Great looks which fit our styles and were fun to wear!

Susie called this “athletic wear” because it was a “sweat suit” from Ralph Lauren. Michelle took the themed day a little differently. She wore black underarmor joggers and a red Nike shirt. Is it appropriate to mix brands? Well, she did. Michelle also wore a closet must have-Black tennis shoes with white soles. It’s every casual day fashionista’s dream shoe. 🙂 Susie wouldn’t be caught dead in them! Not that she doesn’t like them, but it’s just not her kind of chic.

We encourage each of you to take risks, explore the looks that you enjoy and then own those looks and styles!!! Look at the many different fashion options which are available and forget about what the experts say is in style or out of style!! Classic, boho, preppy, trendy, totally feminine…. there are so many different looks!


Be the woman who dares to bring out her personality, passions, and lifestyle!!!  Be the woman whose clothes and style reflect who SHE is and not the woman who wears things which are not her and thus ends up looking  uncomfortable!! Don’t be a mannequin!!  Be that chic woman!!


“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”
Coco Chanel


A Spirit Filled Week

When your occupation places you in a place of education, you can imagine the fun you get to have some days. This entire week is devoted to school spirit. It’s homecoming week, so our outfits have turned from fashionable teachers to theme related clowns.

The theme of our week is board games. Monday, we dressed for scrabble day. A sweet teacher friend made us letters to hang around our necks. The backdrop was to be black! So, Michelle chose the easy black tshirt and jeans. Susie chose a black dress and paired it with a denim jacket. It is her first denim jacket ever!! Can you believe that? She’s stepping out!!






When we arrived at school- we became a word that means so much to all 4 of us. S.T.E.M. which is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Our bland background of black came alive with these scrabble letters.

Tuesday was Twister Tuesday, which made everyone dress in colors from the game of Twister. We had several real creative ones that made Twister headbands and wore the board on their backs.

Susie and Michelle-not so much! Susie wore a cute red top from  It’s Fashion over a white dress from Affordables. Michelle wore a green Banana Republic button up shirt with white jeans. Both are colors from the game Twister, but neither were too creative! There’s always tomorrow, right?




These are our sweet friends on the hall. Left to right: Melanie Wingard, Susie Reed, Susan Gilmore, Michelle Driggers, and Emily Brown. We are two lucky chicks to work with these girls!

We will strive to try and maintain a balance between our blog and showing our school spirit!!!  3 more days, ladies, 3 more days!!

Sunday Funday


What a wonderful and sunny day today was!! It was a blessing to have the last day of the weekend not be a gray or dreary day!!  That being said, our fashion choices for today  were vastly different but  both out the box cute!!!  (FYI— That’s a new shop which just opened right behind Susie!!)


Susie’s dress is a  classic Ralph Lauren  ruched sheath dress in a wonderful chain pattern.   Susie loves a ruched dress or top.  Ruching is a fashion dream for women over 50.  It is an extremely  flattering design element  which allows us to accentuate the positive in our figures and disguise the rest.  Is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to do that??


Susie’s  necklace is a fabulous lion which just happens to be the mascot for  the sorority, Alpha Delta Pi!!! Did we mention that we are both in ADPI? Just another way connection we have!! this necklace is great because it makes a statement without taking away from the dress!!  The earrings are gold balls!! Just perfect with this dress!  Her sunnies are so wonderful! Another purchase from Nashville, and yes, they are vintage!! They are FUN!!!



Two different looks but both equally fantabulous and fun!!!  Don’t forget to visit again soon and see what this week’s fashion choices will be!!!

Shop Local

If you are like us, the year slips right in by day by day and we barely make it out of Moncks Corner during the week! It’s a good thing we love all of our local clothing shops! We have things from all places- including but not limited to: Berkeley Boutique, Taylors on Main, Barron’s, Cato, Goodwill, Its Fashion, Hibbett Sports, and Walmart! You might be amazed at what you can find with a little time. The key is persistence and diligence. 

You have to visit the places often to find the best deals and you can’t walk in, get overwhelmed, and walk out. You start at the front and work your way to the back. Never give up! Take someone fun with you that shops like you- it helps make the fun times even better. 

This week we got a chance to visit Taylor’s on Mainwhich is full of great finds. They are having terrific sales right now- and the jewelry is super cute too. They also have some baby items, plus sizes, and gift items. While we were there we were allowed to preview some of their newest items! Don’t you just love this off the shoulder black and white bell sleeve top? The black pants and booties are also there. 

The leopard print wrap with the boatneck ribbed bell sleeve top – is a real beauty- it was a must purchase!! The off white boatneck shirt is so soft and very comfortable. 

Along our journey as fashion bloggers we hope to show you tons of great fashion finds locally. We are committed to helping our local community thrive on shirt at a time😉! 

Susie fell in love with this fall sunflower top. It offers great colors of fall with a floawey feel. It is a perfect topper to a brown dress- it adds depth and flavor to something that might need a little sprucing up. Once again a basic brown is a great foundation to many different looks for fall. 

While we were visiting Taylor’s on Main we were introduced to these beautiful handmade bracelets. Bits and Pieces Design has loads of beautiful arm candy that can help any outfit become even better. 

We hope to return soon to show you other items they have. So, if you are looking for something unique and don’t have time to make a drive- you don’t have to! Moncks Corner is full of great clothing options!!

Classic combos

What a color! Cobalt blue is a stunning color no matter what the season is. There are so many ways you could go with this bold color. As a monochromatic outfit, cobalt really livens up a persons demeanor. It is easily paired with white and black, both of which are very contrasting colors- but we know how major contrast on a “clear” skin tone can really make an outfit stand out.

Speaking of major contrast and black and white. Susie … well, we will check on her in a bit!


Michelle’s dress today had  a butterfly sleeve that adds to the beautiful blue color. It also has a drawstring at the waist which makes the shape of it perfect for any body size.


Michelle’s shoes today were unique. Made by Vince Camuto with a little suede and a little patten leather. They have a slight wedge and wrap around the ankle. They were easy and super cute to add to her dress. It never hurts to show off your toenail polish that just happens to match your dress perfectly!


Super cute neclace and earring set from Handpicked, Downtown Charleston. This really unique bangel bracelet is locally made by Bits and Pieces Design.

Susie’s major contrast for today was the classic combination that is a win no matter what season it is!! That’s right the classic…. black and white. It is undoubtedly the most classic and timeless combo of all.


Her black and white skirt is so… so… comfortable and stylish. It is one of those easy to wear additions to your wardrobe.


Her poncho is so soft and has that wonderful fringe around the bottom!! It is one of those fun to wear accent pieces that adds the  !!!!!! to the outfit!!


Since the humidity has just been horrific, Susie has a functional but stylish black hat to assist with her hair issues!! She is living the hat life this week. lol


Her necklace is a neat addition. It has the black and white combo as well. The small beads are accented by the silver. She is excited because her earrings were the ultimate deal at $1.99!!! (She’s doing the happy dance!!)

Her shoes are the finishing detail for this black and white OOTD.


So, if you are looking to renew your love affair with all things black, white, and timelessly cool choose a black and white combo for your weekend outfit!! If you want to add some pop, go with the fantabulous cobalt blue as an accent for your look!!!  Tomorrow is Friday, y’all!!!!

Rain Rain go away

There are a million things we could think of doing, instead we are having to dodge rain and worry about our hair getting bigger by the second. Susie has such a beautiful hat on which adds to her outfit and keeps the frizz at bay. Michelle on the other hand, had to pull her hair up with her Brighton clip because her hair was off the chain.


Trying to find the right lighting to get a good look at Michelle’s top was difficult. She has sparkly gold up top and a satin at the bottom. You know, flats, especially loafer style are very “in” this season. The nude loafer she put on this morning goes very well with her neutral top (which she found at Taylor’s on Main in Moncks Corner), the gold adds a little glam, and her green denim pants are the perfect contrast in the middle to make her outfit an all over success.



Susie has great colors going on today! Navy blue paired with a cranberry is such a great combination. Her  necklace pulls together the underdress and  gauze poncho she chose today. Check out the fabulous sleeves and  the uneven hem on the poncho!!   Just so fun to wear!!  Not sure if you remember our Goodwill shopping post, but her  cranberry dress was a purchase from that day!!!     Her shoes are so cute and a new addition to her wardrobe from Cato.






Hope you enjoyed our rainy day pictures!!  Wondering what tomorrow’s weather will bring!!

Where’s the Sun?

Today was yet another day of clouds and humidity! Honestly not the best day for hair! That being said, we ran the race yet again today!!! img_4922


We both chose to go with classic looks for today!!  Different from each other but still classic!!


Michelle chose a classic shift dress in a timeless black and white!! As a pop of color, she paired it with a gorgeous  royal blue cardigan.  Her black pumps are simple and a perfect exclamation point for her look.  The combination just looks fantabulous!!


Susie’s choice for today was once again a neutral. She chose a camel suit. However, the suit doesn’t quite fit the everyday suit style. The skirt is a straight maxi skirt with a back slit, and the jacket is a long one.  Believe it or not, once again they both chose the same color to be their accent color!! Susie’s blouse is a royal blue! Her shoes are brown open toe slingbacks!


Don’t you just love this old tractor?  Can you imagine the stories it could tell about the years it has seen?

img_0208Susie fell in love with this wrought iron gate! She wanted to take it home!!


No Grit… No Pearl

Have you ever thought about that saying? No Grit, no pearl… those words pack a punch that really hit home with us this week.


Being a pearl is work, it takes time, nurturing, it hurts sometimes, but in the end it is a beautiful creation that occurs from the grinding of one hard surface and another. We need people in our lives to sharpen us. Make us think about life and readjust our focus when we need it most! We call these people true friends, and we certainly have been blessed with far more quality friends than we deserve. Sometimes these friends even say things like that skirt just isn’t your color or that neckline is stunning on you. Today was a day you needed that friend in your closet advising you on what you should put on. Hello…. it’s a Monday!!

fullsizerender-10Yes, today was a Monday… From the 5:45 alarm all the way to right now there was no denying it. We were full steam ahead all day. But do you know what was so cool about today? We showed up at school, both smiling, and excited to be back together again, and would you believe that both of us had a kinda summer-kinda fall outfit on.


Michelle was in a long floral maxi, but she paired it with a cardigan to make it more fallish. Susie wore neutrals layered-one linen and one a textured cotton. Because of the texture and layering it had a very fallish feel.


You see, the south can be a very tricky place to try to dress appropriately. For example, most wouldn’t wear sandals into November, but somedays it’s still in the 80’s into November, so sandals here don’t seem so far off.


This morning was the kind of day where you stand in the closet and say what in the world am I gonna wear, I have nothing!! Luckily we both found something- the alternative would scare people to death! And just like always, without even saying a word, we both dressed kinda summer and kinda fall and it all worked out!



Sunday, Sunday

Sunday is a day we enjoy immensely, but it also marks the beginning of the end of our weekend. The sign that the work week is about to begin again! That being said, we try to get every bit of fun and excitement out of each and every minute. As an extension of yesterday’s post, here are some shots of our Sunday Style!!



One of the things that we love about each other is the unique parts of our individual styles!! The fashion that we choose which makes us happy and makes us smile!!



We all know that any woman can walk into a store and buy the latest fads and items seen in all the fashion magazines, but that our dear sisters is not what style is! Real style can be seen in real women… women who know how to take just regular fashion items and style them in such a way that others look at them and wonder how they do it and what exactly it is that makes them look so wonderful.  These women are YOU!


You are the women who can see a look that you like and then go out and find  that look or a similar one in stores with much lower prices!  You are not afraid to shop in the smallest of shops, the clearance racks, the discount stores, or Goodwill!  You realize that expensive labels do not make one stylish.



You know what looks good on you, and you know what makes you feel beautiful!!  You know what we are talking about– that outfit which you put on and say “Wow, that’s soooo me!



So as the weekend comes to an end, our hope for each of you is that you will take on this week and know that you are beautiful and stylish!!! That you will make your style your own and be that woman who make others wonder how she does it!!! Conquer the world, Ladies!!!


Weekends are for…

Resting… waking up at 9am this morning was so glorious!! I don’t regret sleeping that late at all, except until lunch came about and hour after I ate breakfast. Then the day just flew by. Between Susie and myself, we covered a lot of ground today!

Movies, weddings and so much more! We hope you enjoy our top picks for this beautiful Saturday afternoon!fullsizerender_2fullsizerender_6



While Michelle was busy with her family and all the million and one things that go with raising three awesome children, I was blessed to have our oldest son and his wife visit with us this weekend!!  That, of course meant lunch out and about!! I decided to wear one of the wonderful vintage dresses from the 70’s  that I found in Nashville on Labor Day weekend! Did I mention that we live in a small town? Well, we do, and  I can say that there were a few raised eyebrows about my OOTD!  What can I say? I have always done my own thing!!




I love the colors in this caftan!!! They just remind me of fall and of pumpkin and spices!! After all, it is that time of year!!!

This evening we attended a wonderful and sweet wedding for one of Austin and Kalen’s friend from high school!! It was so nice to see  a  beautiful young lady and her husband begin their future together and socialize with some folks that we haven’t seen in a while


I am pretty sure we were telling the guys what to do in this shot (hence our hands on our hips). I love getting to spend time with Kalen!!


Of course, I could not resist one with our oldest son, Austin!!!

We just love the weekends and all the wonderful time spent with family and friends!!! We hope that all of you are having a wonderful and blessed weekend!!! Until tomorrow……