Southern Style Weekend- Pt. 3

Whether we are sitting on a dock, attending a birthday celebration, or exploring a corn maze our southern style is there and as individual as each of our southern women!

Michele is wearing a Merano dress from Target. It has a drawstring waist and pockets. It is Jersey material and very casual yet cute. Once again her vans are a successful match with this southern style.

Vanessa Kennedy was celebrating her mother’s birthday this weekend. She is wearing a dress from and accessories from Walmart. Her shoes NY& Company. 

Susie visited the Wesr Corn Maze and enjoyed an afternoon of fall fun!


Susie wore a lightweight rust tunic from H&M over a black maxi dress from Goodwill. Her shoes are from JC Penney, and her  black hat is from Versona!










Southern Style Weekend continued…


Our Southern Style weekend continues with  awesome photos of some stylish fashionistas who are spending a glorious weekend together at Pawley’s Island! What fun Southern girls have when they get together to share stories and make new memories! Of course, while these young beauties are at the beach, Susie is holding down the fort in the Corner. We hope you will see some fashion ideas to incorporate on your next Southern weekend!

Gray light sweater, red skinnies from Belk, black Toms booties, choker f21, watch Michael Kors.

Herringbone gray leggings from Lou and Gray, black top and black Chelsea boot from Target. Silver necklace from Ann Taylor

Camel sweater from Old Navy, snake skin Chelsea boot by Gianni Binni, necklace from H&M, black cutoff shorts, swatch watch, black top from Old Navy.

Black ripped jeans from Old Navy, cropped fringe gray top by Jessica Simpson, black booties.

Cold shoulder by Walter Baker, denim skinnies and gold flops from Banana Republic.

Denim button up from Urban Outfitters, cut off Jean shorts from House of Sage, and white converse.

Susie’s day included sorting river birch limbs for an upcoming wedding, gathering ideas for the theme, and a much needed mani/pedi sfternoon at the salon!! That being said…. she aimed for function, comfort, and style!!


Olive pants from Belk…Beige sweater and scarf from H&M…..Loafers from TJ Max……Sunnies (vintage) from Nashville



One thing that every southerner knows is that in the south, we are comfortable in our own skin!  Our women are like a steel fist in a velvet glove!   We are not walking runways but are indeed walking through life.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Part 3!!


A Southern Style Weekend

A rich history, a strong work ethic, faith, humility,  a strong love of family,  a gratefulness for what we have and heavens knows for where we came from.  A place where Sunday dinners reign supreme and  where the chosen drink is definitely a  cold glass of sweet tea!



Of course the south is known for our hospitality and overall friendliness!! After all a stranger is only a friend you have not met yet!  Where else can you get your heart blessed several times a day and be called sweetie and honey by virtual strangers?

One of the things that we do not think  people always realize is that the South is definitely a place of great style and fashion.  You see, in the south, ladies know how to take care of themselves. Just dropping by the pharmacy or going to the post office is just another opportunity to wear that  awesome new color of lipstick we just had to have!  Actually, Susie even puts it on to rake the leaves in the yard!

Southern women know how to wear an old rag and somehow make it look like  a million dollars just by the way they carry themselves.



We realize that many people fall for the stereotypes of  Southerners. You know, the ones which say that all we wear is gingham, cowboy boots, jeans, or monograms. Not that there is anything wrong with those things at all, but the beauty of the south is that our style is so much more.

Southern style a wonderful mix of comfort with quality materials and excellent craftsmanship. We love color and believe us when we say that we are not afraid to wear it!

Southern women can be seen sporting styles and fashions that are anywhere from classic, carefree, sunny,  to polished and sophisticated. After all, we are a region of dapper men and feminine ladies!


This weekend, we hope to show you a collection of wonderful pictures from women as we all enjoy a southern weekend!





Do you love OLIVE our styles?

Yep! We’ve done it again. We just got PUNNY on you. Olive is of course the color of the day, which we can get used to seeing because its popularity this season is off the charts.



Susie wore her high low olive button up with pockets today over a navy blue skirt. Her skirt has dual splits on the side which is a little out of her norm but as a lady of a certain age she said why not give it a try!! A huge thank you to Steel Magnolias floral design for opening up their shop to us for photographs. You should stop in and check it out! 


Who would have thought to pair olive with navy, but the two compliment each other. Sometimes the most unlikely couples make the best matches. She has navy suede booties that blend perfectly with the skirt!



Her necklace and earrings also pick up the olive hue and are definitely statement pieces.

Michelle chose an olive dress with embellishment at the neck paired with a denim jacket. In all honesty, he jacket length could have been a tad shorter to show off the waist of the dress a little more, but hey, we work with what we’ve got. She is showing off her fringe peeptoe bootie today and standing next to Susie-they go together like peas and carrots.

Olive green has been around for a long time and has deep roots in our military history. It is one of those colors which has  achieved an iconic status from its military history but also is so stylish!  It  can be  a casual as well as a feminine and sophisticated hue to wear!!  Olive green definitely has a life outside the ranks!!!

Could Olive possibly be the new black?  We can’t wait to see “olive” the ways you wear this great color!!!

How Not To Dress Boring at Work

Do you sometimes look at the outfits  being worn around you at work,  including your own,  and think BORING?   We do. We decided that each week when we make that Monday morning trek back to work that we are going to make an effort to ignite our style and make our fashion choices a little more fun!  That being said, creativity is sometimes hard work!!


Depending on where you work, you can find different degrees of what will still fit the requirements of your office while adding flair to your day.


In Susie’s choice, she used a  classic rust sheath dress as her classy base and paired it with  a tweed jacket that is not your  usual office jacket!  The detail at the bottom of the jacket and the sleeves along with the huge buttons give this coat some fashion zing. The collar is another fun detail that makes it stand out in a crowd. To complement this look, she has chosen pecan brown boots!




img_2626We love these buttons!!!

Michelle took a walk on the creative side, and used her inspiration from her love of streetwear to spark her wardrobe choice today. Not a traditional look at all, but still in the dress code of our work environment.

She paired a pleated flowing maxi skirt with an elastic waist with a graphic tee that said “Make Magic Happen.” She found the tshirt on a app calle Wish that is extremely inexpensive, but the likelyhood of what you ordered fitting is slim.

Michelle has gotten so much wear of out the Vans she bought 2 years ago. Who knew that you could pair tennis shoes with a skirt. It was funky, cute, and comfortable!!



We hope that you have gotten some ideas from these two office style suggestions. Remember, ladies,  being polished and professional does not mean that you can’t take some creative license and escape the boring box!

Until tomorrow, stay stylish!!!

2 Skirts/ 2 Fall Looks

Today, we took two totally different skirts and created two vastly different  fall looks for you!



Susie paired her  cranberry red  straight skirt with a fun black and white patterned poncho!!   Ponchos can be tricky when trying to pair them with other parts of your wardrobe.   It is important to remember to balance the volume.  since ponchos tend to be billowy  which is one of Susie’s favorite silhouettes,  it is best to pair them with a tighter fitting garment on the bottom. That is why Susie chose the straight skirt which is hitting right at her knee.  The other item to consider when wearing a poncho is the shirt under it. You will want to keep it simple. Susie chose a lightweight simple long sleeved t shirt, however a  knitted shirt would work as well. Her poncho has a turtle neck so she went with a plain neckline. Avoiding ruffles and other neck details is a good idea.





For shoes, a poncho looks great with booties, pumps, or a taller boot. Susie has paired hers with red suede boots with  sassy bows on the back.


Ponchos are so versatile and stylish. They definitely can give your work look an added boost and ignite your style at the office.

We will definitely be showcasing some other ways to wear not only your ponchos but also your capes in the upcoming weeks!


Prepare to move your fall wardrobe up a notch!

Michelle took the long maxi to another level with her wrap around ruffle jacket. Her skirt is of African descent made by Frances and Benedict. This type of show stopping skirt can only be worn once in a season… it grabs the attention of many. The quality of this skirt makes it one that will last for a long time both in physical material and in fashion. The story behind these skirts can be found on Frances and Benedict’s website. Michelle chose this print because she felt it was authentic to the culture that hand made it. It fits tightly to the waist and has pockets. It’s flowey and fun. She has to wear booties with a pretty high heel with itbecause of the length of the skirt.

About a year ago Michelle attended a clothing exchange party and scored with this ruffle wrap jacket. It’s light enough for a high of 79 but warm enough to cut the morning chill.


From our skirts to yours… happy twirling!

Weekend Vibes

Weekends, we all love them!! The time when we can escape from the Monday through Friday same old same old and find peace, adventure, or  time with our friends!
Sometimes we love to just unwind! Just relax and get away from the noise of it all. Occassionally our outfits tend to take a more causal look on the weekends too, unless that is, we are headed to an event.


Other times, we love to reconnect and spend time with our family and friends!



Sundays always offer an opportunity to fellowship at church and look to God for the strength we all need to conquer the challenges the world and the next week will bring to our door!



Then there’s those weekends where we escape and travel to some other place!! Places, we  can explore and experience new adventures! Oh and don’t forget, we can try the food, the glorious food!!
Whatever each weekend brings and whatever you choose to do- remember the weekend is your time to be you!!


And as our weekend comes to an end……… and we each face our Monday schedules…..remember this!


Taking Care of Yourself

As women, we are always taking care of other people.  There is no end to the list of things that we do each day to physically, mentally, and emotionally take care of others. That being said: Who takes care of you?


 We have a fashion blog-that means that we want to help you look and feel good. Taking extra time for you seems impossible, but it’s so important to your beauty inside and out. When you feel complete you look complete.


 Find time to be alone and do nothing:    You can even put some lavender on your temples to  achieve a calming sensation.  it will help soothe you and as an extra, it smells great!! You can always tell the women and men who have time to themselves and those who never do. The over worked, over exhausted, over stressed woman or man looks disheveled, unorganized in life and fashion. He/she tends to be frazzled all the time. When you chisel out a piece of your day for you, it makes you feel calm, you can actually hear yourself think, and that flows over into your fashion and life in general.


Talk to other people: Friends and Family members are our greatest supporters. Talking in general makes you feel like you have a purpose. Especially when you speak to people who intently listen. That would be people who actually care about you. For example, family members and close friends.

Get outside:  Go for a walk a run or a bike ride!  Yoga and aerobics are great options as well!

Drink Water        Your water should be either warm or at room temperature or warm so your body doesn’t have to waste any of your energy warming it up before it can be beneficial and hydrating.      If you do not like  regular water, then try infused water! Some favorite combinations are: strawberry and mint, peach and sage, cucumber and basil. You can also try lemon or any fruit.



Find something to be grateful for. When you can list the things you are grateful for it makes you forget about the things you feel like you do not have. There is so little we have to complain about. Why is it then, that most of what comes from our lips are complaints? Be sure to express gratitude to everyone around you. It’s spreads, and it’s never a bad thing to spread positive vibes.

Get enough sleep          When we get enough sleep, that  equates to more happiness, better health and improved decision-making. Not to mention that it detoxes the brain. It is so important for us  to consistently recharge our batteries. We love the quote about naps. “Dear nap, I’m sorry I hated you as a kid.” What on earth were we thinking? To steal a good nap during the day is a fantastic charge! Especially when it’s on a weekend!

Be active! Get outside and move around. Moving gets your blood flowing. It makes you happy and healthy. Never sit around all day. That choice will make you feel inadequate and have low self esteem. Make sure you are MOVING all the time!


Laugh!!!   Laughing is good for your soul and will totally put you in a much better mood!!


Michelle is a runner. She has found that every single day something could get in the way of her running. The outside world will always find some way to fill your time. You have to be very deliberate about YOU time. It doesn’t make you a bad person, for her, it makes her a more sane person (complete sanity for her is questionable).

Susie enjoys her chickens. When she has alone time she is always thinking about her next outfit, her next adventure, or her next challenge. Susie is always stretching and pushing for more of what life has to offer. You can tell this in her fashion. She is very unique, and proud of that. Her alone time gives her the confidence to be who she wants to be.


So remember in the course of each day to take care of  YOU.

YOU are important, too!!

Keeping It Positive

Negative people!! We all know them and have to deal with them in our lives.  You know who we mean. Those people who seem to always stay in a world of doom and gloom, those who never have anything positive to say about others, and those who are never happy about the success of others. These people are like dark holes. They actually can drain the life right out of you and rob you of your joy if you are not careful.

We often find ourselves wondering why in the world these people are being so very negative or sometimes just plain old unkind.  One of the things that we realize is that their negativity does not really have any connection to us. These people may hate their jobs, be very unhappy in their families, have self esteem issues, or feel trapped in life…..  There is a cause for their behavior but it is not you.

Their negative behavior is a reflection on them not you.  Don’t fall into the trap of wondering what you did wrong or how you might have caused their negative behavior.

Negativity is also contagious. The more we stay around it and allow it into our lives, the more it will effect us.  Don’t get caught up into it. That is when it will drain your energy right out of you and rob you of your joy.  Remind yourself that your attitude can set the tone for your day and the way that others react to you.  None of us  want to be the one people avoid because of negativity.



We really try to be positive and hope that as bloggers, we will always help you, our readers, to see the positive and wonderful things about yourselves, to see your beauty, and to know that a  positive attitude will help you deal  better with the daily affairs of life. The positive attitude will help to bring  optimism into your life, and make it easier for each of us  to avoid worries and negative thinking.


So remember, in the words of Norman Vincent Peale,    “Change your thoughts, and you change your world.”

Making a Statement

Fashion is all around us.  Every one makes a choice each day about what they want to wear for every occasion from sleepwear, casual, work, special events, and evening.  Many women like to push their fashion potential to stand out in a crowd and make a  statement. We believe however, that instead of being trendsetters and trying everything that comes down the pike that we should take a relaxed approach to our styling.  That is indeed where the true fashionistas begin to shine!


 Whether you rock denim and leather, a  dress with fringe, or understated chic from head to toe, you will certainly make  a fashion statement when you are  confident in your look. Wear what you like and push boundaries by owning your personal style!


Choose clothing and styles which reflect who you are, regardless of the trends surrounding you!  In other words, ” March to the beat of your own drum”.

Don’t worry about whether everyone likes your outfit. We can assure you that not everyone will. Fashion is like art, each person enjoys different things.


We have all seen women who take risks and wear things that are different from the rest. They don’t play it safe with their choices. Sometimes we wonder why do they wear them. The answer is simple: They are happy with who they are and they love the way the clothes make them feel!


Clothing  is  a form of self-expression.  What we choose to wear impacts how we feel about ourselves, and vice-versa. So if adding something bold makes you feel better, then do it. There is nothing wrong with that.

Think of your personal wardrobe and the items in it. Think of the items which you enjoy wearing and make you feel like a million bucks!!  We are not talking expensive clothes here. These items can be thrifted, free, or discounted, it doesn’t matter. What matters is how you feel when you wear them!


 Remember: “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” -Rachel Zoe

 imageSo don’t change yourselves to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you!!! You, my dear, are wonderful!