Hidden Treasures

Who doesn’t love to discover hidden treasures in their own hometown at Christmas time!

From the moment you enter the door at Friar Tuck’s, you are greeted with the most wonderful sights, smells and sounds! It’s just magical! It’s all about local. The throw pillows have local places like Pinopolis and Lake Moultrie written on them, the clutches in the window are from a Lowcountry artist, Erika Lynn McKelvey, and they have the cutest coordinate necklace with Moncks Corner coordinates and “Moncks Corner” engraved on the back. Totally great Christmas presents for everyone in  your family. The gifts and treasures at Friar Tuck’s are unique.


If you have that one person in your family that likes things that are not the norm, they get thrilled about standing out and being different Friar Tuck’s is the place to shop.

The Charleston Oyster Tie Company has the most unique bow ties. Locally made with burlap, shotgun shells, and many other “southern” accessories. The Charleston Oyster Tie Company has a large selection, and you can find it right here in Moncks Corner!



These stylish tote bags, cross body bags, and clutches by Erika Lynn Mckelvey are created from materials such as alligator, ostrich, cowhide and fish leather! They are so beautiful and  are definitely statement pieces as well as functional fashion investments!



The color scheme at this time of year is much different than most. Owner, Karyn  Schaffer, has taken  a sea glass/turquoise/teal Christmas to a beautiful level! The ornaments are glass and the color of the sea. There are  also sea foam green Santas and Mrs. Claus. In the middle of the store sits the most prestigious weather vane, can you guess it’s color? Yes, you guessed it, light turquoise. Because of Susie’s colorful outfit today, she blended right in with all of those shades.


Today, both Susie and Michelle  wore a basic black palette and added splash of color with the top layers. It worked out quite well with all of the gorgeous items in this shop!!!



You know you need one or two of these pillows!!!!!


….and who can resist sending a letter to Santa!!!  Susie could not resist and dropped a note in the mail!!  How cute would this mailbox be for your children or grandchildren? img_0947

Make sure that you stop by and visit Karyn during this Christmas season!!! She has the perfect gifts for your friends and family….. or maybe that perfect item for you!!! After all, you have been a good girl this year!!!

Happy shopping and styling!!!

Maroon Swoon

We suggest that today’s blog post will be best enjoyed if read while sipping a glass of burgundy!

Oxblood, maroon, wine, burgundy, and  reddish purple are all different names for the dark and sultry shade that is ever so popular this fall!  After all it makes perfect sense that the wine that so many love would make the leap to fashion and follow with the trend of  incorporating the glorious colors of nature in our fashion.

Maroon is one of the jewel tones that is somewhat mysterious.

Michelle’s dress today has maroon in it along with white and olive. Her maroon takes a back seat in her #ootd. But, Susie’s maroon took a more front stage approach. Her maroon was color blocked with black and really showed up and showed off. Both of us found our dresses in bargain bins.

Susie found hers at the clothing swap we recently attended. Michelle found hers at Goodwill- one of her favorite places to find a gem.



The more purple tones suit blondes while the deeper reds suit brunettes. Like with every trend, it’s about discovering what works for you.

Just know that this color family can take you anywhere from a posh polished look to a downtown chic, so just take a deep breath and let’s swoon for maroon and remember to sparkle!!!





Comfy Clothes and Christmas Nights

Well, football Saturday is over, but Michelle is still rocking her low key Clemson t-shirt and bomber jacket. Susie’s sweater dress with a fringe hemline and structured necklace is a sure sign she’s totally over the Palmetto Bowl.


In an attempt to prepare ourselves for Christmas, this Sunday was a casual low-key one, much needed after a full Thanksgiving break. We shopped a little, decorated our houses a little, and even got to visit with Santa a little.



Our outfits were as different as The Grinch and Santa Claus but we go together like Christmas trees and ornaments. The weather is dropping so Susie’s sweater dress is just the ticket to keep warm. She added pop to her attire with the hounds tooth cape. Michelle took a time machine back to the 80’s and kept warm in her gray leather bomber jacket. She rolled her jeans to show off her Vans.

When we say “Comfy Clothes” we each mean something different. To Susie, her sweater dress and booties are super comfy. To Michelle, jeans and a casual t-shirt are the way to feel most comfortable. Whatever the outfit or style you’re comfortable with,  we hope you will embrace it and feel confident enough to be you!






You are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

Down! Set! Hut!

In the sunny state of South Carolina, today is a day of great importance! A day when Clemson and Carolina come together for their annual football rivalry! A day when South Carolinians’ blood either runs orange or garnet!!
These two schools are only 132 miles away from each other, but have been bitter rivals since the 1880’s!! This annual game is even nicknamed “The Battle of the Palmetto State” otherwise known as “The Palmetto Bowl.”



The amazing thing about this is that as deep as this rivalry runs, the fans of these two schools are  all friends and often family members in houses divided!

We all know that Southern women take our fashion and social events very seriously!  That fact certainly carries over to our football games!! This game of bitter rivals is mostly played on the field, but  can also be seen in the fashion parade of school colors! Not just content to wear the t-shirts or sweatshirts, our southern belles look for ways to show their true colors and loyalty while also strutting their own individual styles and fashion preferences.

Let’s be honest……We all know that the next most important thing after winning the game is having the PERFECT game day outfit!!!






Keep Styling Ladies, and make sure that your game plan has you standing out in the crowd as  the  most Stylish and Chic  fan in the stands!!!


Family- Life’s Greatest Blessing



When we look at the wonderful people in our families, we are amazed by the talents and gifts that they all bring to the fabric of our families. So many different personalities which all come together to create a pattern of richness and love!


Each of our  families is made up of those who bring us joy and  make us laugh as well as those who can sometimes make us want to pull our hair out!! Strand by strand!! But through it all, we know that the greatest joys in our lives come from those we call family!


Maybe in the blur of this holiday, we can take a moment to tell some of these people just how much we appreciate them and the special gifts they bring to our lives!!


Make sure that the people in your life know how much they mean to you and how much you love them!!



Appreciate those who are going through this journey of life with us!!  After all, the best blessings are not what we have in our lives but instead they are the people we have in our lives!!





Be blessed this Thanksgiving weekend, our friends!!!

Thanksgiving Eve

Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the town lots of creatures were stirring and moving around. One edgy gal and one on the prowl (feline) together they would hunt for the best fashion around.

Each picture they took, they giggled with glee for it is the best of the best that they only allow you to see.

Not every one is perfect, not is every one great, but these two try to make each one Fun no matter how they rate!


Whether you’re going to a Christmas party or just shopping in town, we hope you’ll get inspired by what you have found!







Gobble Till You Wobble!

Day 2 into the week of Thanksgiving, and we are full steam ahead. Susie chose some awesome fall colors to paint herself in today and Michelle is in bright classic colors. Although they do not match each other both are bold and bright! Thanksgiving is a time to really show off your fall style. If you’re like us, you’re gonna go for comfortable this week but super cute and colorful. The fall color palette leaves us with such a variety to choose from.




Susie’s outfit is started with her desire to end the school week with a look that was bright and full of energy.  She started with an orange maxi dress with a simple round neck and 3/4 sleeves. She loves this type of dress for layering because you don’t notice lines from them under a lightweight top layer. The green tunic is a perfect length for a long maxi dress. As if those two colors were not enough, she chose a woven scarf that is just alive with energy and the bright colors of fall!! The key word here is VIBRANT!!




Michelle is vastly different from Susie today in the reasoning behind her choice. She is in dire need of a break, filled with lots of sleep and fellowship. So when she woke from her beauty rest this morning she went for comfortable yet stylish. Her White House/Black Market sweater is worn on top of her turquoise boat neck shirt from Target. Her unique black skinnies from H&M were an easy choice to complete her quick and comfy look. She has a statement necklace with loads of turquoise and silver beads.

We chose a location for the shoot today which is just full of nature’s vibrant fall colors and textures! We hope you enjoyed the fashion and the scenery!

Oprah Winfrey said,   “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever have enough.”

We say, no matter what is going on in our lives, there are always- always  many things to be thankful for!!

Be stylish and thankful!!!


Thankful for YOU!

As Susie and Michelle creep into Thanksgiving week, they can’t help but be thankful for each of you. Followers, likers, commenters; it’s because of you that we do what we do and love every minute of it! We are so grateful for your continued support and the time you take to visit our site on a daily basis. We are growing because of you and can’t wait to continue this journey with you!



Both of us have families that we are incredibly thankful for, but this blog post is dedicated to our followers! It’s important that we know that we are influencing each of you in a positive way. With each like, you let us know that we are doing just that! With every comment we can interact much closer with you and begin to form relationships with each of you. We love new followers and encourage you to invite your friends to visit our blog too!


Through our blog, we have met people from around the world who live in places we have never even visited as well as those who live around us in  the all so familiar places! We are thrilled to know that so many people share our passion for fashion!


Blogging is a new adventure for us, but we so enjoy every part of it. Fashion is what we adore and sharing photos and tips with you is a joy for us.





We enjoy the suggestions that all of you offer us about future blog posts and the kind words of encouragement that many provide when doubt makes us question if we are doing a good job at this thing called blogging!!

We are  also so very thankful for the friends and complete strangers who allow us to us their homes, yards, social events, and businesses as a backdrop for our  photo shoots!!


We have often heard it said that it takes a village to raise a child, and  we have to add that it also takes a village to produce a blog!!!!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being our village!!! We love y’all!!!!

Wild Weekends with lots of Variety

Some weekends are slow and enjoyable and some are packed to the rim and wild with excitement. This was one of those wild ones with lots of fun outfits and events to attend!!


Susie had her son home from Nashville and Michelle was out of town at a wedding but all that happened Saturday- Sunday. Friday night they attended a “fashion swap” fundraiser.
The Fashion swap was a fun event where you take clothing and get to take home as many items as you bring. They took along a friend and had lots of laughs and left with a handful of great finds.

Susie has always been a mother of boys and not much makes her happier than having them under her roof. So, as you could imagine she got all dolled up to go fetch her baby from the airport on Saturday!
Michelle and her family of five headed to the upstate to attend a dear friend’s wedding. Her children and husband dressed up two days in a row to partake in the festivities.







Whatever adventure you had this weekend we hope It was one filled with lots of great memories! Remember to keep styling and keep smiling!

Weekend Antics

Pops of color and neutrals. Love and love. No matter how you slice it- both are great picks for a Saturday!


Michelle chose a bold cobalt shirt with an asymmetric hem with her white jeans. In order for them to be the right length for her suede boots, she had to tight roll her pants. Yes, tight roll- I know- bringing back the early 90’s- and loving every second of it! It’s true every fashion style makes its appearance again and again, but each year the style picks up its own familiar flavor.

Susie went with neutrals- her favorite combos. They go with so much and are the basis for so many great outfits.  Susie started with a soft brown maxi dress and paired it with a very neutral long cardigan. Adding a brown belt with matching brown suede boots provided a contrast to the long cardigan.  Her scarf also provided a neutral pop to the neckline. It’s a soft and easy look for the fall!!!





So whether you choose to wear neutrals, brights, or a combination of both, you can rest assured that you will be in style and ready for some weekend antics!!

Enjoy your weekend, Ladies, and keep styling!!!