One of the great things about bring a teacher is having an opportunity to have free time during the holidays! Although the clock is ticking and our time is passing by, we try to enjoy each moment and fill our time with as many fun times as possible before returning for next semester!!

Michelle decided to visit Clemson and had a great time in the upstate! She loves to go up and visit her Alma Mater. She watched the Clemson men’s basketball team take on UNC Wilmington. Our Tigers gained a W and the trip to see the newly renovated Little John was totally worth the drive.

While in the upstate the temps were much the same as the Lowcountry. Michelle was comfortable in this white 3/4 blouse from H&M and her Jcrew bellbottom jeans. These are some of her favorite jeans because of the high waist. She found her cool wedges from Cato and her sunglasses were picked up at Francesca’s.


Susie remained in the lowcountry  and shopped!  She was on the lookout for special additions for her wardrobe which will provide a pop!  Accessories such as scarves, capes, hats, and other items which can bring the zing to the outfit of the day!! She also found some time to visit the lake!!! Windy but always a good time!!


She w







As 2016 rolls towards its end, we both hope that this past year has been a year on which you can look back on and know that whatever joys and trials you faced you survived them  and are all the stronger for it!!!


Comfy, Casual, and Cute

Let’s face it! Sometimes fashion can be flat out painful! Throughout history, women have suffered from pain and sometimes health threatening fashion trends.


High heels stand out as one of the most obvious fashion trends that result in injury in fashion today! Think about how many times you have almost turned your ankle or even almost taken a spill in your heels de jour!


We thought we would share our pictures today of some outfits which fit our  3 C’s!

  • Comfy
  • Casual
  • Cute

You can’t go wrong when your outfit fits the 3 C’s!!


That being said, here are some of the painful fashion trends in history which never would qualify for the 3 C’s!!!

Does anyone remember the pictures of those poor aristocratic ladies in the movies and our history books who were subjected to the torture of the tight corsets!!  Oh, the agony!!  Beginning in the 1500’s, those poor women were sometimes laced up so tightly that they could not properly breathe and sometimes passed out!  Women were  finally saved in the 1960’s by the creation of the girdle!  Oh, the glamorous side of being a fashionable lady!!


The crinoline made its appearance in the 1860’s. They were lined with horse hair  and hemmed with straw. Women suffered from various rashes from the hair and straw!! However, to make matters worse, their crinolines often caught fire from the candles, fire grates, and poorly thrown cigarettes.  Was it worth it? Hardly, but the women all wore them and took the risk as a necessary evil to be “in style”.


Another fashion danger came from the wigs of the 18th century. the women of this time wore them very high and powdered!  The lack of proper hygiene during this time resulted in the fact that many wigs were infested with lice and often times mice!! Can you imagine the thought of sitting at a ball and having a little furry creature dart out of your hair?


Thankfully, today we are not subjected to these horrendous trends. We are strong and secure enough to look at the various fashion trends around us and judge which ones are for us! We are in control of who we are, what we wear, and where we want to go in our lives!!! We get to pick out any style we want to wear and rock it all day long!!!! …….. And that our sisters is a GREAT thing!!!




Brilliant Basics

Pinks, grays, browns, tans, does it get more basic than that? But when you start to pair them together they come alive and begin to look not so basic.

Michelle found this super cute leather skirt at the local thrift store that fit like a glove, and the mid length of it was surprisingly great. Sometimes, because of her height (average 5’6″) she finds some skirts do not add to her height or do much to accentuate her high spots😉.

This skirt however was cut high/low on the hem and had a cute belt around the waist. To show off most of the skirt she chose a tan cropped sweater that was assymetrical. Her brown suede booties topped off her Christmas Day outfit!

Basic….. yes…… but brilliant!
Susie’s outfit was perfect for a casual day. She had some traveling to do and a lot of things to get done. Also, she has been trying to dress a little more casually. She chose some basic gray pants and paired them with a cute pink turtleneck sweater with a matching scarf! The sweater is a vintage one, and she was so excited when she found it! Black boots and a chunky silver necklace complete the casual look.


Susie also chose some super cute pink sunnies for the winter sunshine!!   Basic with a pop!!!


We have said before that a strong foundation wardrobe of timeless pieces will always serve you well in your fashion journey.  As we are in the midst of all the after Christmas sales, try to invest in some foundation pieces for your wardrobe! They may be basic, but they sure won’t be boring.



Casually Rolling into Christmas Eve

Sometimes you have events to get all dolled up for.  Then there are those other times when you have the day off,  and you  are able to take advantage of the free time you have. No agenda. No plans. No early wake up calls. That can only mean one thing…. casual outfits.


Michelle is wearing her charcoal skinnies with a gray turtleneck. She took a top she often wears in the summer to put on over-for an extra layer with coordinating colors. Her favorite bootie was perfect for this comfy but cute ensemble. 


Susie is wearing a truly comfortable runaround town outfit!!!  You know she loves to layer and play with different combinations to make new looks!  She started with a basic red maxi dress and then added a red and white tunic top from Comfy! That’s right— the brand name is Comfy, and it is totally comfortable! She topped it off with a winter white long cardi!!  This is essential here in the lowcountry because our temperatures fluctuate from day to day and morning to night! Red booties and vintage red beads are the accents of the day!!!  Festive and bright!!!!





During this season of giving, let us take time and slow down to savor each moment, to gaze upon those whom we love and cherish, and  to appreciate the greatest gift of love ever!! We wish y’all a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!!

Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

There are some really great gift ideas out there. We think sometimes people overlook the really great small things and try to over do it with a huge gift.

The small things are what mean the most- especially if it’s something she mentioned in last few months or even weeks. The small things mean you’ve paid attention to her, to the details she said to you, you gave her your undivided attention when she needed it most… when she said a list of the things she really wanted but probably wouldn’t buy for herself.

Here are our top 5 small treats you could buy your gal and put her on cloud nine without breaking the bank!

1. A purse – every girl loves a purse, but a small one to put under her arm on a night out or a quick trip to the market is what we are talking about here. Nothing too expensive but something unique and cute. Something that says ta-da!

2. A makeup box- oh man… it doesn’t matter what age- every girl loves a box of makeup. It’s true! We love to experiment and have fun with colors. We love to pretend at every age, so why not give the gift that every age loves!

3. A choker- a very trendy and inexpensive treat that will leave her smiling…

4. Fingernail polish – something she rarely buys for herself but she will really love this tiny treat of color and pizazz. You can afford to buy something funky, let her explore crazy colors because fingernail polish is inexpensive- yet fun!

5. A colorful scarf – a scarf that either keeps her warm or accentuates her awesome outfit is a must! It could do both! But whichever you decide to buy make sure it is full of color and fun designs. A scarf is a great addition to every girl’s wardrobe that makes her stand out!


Your girlfriend wants to know that she is important and special (that she is the best person in your life)!!

Gifts are fun and fantastic to receive, but the greatest gift you can give her is the gift of your love and attention. The great news here is that those gifts are free!!

Have Holly, Jolly Christmas!!!


He’s Making a List…

Checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s naughty or nice.

Hopefully you, like us😉 are on the nice list! Boy, does Christmas time bring out the best and the worst in a person.

When we entertain we can turn into a huge bossy pants trying to get the house perfect and dinner prepared.

When we have loads of Time On our hands our children can get on our very last nerve.

Or… we can stay calm, remember what the season is all about- not lose our cool and carry on.

Michelle is the first and Susie is the latter of the two. That’s what makes us a great duo. Michelle walks, talks, and works in 5th gear all day long.

Susie on the other hand likes to enjoy her day, listens to people, and doesn’t get in a hurry much. She rarely loses her patience.

When getting ready in the mornings. You can tell that Susie has paid much more attention to detail. Michelle often walks out the house without earrings. The beauty of it all is that in the end- no one really knows those things. A great outfit can point people’s attention in just the right places.

What’s black and white and red all over?

A sunburnt skunk… or in this case Michelle and Susie’s outfits!

Michelle is wearing black and white pants that are bell bottoms. Her red top is an uneven hem which gives this outfit a comfortable flowy look. She also put on a white chrochet vest for a pop of color.

Susie is wearing a black and white long jacket that is perfect with pants, a short skirt, or even a sheath dress!  A simple tunic and holiday red pants finish the look! She has also added a red scarf for an added pop……….. A red vintage necklace is the perfect accessory for the neckline of the tunic!

We do have a guest appearance on the blog tonight!!!! The stylish, Marley has dropped in to show off her stylish black and white as well!!!   Marley is  indeed a fashionista!!!!



A huge thank you to Mr. Bill and Mrs. Claudette McCall for allowing us to take pictures in their beautiful yard. We loved all of it and can’t wait to come back in the spring to take more pictures!!

Two Friends/Two Eclectic Looks

Our OOTDs for today are totally different!!!  We love the fact that sometimes we are totally in  style sync, and sometimes we go off in two different directions!!


Exploring different looks and combinations can sometimes be daunting to many women! We want you to feel confident enough to try different things, looks, and accessories in your day to day lives!!

Let your fashion be about how you feel and what you like!

Combine some different styles!  For example, Pair something vintage with a modern style.


Susie’s eclectic style for today begins with this totally awesome vintage hat!! A friend gifted her with it recently! It belonged to one of her friend’s family members!!! What a wonderful thing it is to wear the accessories and clothes from a different time!!! Susie paired it with a modern sheath dress and basic black shoes!!! The hat brings all the pop and drama to this look of the day!!! Susie is now looking for the perfect purse and some gloves to add to the overall vintage pop!!!


Wear some unusual prints or color combinations!

Michelle is wearing a cropped flowy top in leopard with her black jogger dress pants. She is wearing a print that is loved by many. It was a super windy day which was great for showing off the flowiness of this top! Once again her Nine West pumps save the day. You can never have too many pair of black pumps- Michelle wears them a lot.


Let a hint of the dramatic show up in your Look of the Day!!

Embrace the possibilities!!! Who knows…. you may just discover a new you!!!




Have a Holly Jolly Christmas

Fun times with our families always top our list as the best times of the Christmas season. Making memories and sharing laughs as we go through this thing we call life!  How cool is it that studies show that actually spending time with our families can help to make us mentally stronger.  They lead us to higher levels of well-being and satisfaction with life….. and who doesn’t want those feelings!!!

Michelle spent the day in the country with her family for a full day! They cooked a hog, played corn hole, and laughed a lot… at the end of the day each took a funny gift from their annual gift exchange.

Michelle wore a pair of ripped jeans with her Bean Bootsthat she  has had for years! It’s those types of investments she loves to make because when you buy from such a trust worthy company- they mean it when they say lifetime guarantee. Her ribbed undershirt is a Target find and her cute plaid vest is from Berkeley Boutique. Since purchasing the vest they have added several different colors in the vest.

Susie spent the day shopping with her daughter-in-law, Kalen. They had lunch and searched for gifts for Austin and Carson! To finish the day, they met the guys at a theater to see Rogue One, the newest Star Wars movie. What a wonderful time with family!!!



Susie wore a brown turtle neck top and brown pants from Belk. She paired these with a blanket sleeveless coverall from Affordables! The soft shades of brown and cream make this a perfect addition to the basic brown foundation pieces.  Affordables is an excellent place to pick up statement wardrobe additions to your outfits!!!



So as this last week before Christmas flies by, take the time to slow down and spend some quality time with your family!! Laugh together, dream together, talk with each other, and tell them how much you love them!!!

We guarantee that you will indeed Have a Holly, Jolly Time!!!


Baby it’s cold outside…

I really can’t stay (but baby, it’s cold outside) I’ve got to go away (but baby, it’s cold outside) This evening has been (been hoping that you’d drop in) So very nice (I’ll hold your hands, they’re just like ice)

This weather in the South is so very unpredictable. One day it’s in the 40’s, the next it’s in the upper 70’s. On this particular day- it was one of those frigid 40’s days.

It’s not difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when it’s cold and blustery. But when it’s not it’s hard to find an appropriate outfit much less feel festive.

Outerwear can really add to an outfit if you’ve chosen the right one. Michelle has on a basic green button up which is fitted and from Banana Republic. Her dark jeans are from Old Navy and the flat leopard shoes are Bob Ellis. Because of the cooler temps she added a velvet camel jacket from The Gap. This cute jacket has small buttons up the front and a cute pleated panel in the back. Michelle is crushing on this velvet jacket!!


Susie chose a different outwear for her look of the day!!  Her favorite black maxi skirt was the beginning of her outfit!! This skirt is just so versatile!! A simple lightweight turtleneck under a metallic grey sweater is paired with this fur trimmed  grey  over sweater!! The greys and blacks along with the metallic and fur just add so many different dimensions to the look. Her sweaters are from Affordables, and her skirt is from JC Penney!




Don’t be afraid to look for stylish ways to attend those Holiday soirees on those very cold days and nights!!! Velvet, fur and metallic are all awesome ways to add a massive dose of glamour to your wardrobe!

Don’t let the colder temperatures your sparkle, ladies!!!




Jingle and Mingle- 3

Most of you know that we work in a small school and love our jobs!!  Our school Christmas party is a very casual  lunch  at the end of a half day of exams. So that means that our outfits for the event needed to transition from a day in the classroom to setting up the luncheon and then sharing time with those we love dearly.

Sometimes these are the trickiest of all types of events to dress for!  Those are the events for which we stand in front of the closet and say….Hmmmm, let’s see……maybe this…, that’s too dressy….. What about this…… not right either!!!!  You have probably had those same fashion discussions!!  We decided that our situation called for cute and functional with a dash of comfort thrown in!

Michelle chose to attend the party in her high waisted jcrew bell bottom jeans with a drapery white and mustard banana republic button up. Her suede clogs from Nine West were just the trick for the length of the jeans. You know, she doesn’t wear a belt too often, but when she does- it’s a nice addition to her outfit. This oversized gold buckle pulled the gold in with the brown in her shoes. 

There are some shirts that allow a great neckline for the perfect necklace. Because this button up was not so structured Michelle grabbed her super dazzled JCrew necklace to twinkle in the holidays.

Susie decided to go with a classic black velvet turtleneck and pair it with a New York and Company festive Red skirt!  The turtleneck is super comfy and stylish. It also looks great untucked! Her long black and silver necklace is the perfect adornment for the classic look.


Her outfit met the perfect balance between work and play.


She added a silver metallic scarf and headband to bring in a little  zing!!! Again, voila, the addition of a few accessories takes the outfit to a dressier level.


Our Christmas wish for y’all is that each of you will be healthy, happy, and loved!!!

…….. and as you are mingling and jingling, don’t forget to make it a December to remember!!!






Merry Syling!!!🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄