Black and White with a Splash of Red

You have heard us often sing the praises of the colors, black and white!  We do not see that changing any time soon.

Black is characterized by the absence of light while white is the reflection of all color without absorption.  These tonal opposites  work well together to create a dynamic look not only in fashion but also interior design.

These two colors together are crisp and polished all the while exuding a feeling of elegance. They are perfect on their own, however, those who crave color can always add a pop of color to this elegant duo!

Today, we decided to give you two outfits both black and white. One with just the two colors and one with a pop of red.


Susie’s outfit is black and white. her elaborate pieces are crisp and chic without being minimalist. (even though it appears off white in the pictures!) Her new maxi skirt from Versona is so wonderful. It even has pockets!!! Who could ask for more than that!!



Her black turtleneck  from H&M is the perfect top for this time of year!!!  It is so easily layered with other things or worn by itself.  Her vintage necklace  and new white sunnies from Ross are fun and add a certain flair to her look.


Michelle’s outfit is black, white and a splash of red. Well, maybe a little more than a splash. Her pixie pants from Ann Taylor are so perfect. They are fitted, stop right at the ankle, and take the role as a skinny pant without being unprofessional.

Her wool wrap around red sweater was thick, warm, and get this… it has pockets! Can I get an Amen. There isn’t much more that erks me than to have a perfect outfit on a cold day without pockets!

You know, a white and black turtleneck in your wardrobe is a must! They go under things, they add style without all the bulk, and they keep you warm!

So while everything in life might not be black and white, one thing in fashion is very clear.  Black and white is timeless and will never be regarded as a fashion trend. This combo is indeed  always in style!!!

Keep styling, lovely ladies!!!!


Sweater Style

These crazy temps are lower this week than our usual 70’s, so every girl takes full advantage of these cooler temperatures to wear their cute sweaters.

Michelle chose her cropped 3/4 sleeve pale pink sweater to wear with her jcrew bells. One great feature about her sweater is the gold exposed zipper up the neck.

Her platform shoes were a must with these super long jeans!


A vintage cardigan of maroon, navy, and khaki was the springboard for Susie’s ootd. She matched it with a simple navy blue sheath dress and navy sling back pumps.



A maroon scarf and a smart hat provide the icing on this cake!!


A cozy sweater is always a great idea for a winter wardrobe staple!  Look for some fresh ways to style your sweaters and create some new looks!!


The same sweater that you might pair with a dress or a skirt one day can take on a different look with your jeans.


We challenge you to experiment and try three different chic combinations with some sweaters from your wardrobe!!!

Happy sweater styling, ladies!!!!

Easy, Breezy, Beautiful

When the day is sunny and breezy, it is very easy to feel lighthearted and happy!!  That is exactly the sort of day we had when taking these pictures! Living in the south with the temperatures that we have, we often have days which feel as if spring is right around the next corner….ready to burst forward with all her color and life.  On these days, you can’t  help but feel beautiful!

That is exactly how we felt!!  Maybe not movie star/model beautiful…. but beautiful both inside and out!

How dull would this world be if we were all the same. If we were all cut from the same mold!  The absolute uniqueness and glory of each woman and girl is  indeed something for us to celebrate!  After all, God made each of the way we are for a specific reason!


Get to know the  incredible person that God made you to be. Become comfortable with the gifts and talents that he gave you. Look for ways to bless others with those gifts.

Acknowledging and sharing  the talents and strengths that God has given us will help us to rise above the daily stresses,  low self-esteem, the pressures of the world,  and anxiety.

It helps us to not need the social crutches of the world to feel confident.

Loving ourselves just the way we are will help us to find joy in every day!

Michelle’s outfit today was… easy! Skinny jeans with a cuff at the bottom paired with a ruffle button up and a cotton blazer from H&M fit the bill. Her Levi’s were high waisted which is a heaven send for her. There is something very comfortable about a high waist pant. Her gray blazer had cute elbow patches. The suede booties she wore from Rack Room are also really comfy yet cute.

img_1498Susie’s outfit today was……..breezy! The wind was blowing and played with her sweater and hat several different times!!  Her gray maxi skirt was so comfortable and perfect for the end of the week! She added a softer gray top which will transition nicely into spring time!!!  A vintage elephant necklace just seemed to be the right accent for the day!!! Her long fringed gray and white sweater complemented the outfit and was so much fun to wear!! To top it all off, she added a gray hat!

Whether you feel beautiful or not we hope you will rest easy tonight knowing that God thinks you are- and he is your maker. To not believe that you are his beauty is to think he has made something less than perfect, and that’s just not true.


Outside of the Box

“I love to look and feel good about myself. Exploring fashion trends and adapting them to my personal style. I treat others with respect and accept them for who they are. I make a statement with my choices and love to play with the versatility of my clothes. I appreciate innovative fashion and I’m always looking for quality and beauty in life.”

Whether we are in a classic navy skirt and blazer or a funky uneven hem cotton dress- Susie and Michelle like to think outside of the box when it comes to fashion choices.

Part of expressing who you are comes from your choices in the closet. Neither of these gals are afraid to live on the edge or try something new in the name of fashion!!!

Michelle’s dress expresses in words (literally) what these two feel about innovative and creative style.

Michelle’s hem is uneven, sleeves are long, and neck is wide- a most unusual choice for her, but she loves that feeling of freedom to be confident in this artistic dress.

Shoe choice for Michelle was a cinch… if she was gonna wear the odd dress she has to wear the odd shoes!


Susie’s look today was a more mainstream and traditional look! It began with a navy blue skirt from JC Penney!!  She definitely tends to choose dresses or skirts when choosing her wardrobe elements, but is working on expanding on her pant collection.  She found a wonderful white cowl neck top with no sleeves and added a navy blue and gray striped jacket from Cato!! The jacket was marked down tremendously. Who doesn’t love a bargain!!!



She went without a necklace today because of the cowl neckline of her top and her awesome navy blue scarf!  She definitely has a case of Scarf fever! The finishing touch would be her new navy blue wedge pumps from Nine West.  They are so comfortable and stylish!!!





Michelle and Susie don’t often veer off their normal style, in fact, Susie and Michelle joked about how Susie was more in what Michelle would wear, and Michelle was in something Susie might wear.

The beauty of it all is that both wore it in confidence as if they never skipped a beat!

We hope that all of you will step out and wear something that is not in your normal fashion comfort zone or norm!!  As for us, We plan to do it more often!!

Keep styling and smiling!!

Who Knew…

Who knew that gray could go with so many unusual combinations. When we think about the color gray we often think it goes well with black-and-white. After all, it is the in between.

Today, Michelle took gray and paired it with Brown. A super odd combo to most – who knew?

She had a brown, green, coral, and gray scarf that pulled the two together. Her Limited pants are a great addition to any wardrobe. Professional, basic color, and can be paired with many options.

Her not so common “thermal” top was Chip & Pepper which is a super funky clothing line. Known for their denim but they make other pieces like this super cool top.

Michelle wore a pair of brown suede pumps with a paten-leather strip across the toe. Her scarf was an addition she has enjoyed for years!

Susie went with a more traditional combination. She chose  a black turtleneck  and paired it with a  black knit skirt with tiny gray stripes. She layered it with a gray knit vest from Affordables.



There was nothing very different about this combination until she accessorized it with two really neat gray scarves!  Who Knew that the addition of two scarves could take an outfit from typical work attire to a more fun look for the office?


The scarves were different shades of gray to give more depth to the look.  She chose one eternity scarf and paired it with a long fringed scarf to provide variety and texture! Remember our accessories are the icing on the cake!


Her shoes for today were  maroon booties! Susie likes to add a pop with a contrasting shoe.


Sometimes the challenge of  changing up the look of the outfits that we wear to work can be accomplished by looking for different types of accessories. It is an inexpensive alternative to always buying new outfits! Who doesn’t like that idea!!!


Shop in your own closet to look for exciting ways to refresh and add more zing to the outfits you wear!! Try on some things together that you would not usually try. We promise that you will find some new ideas and say  Who Knew!!!

Make your Thursday, a day to remember!! Share a smile with everyone you encounter!!!



By the Seat of Our Pants

Denim jeans are one of the greatest fashion inventions ever made. Our jeans are  so very  practical!!!! Let’s look at some of the positive aspects about jeans! They never need ironing- Can we get a huge AMEN!!! Dirt doesn’t really show up on them like other pants!  ……… and when they get dirty , it seems like everything washes out of them!



Face it, our jeans  are hard-wearing and stylish at the same time.

However, when one compares our jeans to other pants, one must concede that our other pants are the ones which are needed when we need a more professional look.  They lend a more classy look to your ootd than our jeans.


Michelle chose to bring back the early 90’s and tight roll her jeans today to show off her cool shoes from Cato Fashions. Tight rolling is actually back in style girls- promise!! You never go wrong when you choose a crisp white collared shirt to pair with denim.

Susie went with a basic black pant and paired it with a cute black top that has a wonderful sleeve detail. Every wardrobe needs several different pairs of black pants in it. We suggest some in different materials and styles. She accessorized her monochromatic look with a black and white polka dot scarf and a vintage flower necklace!! Her boots are also making a statement!! They are not to be ignored!!!




Jeans and pants are a must for your wardrobe!!!  Make sure that whatever the occasion you have exactly the right pants to make that stylish impression!!! Don’t find yourself in a situation where you don’t have the right style and end up flying by the seat of your pants!!



Keep Styling, ladies!!!

So Many Shades of Gray



Can you imagine the amount of names one color can have. Let’s take Gray… since it’s such a gray day and see how many different color variations we can find.

There are: Shadow, graphite, pewter, silver, cloud, smoke, iron, ash, dove, pebble, coin, fossil, lead, charcoal, fog,  and the list goes on and on.


In light of there being so many different variations of this one color, we thought we would show off our “Gray Day” outfits in a variety of these colors.


Not only is gray the great in-between of our all time fav. black and white combination it also can be considered a wardbrobe cleanser. Kind of like cleaning your pallet after a meal.

Gray is a soft alternative of Black. If you don’t feel like wearing black or white, gray is a great neutral to wear.

Michelle is a full palette of gray. Her gray denim skinnies are paired with a waterfall open cardigan, belted. She put a black tank under her cardi and added a black simple yet classic jacket for warmth and layering. Her Report chelsea boots are a great addition to her street style.

The boots have silver studs as decoration around the edge to create an eye catching embellishment.

Susie is wearing a combination of gray, black and white!   She chose a blending of all three colors!  Her black  cold shoulder sweater from H&M is the top of choice for her gray, black, and white maxi skirt.  Her black pumps are nine west and are one of her favorite pairs of shoes!!



Accessories were easy to choose for this ensemble! She wanted a statement necklace that matched the neutrals of this look. She chose a silver and black floral necklace with cool chains. Her black hat from Cato has been a staple in her winter wardrobe on these gray rainy days!! A basic black scarf from H&M  is perfect for a layer when the temps drop!

Don’t you hate it when it starts to rain yet again during your photo shoot?  I think Susie is praying that the leaves of the tree will keep her from getting wet!!


Don’t let this wonderful color get overlooked in your wardrobe! Embrace all of its shades!!  I mean after all, they even made a movie about all of its shades, right?  ….or something like that… lol




Take on this week and conquer the world, ladies!!!



Floral patterns



This week has brought us such wonderful weather!  With partly sunny skies and temperatures in the 70’s predicted again for tomorrow, these two southern girls are enjoying every moment and are ready for spring, glorious spring!!

We decided to wear our flower gardens today and laugh with the earth!!


Susie incorporated her new floral blouse  into her ootd. She was certainly feeling the spring vibe today! The blue hue of the blouse is accentuated by the different pinks and greens!! So light and fun!!  A decade old blue jacket layered so well with the blouse!  It was a last minute grab from the closet on the way out the door!! Her skirt is an off white pleated skirt with a sweet side split. So comfortable and timeless!


Her necklace is a vintage taupe necklace given to her by her awesome mother-in-law! Her earrings are from handpicked in Charleston! It’s an great shop to pick up the perfect items to match with some of her  vintage finds. She completed the look with taupe heels!!


Michelle went with a more winter floral.  Her  tunic she found at TJ Maxx. It’s Layla rose and it was paired perfectly with black leggings and a pair of cranberry pumps.

She chose this color pump because of the cranberry in the deep floral colors in her tunic.  Michele chose a short choker necklace and a long beaded necklace for extra pop! The long necklace kind of blended in with the tunic so the short choker had lots of opportunity to shine!




So, while it may still may be winter, don’t forget to take the opportunity to laugh with the earth and wear something floral!!

Let your beauty bloom!!! Keep smiling and styling, ladies!!!



Versatile Dresses

Thank goodness for versatile dresses that don’t need to be ironed and can be transformed by simple cardigan, a shawl,  or a  scarf.


Sometimes our mornings are hectic, and it’s so helpful to have these types of dresses in your closet.

Michelle chose this super easy three quarter dress. It’s stretchy, and it is colorful. It hides every imperfection. She has her go to black Ninewest heels on today to complete her OOTD.


Susie chose a basic navy blue sheath dress which always delivers a stylish look whether worn by itself or with an added accessory. Today, Susie paired this dress with a vintage navy and white striped lightweight cardigan. Perfect for the January temps in the lowcountry!  Navy sling back pumps from 9 West and a sweet necklace that she got at a recent fashion swap just complete the look without a lot of drama!! Simple and stylish!!





Take the time to shop your closet. Look for your versatile dresses, and then see what you can add to them to create new looks and to  add some zing to your workday and night-time looks!!

Keep styling and smiling, our friends!!!

Glass Half Full or Half Empty

Sometimes, does it feel like you’re running on empty? Do you ever feel anxious about nothing and everything at the same time? Do you ever feel overwhelmed and under prepared for almost everything?

If you answered yes, there is one thing we want you to know! You are not alone! In a world of do it yourselfers Satan thrives on the possibility that you might seclude yourself and say, “I can get through this alone.”

You see, girls, when we are fighting the enemy the best weapon we can use is the word of God! And Isaiah 41:10,13 says “Don’t panic. I am with you. There’s no need to fear I am your God. I’ll give you strength. I’ll help you. I, your God, have a firm grip on you and I’m not letting you go.”

We serve a mighty King who has all of the answers, who knows our future, and who loves us unconditionally even when we are at our ugliest. We think we should find strength in his promises to us. God gave us friends to lean on.

Do you think it’s coincidence that Satan attacks the hub of the family? The woman who keeps it all together? The binding glue that nurtures and loves each piece of her family completely. I think he knows that if he can rattle us as women then he believes he can rattle the entire family unit. Love binds us together, hate and fear destroy us. Don’t allow Satan to use you to ruin the family unit that God has called into your life.

Psalm 56:3 says when I am afraid I put my trust in you! Ladies- we have to believe and trust that the one who created us wants more for us! When you aren’t feeling like yourself, or you feel anxious, worried, fearful of what your future looks like take note. The King of the World calls you His daughter. He formed you as the apple of His eye. He created you in His likeness…. can you believe that every piece of fat that you see God sees it too- and He still thinks you are his beautiful princess? Isn’t that amazing! No man on earth looks at all of us and says, “yessssssss, that’s what I’m talking about”. The problem there is that we give too much power to the tongue of man and not nearly enough power to the one who made us. He sees our imperfections and marvels at how wonderfully made we are.
God is calling you into great confidence! He wants you to rise up, be courageous! In a society that profits from self doubt- loving yourself is a rebellious act!
Do we rely on God, absolutely! We hope you will too, if this whole post is too religious for you- we don’t apologize for what we believe in, but we do hope that you can find truth in the words written! So today and every day- build each other up! Throw compliments around like confetti!! And never forget to LOVE YOURSELF!!