Hunting for the Perfect Easter Egg

… and by “egg” we mean outfit!


Easter time is full of great color, pastels, brights, and florals.

Susie’s colorful ensemble is made up of a monochromatic foundation with fun color added to make a splash this Spring.


Her new blue Anne Klein pants are so comfortable and stylish with the darker blue top. Her spring  jacket from @pogirlz  is the perfect addition to this outfit and provides that extra layer for the lower evening temperatures in the lowcountry.


Susie added this floral scarf to tie her colors together! Of course we were trying for the perfect scarf shot with her scarf billowing softly in the breeze……. However, this is what we ended up with! Not even close, but an A for effort.

Michelle found this affordable green dress at Taylor’s On Main and added an even more colorful scarf to make it zing with loads of color. She belted this dress to give it less of a boxy feel and unusually added flats to this outfit because, well, she was not feeling heels. Ballet flats are in this season and they transition into Spring like it’s their job. These cute gold ones go with just about anything!

After the long gray days of winter, take advantage of this opportunity to take add the bright colors of spring to your wardrobes!  Be whimsical!  Even if you don’t want to go with a complete brightly colored ensemble, try to add a pop of color to your neutral colors like charcoal or denim!


Don’t be afraid to kick up your wardrobe with color!!!!!





In a perfect world, we would want every outfit to have loads of color, but it just doesn’t work out that way… SHOCKER- we aren’t living in a perfect world!


Some days, we are “earthy”, and today was one of those days. Denim, olive, champagne, and brown are all colors of the earth.


In a perfect world, there would be no cellulite… SHOCKER – Driggers just picked up Collagen vitamins from Walmart to remove crows feet and cellulite!


In a perfect world, hair would not frizz… SHOCKER – We should buy stock in FRIZZ-EASE!

Let’s get real ladies….our worlds are full of SHOCKERS….

Full of realities we hate to face, yet are inevitable. Every day is not a perfect day in terms of fashion, but even in our “earthy” tones who says we can’t still look cute!

Michelle took her wide leg cuffed Banana Republic pants that are Olive in color and paired them with her denim cropped top. The sleeves are butterfly like and flow in the wind. Michelle on most days wears heels but today went with a black patent leather loafer from Nine West. She added just a small pop of color with her wooden necklace that has the cutest little yellow tassel from Random Boutique. (

We had to remind ourselves today about a blog post we recently wrote that said,  “Imperfect and beautiful at the same time but totally and completely you!” It’s ok to be imperfect. It’s ok to be unsure. It’s ok to be afraid. It’s NOT ok for those things to define you and hold you back. Use your sisters as encouragement and press forward.


Susie’s earthy tones today are champagne and brown. She had accessories to the hilt. Her ruffled sleeve shirt from H&M was layered with a trench dress made by Ellison. Her brown pants are basic, but her super hippie shoes are so cool! She had on a perfect brown necklace, brown belt, and a super cool brown hat with a fur ball atop!


Susie also chose an animal print clutch to provide the only pattern in this look!!!


Spring Is in the Air

No matter how chaotic it is, wildflowers will still spring up in the middle of nowhere- Sheryl Crow

You know, Life is chaotic! What we love about this quote is that it gives us hope… that even in our most chaotic moments we can still be free to be ourselves in fashion! If your fashion style is to be wild and free, BoHo chic, classic, street style, edgy, proper, or traditional one thing is for sure… no amount of chaos can mask your identity.

Fashion, especially in the Spring becomes colorful and fun! Don’t let anyone take away your color! Run into these warmer temps with trails ablazing… find what makes you happy and DO IT! Don’t wait on anyone else to bring you flowers, plant your own garden!!!

For the longest time we have allowed what other people thought about us dictate in some way what we chose to wear! This season in our wardrobes we are breaking free from that. We are who we want to be and that my friends is super liberating!

It makes us plow into spring with joy and a vivacious spirit wanting to conquer the world in the name of fashion.

Michelle did just that today in her dress from Bijuju. She wanted it to pop with color so she added these cute turquoise tights and a hot pink chunky necklace, a melody of colors that make perfect music! How awesome are the sleeves of this dress and ruffles at the bottom! It’s the little things ladies… really it is!



Susie took on the world today in a fabulous combination of spring colors! She wanted to wear her spring jacket from @pogirlz !  The jacket is the perfect weight for the lowcountry’s spring temps. She paired it with a patterned maxi dress and finished this style of fresh spring colors with a necklace of coordinating shades!!  She is definitely ready for whatever the day brings her way!


Life is too short to wear boring clothes!!  You, our friends, are bot boring!! Keep styling, Ladies!!


A few of our Favorite Things 

You know it’s not every day you come across a favorite… so when you do, it’s important to share with others, right? Right!


One of the things that Susie has realized in the past 6 months really hit home on her trip to Nashville. She just does not have a lot of casual clothes. She is not really comfortable in sweats and jeans, and has always avoided certain looks. However, as her life is changing, so is her idea of style…..well, maybe evolving is a better term for what she is experiencing.


So thus begins her quest for the casual look that will light her heart afire!! We shall see where this adventure takes her. Her first experiment is now one of her favorites.  She recently invested in a graphic tee shirt. Random Boutique  – @randomboutiques-  had some great ones. She chose a white shirt with the words- Fashion Never Sleeps- in black. The bottom of the shirt has a little flare to it and is not as straight as a regular tee. it gives the shirt a little more pizazz in Susie’s opinion.


Susie paired the shirt with a simple black maxi dress. However, a cute black skirt or jeans would work here as well.  A vintage black bead necklace brings a pop of color to the outfit!


She also picked up one of her favorite things while in Nashville!!! Susie loves hats!! Big Hats- little hats- all of them!!! She found this adorable black hat trimmed with brightly colored tassels in The Buffalo Express while shopping! It’s pretty casual, right?  It was just what she needed for her outfit!!





Michelle attended a fashion fundraiser a few weeks ago where the proceeds went to a mission trip. It just so happens that the ladies are currently out of the Country on that very trip. The point…. get to the point Michelle! While shopping- she found a favorite.

Michelle doesn’t often buy sweaters. The opportunities to wear them in South Carolina are slim because of the climate- but there were two she could not refuse! Both were super cool, but if she had to feature one as a favorite it would be the cross cross back sweater.

It was so unique, super lightweight, and unassuming from the front. The neutral color goes with just about anything, but for a casual Saturday with temps climbing into the low 70’s it was perfectly paired with straight leg Levi’s and neutral flats.

She also found her long wooden bead necklace from the sale. Po Girlz is the place to find both the necklace and sweater. Her store is mobile, can be found in St. Stephen, or online. Michelle loves the “different” things that Po Girlz carries. It’s not one of those places you find everyone wearing the same thing.

We so enjoy sharing our fashion passion and adventures with y’all!!  We would also like to know- What are your favorite things?  We would love for you to share them with us!

Keep smiling and styling, ladies!!!



A Nashville /Lowcountry Sunday

Sunday in Nashville was a fantabulous day!! It all began with visiting the West End Methodist Church with Carson. There were so many friendly people there who welcomed Carson into their congregation. As moms, we all know how we want our children to be happy in their new cities and to find people who will be there for them when they need support, help, or prayers.  The church is absolutely beautiful, and the architecture was amazing.




The weather in South Carolina was gorgeous- so Michelle took a bike ride on her beach cruiser with her family and her niece and nephew who were visiting for the weekend. Sundays are meant for relaxing with friends, and Michelle and her family live so close to fantastic friends, so they all spent the day together on the porch and at the lake. There aren’t many days that get better than this!

Michelle was, as usual on the weekends, casual! Her navy tunic was super unique and from Francesca’s with criss cross back and 3/4length sleeves. She wore her ripped skinny jeans and Vans to lead kids worship at church. Luckily she attends a church where what you wear isn’t the traditional church dress. It fits her style to a “T”!





Susie loves to layer so she went with a relaxed BoHo style for church and lunch afterwards!  Her love for the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s make this an easy style for her. A maroon maxi dress is just right to pair with this flowy paisley tunic with bell sleeves and an awesome tassel tie at the neckline. Susie chose to cinch the waist with a scarf in order to add some shape to this long baggy look!  This dress and tunic can be found at Random Boutique. Their Instagram name is @randomboutiques . The only accessories needed were some cute earrings!  If you want to try the BoHo  look, make sure that you blend that style with something that is distinctly you. The goal is to achieve a chic look not a total hippie look!

This weekend was wonderful no matter where we were!!! WE hope that each of you lovely fashionistas had a fantabulous weekend and relaxed some while having fun! We are off to a start of what promises to be a great week!!! Enjoy your Monday, and keep styling, ladies!!!

We Made It to Jeopardy!

This past week on Jeopardy there was a question that hit home:

On Thursday night, a clue was ‘This South Carolina City is home to the 2017 National Football Champions’. Clemson defeated Alabama 35-31 on Jan. 9 to win the prestigious 2016 National Championship.  So, we knew this answer right away.

Jeopardy is the classic television game show that has been running since it started on NBC on March 30, 1964. If your family has never gathered around the television to watch it, you’re missing out. You just never know what you might learn on Jeopardy!


It just so happens that in Susie’s travels to Nashville she found a cute Orange vintage dress. And it just so happened that Michelle back at home received a goodie bag from Po Girlz and in it was this awesome keyhole purple shirt.

On occasion, we have a hard time coming up with a blog post writing prompt, but this weekend it seems to stand out loud and clear! Orange and purple- the colors of South Carolina’s national championship team!



As we travel from state to state, we are constantly reminded of how sweet South Carolina really is. Although we do love to see what other states have the offer.


Nashville is home to many famous people, but Susie’s main reason for visiting is to spend time with their youngest son. This year has brought a truly empty nest and a distance of 9 hours, as Carson began working on his PHD at Vanderbilt. So the Nashville adventures have begun as she will be visiting often. She plans to share some of the shopping and fashion styles there as she explores  the Music City!!



One of the stores that she loves to visit is the Buffalo Exchange!  You know that we love a bargain, and this store has a plethora of fashion for their customers to choose from. Susie went straight to the vintage section to see what was there. This orange dress immediately caught her eye! It was love at first sight!!  Fashion from the 70’s is alive and styling today!!

While back at home on the ranch… just kidding! But while back at home in the Corner Michelle is doing some representing for Po Girlz, a small-town boutique nestled right in the center of Saint Stephen.

You might say to yourself- I never get out the time to go toward St. Stephen- but the great thing about her store is that she has a mobile store. So, if you’re at a festival, or in Michelle’s case  when she was recently at a fundraiser for a mission trip and found Po Girlz was present with some of the coolest merchandise, you  can have the opportunity to shop with her.

There are tons of great finds, and this little boutique that can meet you right where you are. You can find her online… on Instagram…. or in your neighborhood! Check Po Girlz out, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

Enjoy your weekend!! Rest, Relax, and keep on Styling!!!

Stop in the Name of Love!

Stop! In the name of love
Before you break my heart
Baby, baby!  Think it over……

Sending our LOVE on this Valentine’s Day to all of our super sweet and stylish Fashionista sisters!!!!



Today in honor of the occasion we are sporting  pink florals!!!!!  Both dresses… one short and one long…… but both  are feminine and appropriate to go from the workplace to an evening on the town.

Michelle’s beautiful maxi dress from Wish is super soft and comfortable with a high waist and 3/4 sleeves. It’s flowy skirt moves with the wind on this Spring-like day and is a thin material that is breathable.

This dress is one of the first things she bought from Wish and overall she is pretty happy with the dress for the value ($8). It’s not perfect by any means, and you definitely get what you pay for, so it probably won’t last for many seasons. At this cost, who can afford to be upset.


Susie’s hot pink sheath dress is definitely on point for Valentine’s Day! Its simple design is always a classic.  She paired it with a floral cardigan that works so well with our lowcountry temperatures!


Her accessories for the day of Love are a pink floral necklace and bracelet. She also chose a hot pink pair of pumps with a cut out heel to complete this look!





We hope that each one of you has enjoyed today as much as we have!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to each of you!!!

Love and Kisses!!!



Run the Day!

Either you run the day or the day runs you!

Monday, it just lurks around the corner on Sunday nights signaling the end of our weekend and the beginning of the  new workweek!  Honestly…. how often do we hear friends and coworkers say “I can’t wait for Monday to get here.” or “Thank goodness, it’s Monday!” uhhhh…… never!   The infamous Monday usually sneaks up on us and catches us unaware, thus setting the tone for our new week with confusion and stress.

Wouldn’t it be so much better to start our week with a smile and a feeling of calmness!  How so, one asks?   Well, we have some thoughts on this!!!

Believe it or not… what you do on your weekend is important to how your next week will turn out. Some people work so hard during the week that they are burned out by the weekend. They enter the weekend so tired and bummed out that they just sit around and do nothing and waste the two days. Studies show that people who do this are prone to develop Depression. It is very important that you determine what it is that you enjoy doing and give yourself the opportunity to have some of those different experiences during your down time.  Having those memories and that feeling of fun will go a long way on Monday to help you to project positive thoughts and keep your attitude on the upside!!

By the way,  How is your attitude?  We often talk about  attitude here, because we do truly believe that our attitudes set the tone for so many parts of our lives. Our attitudes play a large role in determining how our Monday rolls! Be grateful for where you are in life.  this time and this moment!!  Be thankful for your home, your opportunity to have a job, and the people who bless your life everyday. We guarantee that if  you list the things that you have  been blessed with, then  you will find it easier to Run the day instead of the day running you.



Another idea to help you run your day……. is to take advantage of the swirling thoughts which usually enter our minds around dusk on Sunday. You know the ones…. the thoughts about all the things you will need to do on Monday.   Why not take the time to add them to your  week’s to do list and while you are at it mark off some  things that you have already accomplished.  Highlight the most pressing items! It only takes about 5 minutes and helps to file the item safely for the next day.  I was surprised how much easier it made Monday morning when one did not have to update the list then but could instead tackle the  most important things on the list without being distracted by the Monday morning incoming to-do items.

What about once you get to work?????   Another  thought to help you run the day is to take a moment in the morning and straighten your work space. Now, this one is very subjective because each person has their own idea for the perfect setup of their work space.  The point would be to identify your preference, and then take a few moments to get it in tip top shape before you tackle the never ending piles of work.

And least we forget……..  Dress for Success!!!    Remember our blog post “When You Feel Good…..You Look good!  Well, we also believe that when  You look good… feel good!!  Wear something fun that makes you smile on Mondays!  Who cares if you look a little overdressed…. Really, can one ever be too overdressed???




While we realize that none of us are going to rush into Monday morning with open arms, we do believe that there are ways to conquer the “Monday blues”  and  enable you to Run the Day!!!

Keep Smiling and styling!!!   XO


You, be You!

Have you ever looked on social media and thought to yourself why can’t I look like that? Man, her outfit is perfect, her hair is so long and gorgeous. 

Don’t we all strive to become like the “perfect” woman- yet no one knows exactly who she is? We look at people, and we think to ourselves they must have it really good, their life seems so happy all the time. 

The ONE thing we all need to remember when we par-ooze social media or look at Hollywood stars is that we only see the very Best of their lives. Most of what you see is edited, and when we say edited- we mean by people who make a living editing photos. 

We see only their moments of happiness- not their anxiety, depression, relationship problems, and failures at work. 

Life can get messy, we cry, we don’t always have great hair, our lipstick runs into our face. Sometimes we lose it…and I mean LOSE it, we yell, we stomp, goodness- these surely aren’t qualities we find on our news feeds. 

The beauty about women is that we are all different. We all fail, yet we don’t let that stop the process of us becoming who God has made us to be. 

We do not have to fit some perfect mold or template of a perfect woman! Newsflash- There is no mold or template…. only the opinions and ideas that the world presents to us. 
Striving to fit that worldly template only results in feelings of inadequacy and the constant struggle to change the beautiful person that you are to become something that is not real! 
Be you!!! Be the person that God created you to be!! Imperfect and beautiful at the same time but totally and completely you!!  

We spent the day at Market Commons in Myrtle Beach, SC. We stopped at some awesome shops like Charming Charlie’s, Francesca’s, Random Boutique @randomboutiques and Bijuju. Thanks to all of them for our unique finds!