A Stroll Down Main!!

We love to visit different businesses  and provide you the luxury of sitting in your own home or at work  and of  having front row access to the latest styles and fashion in the Corner!!

Today, we are providing you with a lookbook of the spring/ summer lines available at Taylor’s on Main.   Get ready to feast your eyes on some fabulous style options!! We hope that you will be inspired to come in and try on some of her wonderful fashions!!

We wanted to start our tour with a photo in front of the store  and decided to coordinate our colors of Navy/White/Black. Susie’s maxi dress and Michelle’s v-neck tunic are designed by Tango Mango.  Topping off Michelle’s cute cropped pants designed by New Kathy and tunic is a fedora by Dorfman Pacific.

What attracts us to a store first is the window display outside! We were attracted to this little number right off the bat!  Susie is wearing a two piece maxi set with a fabulous floral print. The top is a high low sleeveless shell, which is not cropped so it provides full coverage without becoming tunic! The skirt has an elastic wait and has two slits for ease of walking. Made by Peach Love California! Such a comfortable and stylish look!!!




Michelle found a Parsley & Sage teal tunic in the same color family as Susie’s two piece set. This shirt is beautiful! It has loads of texture and lace trim. We just love this shirt paired with a pair of white cropped pants by New Kathy.

As we browsed all of the Parsley & Sage items, we found two different looks from the same line. One a top and one a dress, BoHo inspired vintage. These two are easy to wear in the summer temps in the South-light and airy. Susie completed her look with a pair of cream colored capris by pk Maks and a small tassel choker by Ann Paige. Michelle is wearing shoes that can be found on the back table.

When you purchase a great pair of foundation color pants, you can coordinate it with many different looks. Susie has on the same cream capris with a cold shoulder royal blue nylon top. Taylor’s on Main has this top in a variety of colors, perfect for the office or the weekend. A solid top like Susie is wearing is a great backdrop for a statement necklace….or two. She is wearing the same tassel choker with a beaded horn necklace both by Ann Paige.

Speaking of the weekend, Michelle found the perfect  floral romper to wear out for brunch or a weekend party with friends. The top of the romper is just perfect for warm temperatures with no shoulders and a v- cutout at the neck.  Michelle loved the way the top had an overlay which gave it a flowy silhouette! The romper is designed by Peach Love California.

We all absolutely adore those little dresses that we can just slip on in a rush and run out the door in!! Taylor’s has a great selection of those as well.  They are fun, comfortable, and super cute!!  Michelle’s dress is a  tank dress with an abstract print of primary colors on a white background. For her accessories she chose a  longer necklace in the ever popular wooden beads with a white tassel.    Susie’s dress is a tank with a myriad of blue, yellow, and green print mixed with some flowers.  She showed once again the versatility of the choker  necklace by pairing it with this dress as well.   One thing we love is to be able to get a lot of wear out of our accessories!! What a fun and easy dress to wear.

One of the great advantages to shopping in a small boutique is the customer service which you receive while you are there.  Sherry, the owner, is excellent in building a great relationship with her clients and helping them to put together a look which makes them feel and look wonderful!!!  ……..and that, ladies, is after all what fashion is all about.

We hope you have enjoyed our Stroll down Main today!!! Happy Friday!!!!


A Bouquet of Florals

It’s springtime, and we all know what that means!  Flowers, Flowers, Flowers, and of course, the yellow green snow of the south- pollen!!

The runways for Spring/Summer 2017 served up a fabulous bouquet of florals in their shows for both style seasons, and naturally we are ready to bloom with the best of them!!  Now, that being said, designer blooms are very expensive, and we are all about looking for those fashion deals and ways to bloom on a budget!


Luckily, we have had blooms in our closets from season to season because we love them so much. Flowers rarely go out of style. They graced  the fashion runways this year, but they also were present last year.


Michelle held on to this skirt she wore last season and paired it with a completely different shirt. Most never even knew she had worn it before. Michelle found her skirt for a major steal at It’s Fashion….. proof that you can find some of the best things at unusual places. Never say never- don’t limit yourself to shopping where you always have. If you’ve driven by a store and wondered what’s in there- go see! You just never know!

Her top is very versatile. It has an elastic feature that is covered up by this fitted waist midi skirt. Her black Nine West sandals with the wooden heel put the perfect ending to these floral roots.

Susie fell in love with this little floral number from New York and Company.  Its simple lines and soft color provide the right canvas for the beautiful floral pattern.  The pleated sleeves are so feminine and fun!


She chose to go with a pearl necklace and earrings as her accessories in order to keep the color soft and not take away from the floral print.  However, her navy blue pumps give an added pop and help to draw the blue in the dress out! Her sunnies from Versona are a neutral color with some bling. A girl always needs a little sparkle in her day, right?



We hope that each of you has a glorious day!!!   Here’s a thought to leave you with:

“Happiness held is the seed. Happiness shared is the flower.” – John Harrigan

Let’s share happiness with others today!!!



I’m on TOP of the World, ay!

I’m on top of the world, ay. Been like this for a while now…

Top of the morning to you, ‘Disa
Hey, top of the morning to you, girl…

We wear our fashion on our sleeve…

Well, as you can tell, our opener could have gone so many different directions today- I think you probably get the point… We are styling some pretty cool tops that steal the show, and you need them in your closet!

A unique top acts as a fabulous conversation piece. It draws attention to your fashionista self and as we all know, you have to show skin strategically. We want to remain modest and lady like, but give a little without giving away the whole mystery of what your confident self is strutting.

Our word of advice would be show only one body part at a time… WHAT? You might think where on earth is this going. In true fashion trend magazine, InStyle, the author alludes that you should never show off two body parts at one time. If you have a shorter skirt on, then don’t show off your cleavage or even shoulders. If you have an awesome top that shows a little skin then tone down the bottom half.

With that in mind, Michelle and Susie both use a black pallet today for their coolio tops. Michelle’s awesomely unique top is from PoGirlz. PoGirlz is a local mobile boutique from St. Stephen, SC. If you haven’t visited their instagram or Facebook page you certainly should. They have some of the prettiest tops and bottoms for summer. Along with beautiful straw hats and beach bags that are sure to turn your beach trip into a major HIT!

Michelle wore this top with a denim skirt and her Nine West sandals. One thing she loved about this top is how comfortable it was. It held it’s shape with the strappy material, it was easy to move in, and even though it is long sleeve it was actually very cool to wear.

Susie went with a print  cold shoulder tunic which can also be worn as a dress!  She loves its versatility!  She found this beauty in Nashville at Buffalo Exchange. She has really lucked out with her purchases from there! She is so ready to travel back there for another shopping spree!


She styled the tunic with a pair of black wide legged pants from Versona in Mt. Pleasant.  Her jewelry is from Handpicked.   Her look for today is  both stylish and comfortable- just perfect for those busy days when you have a list a mile long to accomplish!!!




If you have awesome tops, remember to wear them with something that allows them to take the lead. You might have a top that is off the shoulder, scalloped, a ruffled one shoulder, criss cross cold shoulder, or so many more. Don’t be afraid to wear it with confidence- we guarantee that people will ask you where you got it!

We hope that you find yourself not only on top of the world but also ready to conquer it!!!   You are indeed, beautiful and strong!!!

Never Give Up!

We would venture to guess that one of the top reasons for why people do not reach their goals or dreams in life is because they give up!  They bail in mid flight and just plain allow failure to overcome their dream or goal.


For example, you don’t get the promotion or job that you wanted,  you go to aerobics class and can’t keep up with the other participants, or you try to start a business and it is not going well- the list could just go on and on……..  You get our drift…….The journey towards the goal is not going well so you just say ” I can’t do this and just give up trying.


The truth of the matter is we just are not getting what we want instantaneously so we listen to those negative voices within our heads and give them the victory as we just hang our heads and give up!   We pack up our dreams and head back to our safe bubble.

Our Monday advice to you, our beautiful sisters, is to STOP GIVING UP!!!

Not giving up does not just come naturally to us.


Perseverance is a very important skill to have in life! Luckily for us, we can work towards acquiring it! Like any habit or skill, it is something that we have to work develop and practice to infuse it into our skill set.

Here are some ideas to help you resist the temptation to give up!

  • Look at those who around you who seem to accomplish the impossible!

“Everything around you that you call life was made up by people who are no smarter than you.” – Steve Jobs


What a thought,  no smarter than me you ask?  Yes, just as the wizard of Oz answered the Scarecrow when he explained that people around him were no smarter than him!


Look at how many people overcame great odds to achieve their dreams. What is the one thing that they all have in common?  the fact that they persevered  through the adversity and storms, ignored the negative people who told them that it would not work or they could not do it, and continued on  despite being an imperfect human!!

  • Have a conversation with yourself!

That’s right we are recommending that you talk to yourself! Lock yourself in a room if need be, but sit down and have a great conversation with yourself.  Do not invite the negative thoughts and fears to the room.  If you need to have a good ugly red face cry then by all means do it.  If you need to just scream out loud, then do it…  Remind yourself of who you are and just who created you.   Get those doubts out of your system.

Do you feel better now?   Awesome, now get back to work!

  • Have a person in your life who will call you out!

We all need people in our lives that we can depend on to be honest with us. Those people who call it like they see it.  That wonderful person who is brave enough and cares enough to tell us when they see our self doubt start to take over! That person who calls us on our BS…..who will call us out whether we like it or not.

  • Look upwards

It is amazing how our view will change if we look beyond the immediate problem or situation and focus on the end game, our ultimate goal. After all, the path to our goal or dream is just that a pathway, a journey.  One that will have ups and downs, laughter and tears, good times and bad.

Look towards where you are going and remember that the single moment in which you find yourself DOES NOT define or determine your outcome.  Giving up does!!!

  • Do not make quitting an option.

Decide in your mind that quitting or giving up just can not be one of your choices.  Yes, it may take a while and yes, you may stumble along the way, but keep going.

Giving up is just not an option. PERIOD- NO WAY

Be fierce and relentless!!!



Now, beautiful sisters, take out your dream or goal. Dust that baby off. Fix your hair, and put on some lipstick!!! Then go out, and do the impossible!!!

Remember, you are fierce. Let them hear you roar!!

Sunshine and Lilies

We find sometimes that you can get in a rut. It’s been a long week, even though we only had four days at work. Then the weekend appeared, thankfully and  we took  on a more liberated spirit!

For anyone in the school system, you know that April and May tend to be  extremely busy months. One might say that it is time of frenzy!!!!  There are proms, fundraisers, graduation, junior ring ceremony, senior day, awards banquets, and baccalaureate to name a few… all of these things come rushing in, and we act as if we are surprised. Not many people realize that these events do not just happen, and that it takes a lot of planning and hard work for these events to be successful!   For us, just having a smile on our face is a reminder that even if things are stressful that we’re going to make it and that we have people around us who love us and want to see us succeed!


Did you know that if you think or say something for long enough it actually becomes your reality? So on stressful days, remember to speak positive words, remember to put a little pep in your step, remember to encourage someone else. What you hear yourself doing and saying will become what  your reality is.


Attitude has everything to do with the way your day goes. Are you happy and you know it? Then you should show it! And happiness is contagious. So, we like to find all avenues to be happy. One of our favorites, of course, would be the clothes we wear!

Sunshine and lilies- that’s what was on the plate of happiness for today. And no, we did not coordinate before hand! We have been doing this for so long, it seems that we can almost read each other’s mind.

Michelle wore a bright yet light yellow uneven hem shirt with a pair of Anne Taylor capris. Most often, she wears these capris with a black shirt, but on a day when you need a boost why not change it to yellow! These and Clyne rounded toe platform pump gave just the right height for Michele to look taller and leaner than she really is. Yes, there is a method to her madness! 

Susie, found this awesome Victoria Beckham dress at Target. She has always loved her designs, and was excited to hear that she was bringing an affordable and stylish line to Target!


Susie’s dress is a simple one with two important details making it stand out in a crowd. The beautiful calla lilies on the front of the dress and the flounce hem bring this LBD to center stage. Susie paired it with a soft yellow necklace and earrings for accessories. She also added a simple black bracelet.


So when you feel like singing the blues, think again! Put on your positive pants! Turn on your smile! And  own  that day! There’s no time like the present.


Remember, you are fierce and beautiful and deserve to feel good about your life and yourself!

Comfy Work Attire

We believe that most of you are like us and would rather sit home and do nothing than go out for an entire day  or evening wearing something uncomfortable!


We all have those outfits in our closets which we wear but really, really do not find to be comfortable!  The question is why do we wear them and continue to buy things like them when we go out to buy new things. Why….Why…..Why!!!!

Have you ever just stood back and looked at your wardrobe……you know categorized things as comfortable or uncomfortable?


Now, we realize that the term comfortable is unique to each person, and what one person finds to be comfortable is not what the next person would choose.  We differ in our choices even as BFF’s.  So we each sharing a look with you to day that we consider to be comfortable work attire.


Susie’s choice for a comfortable work look today went to a black and white combination that is a sure winner. No hard decisions here!  It may look like she has on regular pants, but she actually is wearing a simple, black jumpsuit with black spaghetti straps under a cute black and white knit  striped cropped top.


This look has very simple lines and went perfectly with a vintage white necklace, white earrings,  a white flower bracelet, and black and white sunnies.  Her shoe choice was a pair of vintage black and white spectator pumps.  This would be one of those examples of where comfortable takes a different path for some- you see, Susie feels most comfortable in a pair of heels!! Yes….heels…. we think she was born wearing a pair!! lol

Michelle chose an oldie but a goodie. Perfect length with a little flow. The neckline is droopy with flowers on each shoulder. Her dress is olive in color and had an elastic band which she covered with a black belt. You can change the way a dress looks with a belt.

Super high wedges were just the ticket for this dress because of Michelle’s height if she hadn’t worn high wedges- she would have looked short and squatty. Her wedge sandals are made by Soda and she found her dress from The Dress Barn.

Now that we have each shared a comfortable work outfit with you, we have a challenge for you>

What if…. what if…. you went through your things and separated the comfortable from the uncomfortable and did a little experiment!!!


Once the clothes are divided, what if you made outfits and assembled some looks that are comfortable and make you happy!  Is that even possible????

We believe that it is!

We hope that you will accept the challenge and share your ideas with us!  We just  love to hear from our fellow fashionistas about your fashion adventures!

So good luck- Comfortable and stylish ladies!!!


Spring Into Friar Tuck’s

Have you ever walked into a store and felt immediately overwhelmed?  Not overwhelmed in a bad way, but in the way where you want to buy everything you see there!

If you have not had the pleasure to visit Friar Tuck’s  yet you really need to take the time to go in and enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of this adorable shop.  It is just filled with southern charm!


Right off the bat, Michelle picked up what she thought was a coaster (this is where a man shakes his head). Come to find out it was a turkey call and she got it to make a noise similar to a turkey- not exact, but she was ecstatic.


Home Decor is something that southern women love to express themselves through!! It is like fashion, each woman’s style is unique and individual to them!  Now that spring is in full swing, we were excited to stroll through the shop and just soak up the fabulous and unique items on display!


If you are searching for that perfect gift for someone or just looking to add something to your home, we promise that you will be able to find inspiring gift and design ideas within this home decor boutique!



As we write about often, you can never surround yourself with too many uplifting, encouraging, and positive words. At Friar Tuck’s you will find loads of fun pick-me-ups like a makeup bag that says “She believed she could so she did”, a piece of wall art that states one of our faves, “Love you to the moon and back”, and a change purse/jewelry holder that is embroidered with “you make the world a better place.” But ladies, that’s not all, this place is full of other quotes and items that anyone is sure to love. I mean, who doesn’t love to hear positive words-or read them everyday on the things that we carry or the things that we decorate with?


April;, May, and June are always busy months for weddings and showers. Friar Tuck’s has fabulous gifts for these and any other occasions for which you  need a gift!  That is if you don’t keep it for yourself- In that case, our suggestion is  to buy two!!!

Keep styling and smiling,  ladies, and remember, You make the world a better place!


Motivational Monday

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”  – Mahatma Gandhi


Have you ever needed a little motivation on Monday? If you’re anything like us, you certainly have. As the week progresses on we want you to know that you can do it!

Rome wasn’t built in a day. We need to keep this in mind as we move from spring into summer. Of course, we all want everything all at one time. But ,we have to remember that slow and steady wins the race, nothing significant happens overnight, and you are more than you believe!


Sure, we can camp out in a state of misery, unhappiness, and depression. Or we can choose to fill our minds with happiness, peace, and motivation. Both cannot dwell in our minds at the same time. So make up your mind today, and make some progress!


Ladies, we need to dream bigger dreams! Think bigger thoughts! You see, we are daughters of the most high King! And he is risen from the grave! So rejoice in today and every day, and be glad in it!  Get out of your own way!


Did you know it takes 21 days to make a new routine. Eat less sugar! Exercise more! Cross off day one and move to day two. Sometimes, We think the hardest part is getting STARTED in any situation. Make a vow that TODAY is the day that you will start!


Not necessarily in your diet or your lifestyle- but maybe for you, it’s in your dreams. Maybe you need to bust the sewing machine out of the attic and start creating what you’ve always dreamed of.


Or maybe you need to open up a book and start on page 1 and read every word on every page until you get to the very last one.


Maybe you need to go back to school, make the appointment with the doctor, or  even decide today that YOU are worth making changes for!

After all, your body is worth fighting for. Your mind is worth fighting for……. And your heart is certainly worth fighting for! You are worthy! You are beautiful! You can do this!


Where the Wild Things Are

Since the beginning of 2017, it seems like so many people disagree about so many different  things! At times, it can be confusing, frightening, and sometimes just plain old simple irritating! We  often find ourselves asking, “Why can’t people just get along?” But today, on the day before Easter, along comes a simple event which brings untold numbers of people together.


What might this be, you ask!  Well, quite simply put, the birth of a baby giraffe.

Around 10am this morning in Harpursville, April, the giraffe, gave birth to a male giraffe. Now, for April, this was not that big of a deal. She had already given birth to 3 other babies in the past, but for the world, this was a momentous occasion.


Approximately 1.2 million people were witness to this birth via social media and the live cam in her enclosure.  They watched and commented  as April gave birth hooves first while standing up.

Who knew that giraffes are pregnant for about 15 months on average and that baby giraffes are usually around 6ft tall and 150 pounds!!  We now have a huge amount of respect for female giraffes! That could not have been a walk in the park!


To be honest, we have not been keeping track of this like the masses have been since February, but today was a different story. It was a climate of happiness and teamwork as so many people who had never met came together to cheer on April as the long awaited birth took place.  Who would have ever guessed that the world would come together over the birth of a giraffe?

So in honor of April and her newborn calf,  Susie chose to wear an animal print sheath dress for her look of the day! She paired it with a lightweight brown cardie and some super comfy mules in natural tones of tan and brown.



A floppy summer hat and a neat wooden necklace and earrings complete the look. Her sunnies are  brown tortoise shell and are just plain fun to wear!!


Michelle has two looks that aren’t “animal” print but they are summer turned chilly. The first is a vintage black blouse with yellow and white dots. In summer, she will pair this with white or even yellow- but for cooler spring days she wore it with black slacks that hit right at the foot. Her Nine West sandals added a perfect heal to her outfit. 

Michelle’s second is this spaghetti strap maxi dress. You didn’t know it has spaghetti straps because she threw a drawstring long sleeved shirt right over the top of it. Layering spring into summer is always great because as the day progresses you can remove layers! 

If the birth of a baby giraffe can bring so many people together, then we have hope that the rest of 2017 might bring a little more togetherness!!


We hope that all of you will have a Blessed Easter, tomorrow with your loved ones!

Naturally Neutral

There are so many days we get all dolled up with hot pink lips and vibrant colors and then there are days like today when Michele is “all-naturaal” and Susie is in neutrals. 



Both kinds of days are important. You can’t be bold and bodacious everyday. But being in neutrals and natural doesn’t mean you have to be boring at all.


Take Michelle’s dress today for example. It was so comfortable- it had pockets, high slits on each side and a corset back. It was definitely made for warmer temps. Michelle is definitely on the hat gravy train… as it seems she has one to wear every day. She has surpassed 35 and is really seeing some signs of aging. Anytime she can get some shade from a wide brimmed hat- or small she takes it.

Lipstick wasn’t in the limelight today although for Michelle most days it is! Today was very slow paced and easy going- there was no need for hot pink so she just dabbed on some neutral gloss and went  with it.

At 57 and counting>>> Susie is a woman of a “Certain Awesome Age”! She is well acquainted with ensembles in a neutral hue. She loves color so much, but often feels the call of the natural hues in fashion. However, her lipstick is a fashion gotta- have! Her look of the day is a layered casual look.


Her tunic from Affordables  is a myriad of creams, tans, and taupes and is accented by a wooden button at the base of the V-neck and pockets of course!! A simple cream shell under the tunic is a perfect partner. Her Khaki pants from Cato are soo comfortable. Her accessories are all neutral as well. Her shoes are gold mules- comfortable with a pop of metallic appeal. The final touch is a cream crocheted scarf as a very light weight shawl!


Whether you find yourself on that natural path or look down and think wow, I’m in all neutral colors today stand tall put those shoulders back and be beautiful you!


Ladies,  thank you for taking the time to stop by and share in our passion!!! We hope your Easter weekend is both happy and blessed!!!