Summervacay, It’s time to Play

Oh, Thank You Jesus for getting us through another school year!


It’s time for summer vacay- which means it’s time to play in the sun and in the sand! We stay very active in the summer days either chasing children, driving to visit grown children, or spending time with family.

What a luxury we have that we often forget about living in a Coastal town where pretty much everything is right here at our fingertips.

Whether you camp, play golf, surf, or you’re a foodie; Charleston and the surrounding areas have something special to offer.

There is certainly no shortage of clothing shops in our neck of the woods… and summer time is the perfect time to get out and explore.

While doing so, our fashionista selves take a more relaxed approach to our days.

Michelle has a plethora of swim wear, and she is just thrilled that she didn’t discard this gem a few years ago when the one piece wrapped up its stay on the style spectrum.

As in true fashion trends…. it’s backkkkkk! And with a vengeance. Look around ladies- the one piece bathing suit is more stylish than ever before and also very flattering to the right body types.

This black and white gem is from Dillard’s, and their swimwear is just amazing to choose from. You get great quality for a suit that lasts and lasts.

She doesn’t sun much without a wide brimmed hat because of…. well, you know, those pesky wrinkles- although it’s probably too late!

Susie has not yet unveiled her beach body and swimwear for the summer. However, she has been preparing for her trip to Columbia and Nashville to visit their sons!


Susie is still exploring her casual style and trying to figure out how this is all going to work in her new chapter of life.  Needless to say – she is struggling with what to take on her trip !


She does like this comfortable outfit. She chose a turquoise Bermuda short and paired it with a flowy floral top! It is sporty but still has a feminine edge to it! Perfect for running errands or a quick lunch with friends.


Of course, she had to throw a black hat into the mix!  We all know how much she loves a hat, and  She doesn’t tan like Michelle does so it is important to be careful about how much sun she gets.

At this time, Susie is traveling on the road. Let’s just say that she had so much luggage and other paraphernalia that she talked her husband into renting a van for the journey.  He is not thrilled but as always has been a good sport about whatever she drags him into! Stay tuned! The adventure has just begun!


Make sure that you look for adventure this summer, whether out of town or in your own back yard! Try something new or something old!

Whatever you do, do it with flare and a smile! 🌸🌺

Casual Weekends

Some weekends are just more relaxed than others. Casual weekends call for casual wear!


Whether you’re hanging out on the boat, by the pool, or just relaxing at home, today’s post will give you some ideas of cute outfits to wear on a low key weekend.


When you don’t have to get all dolled up it’s still important to put forth some effort. Especially if you are headed out into the public. If you are looking for a cute but carefree look try some of these options:



– a matching shorts set/ romper. But we highly recommend the romper be age and size appropriate. We see so many women miswearing the rompers. They can be short so be careful about the length you choose. 



– a slip dress/tshirt dress. It’s casual yet comfortable and still very cute. You can pair it with flip flops or a pair of wedges depending on where you are headed. 



– Summer Maxi. They are perfect for casual strolls and maybe if you forgot to shave your legs 😲🙄. Some of the things girls have to do!!!

Michelle is hitting the pool with her family so she put on her bathing suit and threw this super fun but casual mumu right over the top. It has a cold shoulder with lace up front. The bush slits on the sides makes it flowy and cool!



As much as Susie loves fashion, she really struggles with casual wear. Now that she has retired from the school and will be embarking on new adventures, Susie is exploring what her casual wear style will be. We guess you could say she is on a Casual wear quest!! Lol –  Today, she chose to wear white simple shorts and a  Crown and Ivy tee with a grasshopper design on the front- actually a lot of grasshoppers. She topped it off with a Carol Kane cardigan in a vibrant green. The Cardie is great for those summer evenings and in buildings where the AC is really taking care of the Lowcountry heat! Her jewelry is vintage, and her white mules are the perfect height to help elongate her legs.


A good rule rule of thumb is to remember that one should keep their casual wardrobe comfortable and stylish without being sloppy.

So, as summer fun approaches, let’s put together our comfiest pieces of wardrobe, have fun dressing them up with various accessories, and go out both looking and feeling great!

Finally Saturday

Oh my stars!!!  This has been the longest week EVER. The last week of school, rain and wind, and so many things to do……….


Thankfully the end is near and the weekend is here!! Michelle is off to the beach with her family, and Susie just participated in her last graduation as the assistant Headmistress at school.


Somehow,  I think Michelle is having more fun than Susie is.  However, they are both thankful that the week is done.


Susie’s Finally Saturday outfit is a look you have seen her profile from Taylor’s On Main in a previous post. She loved the look so much that she brought it home with her. The flowy  maxi skirt set is a delightful floral print with side slits!


Susie paired it with a wonderful green scarf that serves double duty as a summer wrap.  Her vintage white necklace and earrings are just the right accessories to complement this new addition to her wardrobe.


Michelle’s pin stripe pants have a peachy accent color which is just perfect for her satin cinched waist top. 

Isn’t it a glorious day when you have that one weird pair of shoes that match that peachy pink to a T… well, just so happens that today- she did!

Bring on, Saturday!!! We are so ready!!!


We hope that each of you will rest, play, and enjoy your Memorial Weekend!! Love and Kisses!!!


The LONG and the SHORT of it

You’ve probably heard it said that’s all that can or needs to be said about a situation. Well, we are here to tell you that the long and the short of it- “it” referring to dresses- is just the beginning of it all!

So much to say, so little time! The length of your dress is very important! That’s the short of it!

The long of it is that depending on the event and your body style, you can make an excellent choice for the perfect length for you if you follow these basic rules.



1. You know the old song, “she’s got legs, and she knows how to use them!” We are all for showing off those Carrie Underwood’s, however we highly recommend that if the hem is above your fingertip you leave it on the rack. Sometimes- leaving a little to the imagination is a great thing. So are mini skirts ok, we think so, as long as you are being smart about it!


2. You never want the hem of your dress to hit at a place that doesn’t flatter you. For example if you have a dress that hits 6 inches below the knee it could make you look stumpy and short. Not flattering. However if you go for a tea length dress then that shows a little calf, a lot of ankle, and still looks super sophisticated. They are called tea length because in the 20’s that’s what ladies wore to Tea.


3. Popular lengths are just below the knee, long full length, and mid length full skirts. All of which are fantastic choices for the workplace, church, or just strolling around town. You can always dress these lengths up with a feminine blouse or dress them down with a graphic tee or denim shirt.


Michelle’s dress today is a full length Maxi! She has had this blue dress for years! Last time she wore it, she belted it. To give it a different flare, this time she left it simple. In a full length dress one thing is for sure- you have to make sure you have shoes tall enough to keep it off the ground.

Some of her tall friends complain about not having enough length in their full length skirts and dresses. We can assure you, ladies, they exist, don’t stop searching!

Susie’s length is right at the knee. It’s a simple dress until you come to the sleeves and the neckline!  The lace details on the bodice and on the flare sleeves bring a wow factor which will give all those around you something to remember about this dress!


This is probably the most conservative of all the hemline choices. However, that does not mean that it is without style. It is a fabulous look for daytime events and work situations. The simplicity of the hemline is the backdrop for the sophistication and style in the lace details! A perfect addition to Susie’s work wardrobe!


So our dear friends, that’s the long and the short of it! Happy styling and Happy shopping!

Motivational Monday

Be the energy you want to attract. Remember on our last “motivational Monday” we discussed being the person you needed when you were younger? Well, today we’d like to bring your attention to the person you want to attract.


In your life, do you feel like you attract upbeat people with loads of energy or when you look around at your friend group are they all mellow and mundane?


If you are interested in becoming more energetic and more positive- you can! It starts with you! When you are smiley, energetic, and positive you attract those kinds of friends. Have you heard the quote “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” We find that it certainly does, take Susie and Michelle for example. One of the best things about their friendship is the energy they both bring to the table. There is never a dull moment and very seldom a negative conversation.


A dear friend once gave this bit of advice that we have found to be so true. In life, you need to cast your nets out to find friends, see which ones you want to keep and which ones you need to throw back! There is nothing wrong with getting rid of the ones that aren’t good for you or don’t bring out the best in you.


If you are high energy the likelihood of you attracting lots of people is good. It’s important to be picky. You should definitely be kind to all but keep only those that are trustworthy, of good character, and positive to be around. It might be that they are meant for someone else, and we would hate for you to entertain their friendship longer than needed and then miss an opportunity to really click with someone else.


Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energies are contageous! We understand that maybe some of you have been in friendships that are toxic for a long time. Well, this is motivational Monday, and today is your day! Decide what’s right for you, and go after it.


If you’re like us and your clothes match without any conversation at all, then you are lucky. We feel so blessed to have a friendship that laughs often, builds each other up, and find the good in everything!


Our outfits on this post even coordinate nicely with black, white, and gray. Who knew we both had the same thoughts this morning. Michelle’s outfit was a little more flashy with an animal print and a glossy textured feel while Susie’s outfit was a classic and stylish black with white scallop edge two piece outfit!


Your tribe is out there and waiting for you!!!  Your tribe- the people who will lift you up, help you grow, recharge you, inspire you, and celebrate with you, and who are willing to lend a hand when you need it.   Now get out there and start creating or adding to your tribe!!


Summer White Combos

Here we are again at the end of a weekend!  Does anyone else feel  like it was just Friday about 15 mins. ago? We certainly do!! This week is our last week of school! It will prove to be a week filled with activities and stresses along with moments of laughter and fun.  We are praying for patience and wisdom as the kids think that they re already done!


We offered two looks using white in our last post! Today, we are profiling two more different styles using the fabulous summer white!!!


Besides being a perfect color for summer, did you know that wearing a white blouse or blazer to a job interview sends a message that you are organized and detail oriented? Who Knew?


Susie’s  look of the day began with a white linen pair of wide legged pants from Affordables! These comfortable pants are one of her go-to items in her summer wardrobe!  Susie chose to pair the pants with the shipshape and sun ready navy blue and white top from Ivy and Crown.


The top can be worn above the shoulder as well as off the shoulder. The white tassels are an awesome detail for the top.  Accessories for this look were easy to choose. A fun summer seashell necklace from Handpicked and some vintage pearl earrings provided the icing on this cupcake!   The forever classic combination of navy and white never fails to keep you cool when the heat is on!


Michelle adores a pair of white skinny jeans! They are the perfect base to any colorfilled top. Today’s top is from Pogirlz, and girls, this top is too cute. Super unassuming from the front, in fact, you might think it was just a long cotton tank top. Crew neck, comfortable, and stylish, however from the back is it exceptional! It has a shiplap split straight down the middle, hangs much lower in the back than in the front, and ends as an infinity scarf does.

This top covers all of your “problem” areas and just adds such pizazz to already awesome white skinnies! It was so much fun to wear and feel a cool breeze on a hot summer day! Be sure to visit PoGirlz Instagram page to get yours today!

Take a look in your closet and play dress up with some of your white fashion pieces! You will be amazed by all of the  awesome  and different looks you can put together as summer fashion options!!!




The Whitest of Whites

We know what you’re thinking! What a setup for disaster…. coffee stains galore!

And no, we aren’t referring to laundry although we do love a good load of all whites coming out crispy clean. Today we are talking about a white dress and what a fantastic compliment they are to southern summer days!

When summertime starts to sticks around we find that others things start to stick too:  thighs, boobs, and makeup. None of which are our favorite things!

Anytime we can find a cool outfit in appearance and in temperature- we buy it!!

Michelle was recently at Ross and found this gauze white peasant dress that is airy, comfortable, and cool! It is trimmed in royal blue which is a fantastic combo with white.

If you are ever wondering what to do about seeing through white we highly recommend wearing nude or pink undergarments. Whatever matches your skin best- white underwear have a better chance of standing out. Find a slip and add it to the layers! We promise it helps!

One of the trends we see this summer is wearing white on white. It’s a monochromatic scheme that is sure to heat up your closet! Who doesn’t have a white top and a white bottom? We know- you probably never though to wear it TOGETHER- but go for it girl! You might be surprised!


When you wear white on white it’s important to add dimension with different materials. If you wear denim on the bottom look for a gauze or flowy cotton top.


Susie’s choice for white went in a different direction, which is one of the things we pride ourselves on here at PenelopeSeraphina! We absolutely love taking looks and trying all sorts of looks to bring you a visual buffet of fashion possibilities!



Susie’s white lace pants from Belk  provided the canvas for her floral tunic. With a white background and a myriad of flamboyant flowers, this top brings a tremendous pop to the look!  The fun details on the sleeves contribute to the fun and flowy silhouette.


Whether you choose a  feminine floral as Susie did or another print to match with white, you are always assured of a great look for summer!

So do not give in to the fear of wearing that white!

Boho Wednesday



“Boho Chic” describes a style that includes flowy clothing, vintage and ethnic-inspired accessories, and natural-looking hair and makeup.


Clothing made from natural fabrics in natural colors such as cotton, linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, leather, suede, and fur are all great foundational pieces  to help you start assembling your boho closet!


We decided to showcase two different looks today which are boho inspired but not overly boho.  These two looks are perfect if you just want to experiment with the this look without getting in over your head.



We mentioned earlier in the spring trends post that suede is in this Spring. Most of us think that suede is more of a winter/fall material- however the light material can be worn in the spring months also.

Michelle got her fringe suede skirt from Pogirlz and her dark denim shirt she tied at the waist for a more definite waistline. Suede this season comes in a variety of different colors  you could choose a more boho-ish color like olive or a funky summery color like coral  either way, suede is a great choice.

Susie’s love affair with the maxi dress continues. Whether alone or layered, a maxi is always a fun and flowy silhouette to wear.


You can always start out with just a maxi and then move towards layering the dress with other pieces like a vest or a cardigan. Adding a hat or other accessories also adds to the 70’s inspired style!


We love the Boho look!




Be the Person You Needed

Be the kind of person you needed when you were younger! 

Don’t we wish we could all redo something…A hair-do, a decision that we made, that prom dress we wore. We have tons of tough decisions to make in life- today we wanted to encourage you to look around and find someone that you can mentor or pour into that will benefit from your experiencences. After all we all need someone!



For someone younger than you, you can…

Be the older sister who speaks her mind:   Often we feel threatened by those who are younger than us, but what if we turned those tables and decided to act as a big sister who kicks butt! A sister who is not afraid or intimidated but instead desires to serve as a mentor  to those who are younger and may need us!  Being there for support in their career- helping them to realize that toxic relationships are not what they deserve- providing that listening ear when the world feels like it is coming to an end – helping them to realize that being the young new person is not a terrible thing! Bottom line is Support our fellow sisters!!!


The person ( Teacher) who believed in you:  Some people garner lots of attention in school. They are successful, it seems in so many different areas: Academics, sports, socially,…….  and then, well, and then there’s the rest of us. You know the ones who really did not get into trouble and just sort of sailed under the radar until that one person saw the talent in us. That one person who believed in little old you and me!  The person who offered encouragement and helped you to develop a sense of worth and self confidence. Be that person for someone who needs it. Believe it or not, those people are all around us. Be the person who sees the thing that everyone else overlooks!  Be the person that helps someone come to the realization that they are special!


That person who tells you more than once that it does get better:    Life is hard and sometimes it just seems impossible and unfair.  That is when people including you and us need someone to remind us that the situation is not permanent.  That the situation is only temporary.  That you will survive!  We all have needed and will need someone to point out that there will be a tomorrow and the world is not going to end!


The person who cares about you unconditionally:  Oh, the world we live in! The truth is that some people have the blessing of being born to parents who love them unconditionally, and some do not. The state of families in our world runs the gamut. We do not have any control over who we are borne to.  However, we can be there to provide an unconditional love and support to those around us.  Family is not always restricted to those who share the same blood.  So what if you are not truly related! Be there to give advice- to offer what that person needs with no expectation about what they can do for you and with no judgement. Just love and support!!


Imagine what a difference we can make in the lives of people we encounter if we just try and do some of these things!  People need other people to be there for them! We ALL need to be picked up and carried at times, so look around you, pay attention to the situations of those around you, and ask yourself, what can I do to make it better for this person.


Then, be the person they need you to be!  Don’t let the opportunity to share kindness and love pass you by!  We guarantee that you will end up being the person that you needed at different points in your life!!

Keep smiling and styling as you spread kindness and love!!


A Time to Celebrate

Today was Mother’s Day! The day that we show our appreciation and celebrate the women who gave birth to us, who nursed us through our illnesses, dried our tears, lifted us up, and even reminded us who we are and where we come from!


How thankful we are for our mothers, our moms, our angels!!  We can never tell them enough, show them enough, or reward them enough for everything as we were growing up and even now as we maneuver through the years of adulting!


You know, celebrating is just something we don’t do enough of. Whether it’s big or small- we all have something or someone to celebrate! We know that not all of us have a Mother to celebrate but we also know that along life’s journey someone has poured into you to help you become the person you are today. Celebrate them today!


We often think that big things are the only things that need celebrating. For example: engagements, birth, retirement, and major milestones like graduating.


Our dear friends- we urge you to celebrate every single little victory. Even the smallest like finding just the right shoes for that outfit you bought a few weeks ago or saying no to the cake when offered. It’s the little things in life that are often over looked and under celebrated.


Surround yourselves with people who see the small victories and celebrate with you! The more you celebrate your life the more in life there is to celebrate! 


Celebrating is about seeing the good and being grateful for it. Celebrations don’t have to be a huge party, they can be a small twist at the hip when no one is watching! Until further notice we encourage you to celebrate everything!!

Merry everything and happy always sweet sisters! Now, toss some confetti in the air and celebrate!