When Time Flies….


The weekend has come and gone! Simply put there just aren’t enough days or time in the weekend.



We so look forward to Friday and specifically 5pm. It seems like time just drags by as we measure how many hours we have left until the weekend officially begins!




Then hallelujah!! That magic hour is here and we leave work determined to make every moment of the weekend count! Whether it’s a project we are working on, a trip we are leaving on, or just time with friends and family! Let the good times begin!!



Did you know that there  are 60 hours between that 6 p.m. Friday off the clock feeling and that 6 a.m. Monday alarm clock. That’s plenty of time for fun, relaxation and more importantly, recharging the batteries!




Weekends also play a big role in how successful we are during the week!!   Successful people know that their  weekends should leave them feeling refreshed, not exhausted or disappointed, so they  can hit Monday ready to go. Ready to be successful in those challenges facing us on Monday through  Friday!

we all tend to run run run on the weekend but we also need to schedule some down time. Some time to just sit and do nothing. Some time to reflect or plan for the next week. Some time to even just take a nap!! Imagine that a nap!  When was the last time any of us took a nap? Probably not anytime recently!


Let’s try to slow things down just a tad, and maybe just maybe, it will seem like that weekend clock slows down just a little!! It’s worth a try!


Keep styling and smiling and take a nap!!! 😴

Age is Just a Number

As each of us travels through this journey of life, we grow older each year!  The number of years we live is represented by our age.  We are true believers that our AGE is just a number, nothing more and nothing less.


Sadly though, that is not the idea that society has perpetuated throughout history. As a matter of fact, the terms used in one article to name the stages that women go through in life are prime examples of the view held by many for a long time where we women are concerned. Young Girl, Maiden, Mother, Crone…. let me repeat that last one again… CRONE. Have we lost our minds?


The definition online for a crone is a withered, witch-like old woman.  Not sure about y’all but we do not find that term to be complimentary at all.


Talk about a double standard! Society sees men aging more gracefully, gaining in their status, and becoming more dignified. Women over 50 (Susie would be in this category-btw) …. not so much! More like old and worthless and crone -like!

Look at the term used for women who have not married as old maids. Men are described as single and available.


With these thoughts in mind….  We wanted to share that Michelle is traveling this week with her grandmother in Italy. What an adventure they are having! When Michelle asked her grandmother, Martha, to share her age on the blog- she responded with,  “my age is just a number, and mine is unlisted.”

What an awesome attitude to have towards aging! They are both living it up in Italy and having the time of their lives.  Her grandmother is stylish, ready for adventure and enjoying every single moment of life!! Nothing crone like there!! As a matter of fact, she is fabulous in every way!

It’s obvious that Michelle is very much like her!!!

There is a movement under way! A strong movement to change the perception of society towards the aging of women. A movement to provide support for each other as we empower ourselves and protect our attitudes about life!

Showing our beauty and our talents along with the wisdom that we have gleaned through many years of life’s situations and adventures! We are a force- a revolution!

So no matter what your age, embrace your number, strut your stuff, and know that you are not destined to be termed a Crone but instead a  stylish Queen!


Red, White, and Blue

The week of 4th of July is a time of relaxation, family, and friends, but none of us take this sweet time for granted. We admire and respect all of the soldiers who have fought for our freedom.



There is no time like the present to look around and find those in your family or group of friends who have fought for our country and  to say “thank you” for their sacrifice.  You see,  a simple thank you could never be enough for the freedom we experience everyday. And as awkward as the notion may be- expressing in words your gratefulness that someone else would fight for you is never an excuse not to say it.


Fashion is a fun and adventurous journey! Susie and Michelle have a ball dressing up for blog posts. But nothing beats the honor of showing their patriotism through red, white, and blue attire.

Michelle is wearing Levi jeans with Ross wedges that are a neutral color. Add the red tank to the ensemble and all of a sudden it becomes 4th of July festive. The comono she added was fun and colorful to her kinda boring outfit.


Susie is wearing a red Calvin Klein dress with a blue and white striped scarf! She picked up her nifty scarf from Buffalo Express in Nashville! It really adds a pop to her dress and can serve as a shawl as well as a scarf.  Her blue Nine West shoes complete her patriotic look!




Your 4th of July outfit doesn’t always have to be overt the top. Sometimes the unassuming yet respectful color scheme can do the trick.

Whether you are thanking someone in your own family for fighting for your freedom of thanking a stranger- it doesn’t matter. A simple thank you goes a long way! And man- do we have loads to be thankful for!



The BEST _________ Ever!

As a young teen, Michelle would come home from movies and describe them to her family as the best movie ever. Her dad would laugh and say, Michelle, everything you see is the “best ever”.


Isn’t it a great joy to always explore and experience the best ______ ever. When we begin to see every situation or every circumstance as a blessing we can begin to find the best! The best in our minds is at the top of the list. We have best friends, the best shoe, the best meal, the best top… the list goes on.


There will always be a #1 but you can’t know if something is better unless you have experienced it. So that shirt you bought last year the feels so amazing and it’s the best- it can be trumped by the shirt you buy tomorrow believe it or not.


When you are always searching for the best it’s hard to focus on the worst. And we find that the best brings much more joy into our lives.



For Michelle, the best of Italy is Rome, but that’s because it was her first stop. You can anticipate that her new best will be different tomorrow.

For Susie, the best is being over 50 and feeling so excited about what tomorrow and the next tomorrows will bring!  You can bet hers will change as well!


What is your best? Have you thought about that lately?

We believe the best is always yet to come. So look ahead, pay attention, be present in the moment, and find your best _______ ever!


Steal vs. Real

Over the past year Susie and Michelle certainly have found some steals! Bargain finds…so we wanted to allow you a little sneak peak into our fashion finds over the past year that we also see in real life for much more expensive!

You can always find a similar look- allow us to show you. 

Michelle found these black garbage bag shorts at wish.com for $5. The same pair below are $39 at Nordstrom.

This Easter dress she wore that was peach and scalloped she found at a local boutique for $10 on sale of course. Shown below is an indentical dress for $35.

Wish.com is not always a good choice but for Michelle lately it has proven to be a great place to grab a few cute inexpensive things. She sound this ruffle long sleeve top there for $5. 

She found a similar one on line for $15. Not much savings you might think- but every little bit helps when you are thinking about changing your wardrobe often. 

Lastly Michelle found these black tuxedo pants with a white stripe in her local Cato for $4.99.

Not only did she find them online for much more- she found a very familiar face wearing them!

These are Willow St. boutique for $275. Not sure about you but why would I pay that much for something that I can get a very similar look for much less!


Susie found these awesome hot pink sling back pumps for $4.99 at Goodwill! They had hardly been worn! Even better was the fact that she adores pink!


She saw a very similar shoe by Loubatan for- well, let’s just say no where near $4.99! Even a pair by Nine West was definitely a larger investment than her buy!



Goodwill is not always the first place where many people look for a deal, but Susie has come to love the challenge of taking something that someone else might not want and turning it into a stylish combination for an #ootd! All of the following looks are built around Goodwill purchases!





The last look is a combination of a Goodwill jumpsuit and a Walmart hat that cost 4$ embellished with a vintage pin!

This next  look is made unique by a crafty hat that Susie saw online and decided to copy using a Dollar Tree hat. She just frayed the edges herself and gave it a high end look for almost no expense!  IMG_3402

The bottom line is that Fashion and Style do not have to cost an arm and a leg! A little creativity and some budget shopping can really add some great looks to your wardrobe!!

We would love to hear about your bargains and how you get creative with your wardrobe, so don’t forget to share!!!

Keep smiling and  styling!!

The Race to be Beautiful???

We all are familiar with the world’s perception of beauty! You know- the perfect face …. the thin body….. hair that holds curl and never frizzes….. no wrinkles or crows feet….the list goes on and on!  Isn’t that what  everyone wants us to believe is beautiful?


The race to try to achieve these qualities robs each of us of the joy of loving ourselves and enjoying the beauty that we each already possess!


After all,  what exactly is beautiful?  Well, to start with it’s a 9 letter word!

We love the fact that women are challenging the stereotype of “beautiful” and redefining what we believe it to mean!


We Love this quote from Tyra Banks!

“Girls of all kinds can be beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between. It’s not easy though because many people still put beauty into a confining, narrow box…Think outside of the box…Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you. “- Tyra Banks


Accepting who we are and embracing that person instead of thinking about who we want to be like or,heaven forbid, who we want to impress will help women to finally be able to see their own beauty.  To stop falling  for the trap of  comparing and finding oneself to always be lacking!

Accept who you are. We are not saying that make up or dressing up is bad! There’s nothing wrong with those things, but do them because you enjoy them not because you feel like you have to in order to fit some mold.  Find your style!


Be quirky! Be curious!  Be funny and laugh a lot!  Make time for adventures! Try new things!

We guarantee that the more you do these things and get to know who you are and love yourself- the more amazing and beautiful you will become!! Your true beauty will shine because you, our friend, when you are truly happy!!!


For this post: Michelle is wearing a darling teal cold shoulder top paired three different ways. Want to get one like it? Follow Pogirlz on Instagram. She ships and delivers! You are sure to find something trendy and stylish there.

What’s in a Pound?

Well, it depends. Are we talking about weight of a person? Weight of produce? Weight of what?

One thing is for sure, we are talking about weight. 16 oz. in one little pound,  and since Michelle is taking her first trip abroad poundage matters!

According to airports, her bag can only weigh 50 lbs. so the next question is- what makes it in the bag, and what gets left behind.

She started thinking about those tough wardrobe decisions, and she took that word pound and thought- wow. There are lots of great analogies and situations where poundage means so much more than the decision of what to wear.


If we asked you to raise your hand if you like the pounds the scale reads when you step on it , would you raise yours? 89% of women are unhappy with the scale, and 39% say that worrying  about the scale affects their happiness.


Ladies, life is tough and full of curve balls. Did we ever think we would be the size we are today?  Gosh, I bet we all hoped not… but we are here to tell you that you are in control. No one else can change anything about what that scale reads except  for you.

It might be the ONE thing in life,  we are in control of. Unlike everything else we desperately want to control, but can’t.


Let us encourage you to take a step. Move in the right direction of being happy with you. Do something for you! Believe that you can, and you’re half way there.

Look at your lifestyle and your diet. Some suggestions for lifestyle changes are:

Practice portion control. – When we do not eat as much, it is surprising to see how we lose weight without giving up certain food groups.

Think positive. – Don’t dwell on the food  items that you need to stay away from, instead focus on the wonderful and healthy options that are available for us.  Susie recently went on a Ketogenic diet and has discovered so many new and delicious recipes which are so much more healthier!


Eat structured meals and snacks . –  Just grabbing foods when we get hungry is a huge part of why we are not aware of how many calories and exactly what we are eating! keep some healthy food around so when you get the urge to graze,  there is something there to indulge in without blowing your efforts!


Get out and move!-   Being active and exercising helps tremendously. Take a walk. Go for a run!  Swim in the water or just Dance- Dance-Dance!!

With discipline and consistency you can achieve any number on that scale you desire, but let us assure you- no matter what it says- the likelihood of you being completely satisfied is slim until you find that inner beauty that shines from within.


So as Michelle checks the weight of her luggage- you check the weight of how much emphasis you are putting on the scale and how you can take control of this part of your life!!


Celebration Time!


Penelopeseraphina has been up and blogging for a full year today! We are so excited to celebrate the fun and successes we have had. How do we measure success, you might ask? We came into this partnership and blogging lifestyle with no preconceived notions, no major expectations, and no worries. At this one year mark we have seen nothing but positive things come from this adventure.


We believe in the power of friendship and words of affirmation. We see a lot of you on the streets, and we hear that you liked our blog, or you want help with your wardrobe, or even that you loved that outfit one of us wore, where can you find it! Those are our successes! Nothing makes us more excited than to know that you are reading and loving the content of our blog.


Our blog started on a beautiful southern porch… so, we thought why not celebrate our one year anniversary on that very porch! We have been so fortunate that we have sweet friends like Jay and Mandy Law who allow us to traipse across their yards and take pictures in their beautiful gardens and on their beautiful porches. If you are reading this, and you have allowed us to take photos on your property, thank you! We are so grateful!!


We also wanted to celebrate by having a re-launch. We aren’t sure if you noticed, but we have a new “look”. One of our very own students who graduated from SJCA has designed Penelopeseraphina the coolest logo! We are so in love with the dynamics of it and the awesome way she captured Susie and Michelle graphically in their characteristics.


So as we look to the future, we truly hope that we are inspiring  women to feel good about themselves and to unleash the beauty that we all have, each and every one different in our own special ways!


We hope to empower you to love your bodies and faces as we all travel on this journey called life-  to empower you to not give in to the concepts of ageism but to throw aside the beliefs and images that society thrusts upon us and to empower you to be comfortable in your own skin!!


Thank you so much, y’all!

A “Sassie Rocks” Summer

Summer 2017 is here and all of us are busy putting together our wardrobe for all that summer brings with it socially and event wise!



One of the major trends that we want to remind everyone to include in their fashion musts is in the category of accessories!!

Stacking bracelets and bangles as our arm candy brings a bright and fresh look to  the OOTD!  One of the best things about stacking bracelets is the fact that  you don’t have to pick just ONE bracelet. There’s no wrong way to pile on arm candy! Wear some or wear ALL of your favorites! Show your  unique personality and style.  Choose bracelets that compliment your outfit or speak to your mood. Have fun …….. Mix and match!  Remember, the more the merrier!

Michelle and Susie are having a ball with their new sets of arm candy from Sassie Rocks! They are also thrilled to be brand reps for this amazing company with so much opportunity for anyone wanting to make some extra cash. You can earn rewards by having trunk shows and introducing this incredible bracelet line to all of your friends! Check out their website here to find out more! 


You should also follow them on Instagram for the newest selections! We are sure you won’t regret it!

SASSIE ROCKS! is  an Azalea Coast handcrafted bracelet line. Their bangles are crafted with a single continous wrap of gold plated wire to capture a kaleidoscope of Pearls, Quartz, Coral, Glass, Agates and Bone  while keeping these treasures safe and secure for years to come.



The  Big Beach Babies bracelets are made up of  an assortment of  colorful and fun Fimo Clay Beads & a Pave’ Palm tree charm.   The beads are feminine and whimsical! The palm tree charm is absolutely divine!


The Sea Glass Treasure bangle from the Hatteras collection is  made with Blue, White, Green Sea Glass in  either a Gold or Silver Wire.   Sea glass  from bottles or glass  which are  broken and then tumbled smooth by the waves, sand and time are the centerpiece for this beauty.  Beautiful and feminine, these elements come together and pair perfectly with the Big Beach Babies bracelet!


We are amazed at the number of summer outfits which these will go with!!  Whether it’s a day out shopping, at the beach,  a dinner on those summer nights or a party with friends – this arm candy is perfect to dress up or down  to complement  your  outfit.

We are excited to announce that Sassie Rocks is    Offering our followers  a discount code  for  20 percent off a  first time purchase. The code is  PS20.  Go visit their site and get your arm candy from Sassie Rocks!

A Softer Black and White

Monochromatic styling is always  great as an option for an OOTD. Black and white of course reigns supreme in this area.  However, along with all of the positives associated with black and white, it can sometimes be tricky and turn out looking a more like a waitress or work staff for a caterer!


Being aware of the potential negative outcome and using some creativity and imagination can help you to side step those potential fashion disasters and be the totally stylish fashionista  that each of you are!!!


We chose to  highlight one such tip on how to rock the monochromatic- black and white today and hope that you are inspired by our two styles.


Our  tip for today is to incorporate a print into the outfit instead of just going with the two solid colors. The print will serve  to soften the starkness while still rocking the timeless  classic  color combination that always makes the perfect partnership.

Michelle’s simple dress has a geometric pattern that softenes the black and white contrast. The detail of buttons on the dress is a nice touch to add a little pop to the casual tendencies this type of dress has. 

One of Michelle’s favorite things to do with black and white is to pair a bold color with it!

Her necklace is loaded with beads of turquoise hues and silver beads. What a fantastic background for a pop of color. One amazing thing about black and whites together are that you can pull a color off in the shoes, or wear a nude- either way it all works!

Susie’s jumpsuit from Cato in a black and white print  softens the look while giving a very feminine silhouette  with the wide legs and soft material!  She belted the jumpsuit to cinch in the waist, but this stylish and comfortable outfit can be worn unbelted as well!


She kept her accessories to a monochromatic color scheme as well with a vintage black and white necklace and some really sweet earrings from Handpicked.  Her black and white vintage bracelet was perfect to match this look! Shoewise- Susie paired her black pumps from Ninewest with her ootd!


Whether you choose to wear these two colors as solids, stripes, spots, or patterns, make sure you rock this eye-catching monochromatic magic this summer!!