A Softer Black and White

Monochromatic styling is always  great as an option for an OOTD. Black and white of course reigns supreme in this area.  However, along with all of the positives associated with black and white, it can sometimes be tricky and turn out looking a more like a waitress or work staff for a caterer!


Being aware of the potential negative outcome and using some creativity and imagination can help you to side step those potential fashion disasters and be the totally stylish fashionista  that each of you are!!!


We chose to  highlight one such tip on how to rock the monochromatic- black and white today and hope that you are inspired by our two styles.


Our  tip for today is to incorporate a print into the outfit instead of just going with the two solid colors. The print will serve  to soften the starkness while still rocking the timeless  classic  color combination that always makes the perfect partnership.

Michelle’s simple dress has a geometric pattern that softenes the black and white contrast. The detail of buttons on the dress is a nice touch to add a little pop to the casual tendencies this type of dress has. 

One of Michelle’s favorite things to do with black and white is to pair a bold color with it!

Her necklace is loaded with beads of turquoise hues and silver beads. What a fantastic background for a pop of color. One amazing thing about black and whites together are that you can pull a color off in the shoes, or wear a nude- either way it all works!

Susie’s jumpsuit from Cato in a black and white print  softens the look while giving a very feminine silhouette  with the wide legs and soft material!  She belted the jumpsuit to cinch in the waist, but this stylish and comfortable outfit can be worn unbelted as well!


She kept her accessories to a monochromatic color scheme as well with a vintage black and white necklace and some really sweet earrings from Handpicked.  Her black and white vintage bracelet was perfect to match this look! Shoewise- Susie paired her black pumps from Ninewest with her ootd!


Whether you choose to wear these two colors as solids, stripes, spots, or patterns, make sure you rock this eye-catching monochromatic magic this summer!!


One thought on “A Softer Black and White

  1. Robin Hillyer-Miles says:

    Good morning!
    Is there a good photo of the buttons on Michelle’s dress or am I missing their location?
    I never think to wear tan/neutral shoes with a black/white outfit. I like that look. I will try it soon. 😀 Great blog post. I have not been in a Cato’s in a couple of years, I love their trendy, not expensive, clothing that you can wear for a season and then donate. Though I do have a couple of T-shirts from there that have lasted for years and years.


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