Celebration Time!


Penelopeseraphina has been up and blogging for a full year today! We are so excited to celebrate the fun and successes we have had. How do we measure success, you might ask? We came into this partnership and blogging lifestyle with no preconceived notions, no major expectations, and no worries. At this one year mark we have seen nothing but positive things come from this adventure.


We believe in the power of friendship and words of affirmation. We see a lot of you on the streets, and we hear that you liked our blog, or you want help with your wardrobe, or even that you loved that outfit one of us wore, where can you find it! Those are our successes! Nothing makes us more excited than to know that you are reading and loving the content of our blog.


Our blog started on a beautiful southern porch… so, we thought why not celebrate our one year anniversary on that very porch! We have been so fortunate that we have sweet friends like Jay and Mandy Law who allow us to traipse across their yards and take pictures in their beautiful gardens and on their beautiful porches. If you are reading this, and you have allowed us to take photos on your property, thank you! We are so grateful!!


We also wanted to celebrate by having a re-launch. We aren’t sure if you noticed, but we have a new “look”. One of our very own students who graduated from SJCA has designed Penelopeseraphina the coolest logo! We are so in love with the dynamics of it and the awesome way she captured Susie and Michelle graphically in their characteristics.


So as we look to the future, we truly hope that we are inspiring  women to feel good about themselves and to unleash the beauty that we all have, each and every one different in our own special ways!


We hope to empower you to love your bodies and faces as we all travel on this journey called life-  to empower you to not give in to the concepts of ageism but to throw aside the beliefs and images that society thrusts upon us and to empower you to be comfortable in your own skin!!


Thank you so much, y’all!

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