What’s in a Pound?

Well, it depends. Are we talking about weight of a person? Weight of produce? Weight of what?

One thing is for sure, we are talking about weight. 16 oz. in one little pound,  and since Michelle is taking her first trip abroad poundage matters!

According to airports, her bag can only weigh 50 lbs. so the next question is- what makes it in the bag, and what gets left behind.

She started thinking about those tough wardrobe decisions, and she took that word pound and thought- wow. There are lots of great analogies and situations where poundage means so much more than the decision of what to wear.


If we asked you to raise your hand if you like the pounds the scale reads when you step on it , would you raise yours? 89% of women are unhappy with the scale, and 39% say that worrying  about the scale affects their happiness.


Ladies, life is tough and full of curve balls. Did we ever think we would be the size we are today?  Gosh, I bet we all hoped not… but we are here to tell you that you are in control. No one else can change anything about what that scale reads except  for you.

It might be the ONE thing in life,  we are in control of. Unlike everything else we desperately want to control, but can’t.


Let us encourage you to take a step. Move in the right direction of being happy with you. Do something for you! Believe that you can, and you’re half way there.

Look at your lifestyle and your diet. Some suggestions for lifestyle changes are:

Practice portion control. – When we do not eat as much, it is surprising to see how we lose weight without giving up certain food groups.

Think positive. – Don’t dwell on the food  items that you need to stay away from, instead focus on the wonderful and healthy options that are available for us.  Susie recently went on a Ketogenic diet and has discovered so many new and delicious recipes which are so much more healthier!


Eat structured meals and snacks . –  Just grabbing foods when we get hungry is a huge part of why we are not aware of how many calories and exactly what we are eating! keep some healthy food around so when you get the urge to graze,  there is something there to indulge in without blowing your efforts!


Get out and move!-   Being active and exercising helps tremendously. Take a walk. Go for a run!  Swim in the water or just Dance- Dance-Dance!!

With discipline and consistency you can achieve any number on that scale you desire, but let us assure you- no matter what it says- the likelihood of you being completely satisfied is slim until you find that inner beauty that shines from within.


So as Michelle checks the weight of her luggage- you check the weight of how much emphasis you are putting on the scale and how you can take control of this part of your life!!


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