Steal vs. Real

Over the past year Susie and Michelle certainly have found some steals! Bargain finds…so we wanted to allow you a little sneak peak into our fashion finds over the past year that we also see in real life for much more expensive!

You can always find a similar look- allow us to show you. 

Michelle found these black garbage bag shorts at for $5. The same pair below are $39 at Nordstrom.

This Easter dress she wore that was peach and scalloped she found at a local boutique for $10 on sale of course. Shown below is an indentical dress for $35. is not always a good choice but for Michelle lately it has proven to be a great place to grab a few cute inexpensive things. She sound this ruffle long sleeve top there for $5. 

She found a similar one on line for $15. Not much savings you might think- but every little bit helps when you are thinking about changing your wardrobe often. 

Lastly Michelle found these black tuxedo pants with a white stripe in her local Cato for $4.99.

Not only did she find them online for much more- she found a very familiar face wearing them!

These are Willow St. boutique for $275. Not sure about you but why would I pay that much for something that I can get a very similar look for much less!


Susie found these awesome hot pink sling back pumps for $4.99 at Goodwill! They had hardly been worn! Even better was the fact that she adores pink!


She saw a very similar shoe by Loubatan for- well, let’s just say no where near $4.99! Even a pair by Nine West was definitely a larger investment than her buy!



Goodwill is not always the first place where many people look for a deal, but Susie has come to love the challenge of taking something that someone else might not want and turning it into a stylish combination for an #ootd! All of the following looks are built around Goodwill purchases!





The last look is a combination of a Goodwill jumpsuit and a Walmart hat that cost 4$ embellished with a vintage pin!

This next  look is made unique by a crafty hat that Susie saw online and decided to copy using a Dollar Tree hat. She just frayed the edges herself and gave it a high end look for almost no expense!  IMG_3402

The bottom line is that Fashion and Style do not have to cost an arm and a leg! A little creativity and some budget shopping can really add some great looks to your wardrobe!!

We would love to hear about your bargains and how you get creative with your wardrobe, so don’t forget to share!!!

Keep smiling and  styling!!

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