The BEST _________ Ever!

As a young teen, Michelle would come home from movies and describe them to her family as the best movie ever. Her dad would laugh and say, Michelle, everything you see is the “best ever”.


Isn’t it a great joy to always explore and experience the best ______ ever. When we begin to see every situation or every circumstance as a blessing we can begin to find the best! The best in our minds is at the top of the list. We have best friends, the best shoe, the best meal, the best top… the list goes on.


There will always be a #1 but you can’t know if something is better unless you have experienced it. So that shirt you bought last year the feels so amazing and it’s the best- it can be trumped by the shirt you buy tomorrow believe it or not.


When you are always searching for the best it’s hard to focus on the worst. And we find that the best brings much more joy into our lives.



For Michelle, the best of Italy is Rome, but that’s because it was her first stop. You can anticipate that her new best will be different tomorrow.

For Susie, the best is being over 50 and feeling so excited about what tomorrow and the next tomorrows will bring!  You can bet hers will change as well!


What is your best? Have you thought about that lately?

We believe the best is always yet to come. So look ahead, pay attention, be present in the moment, and find your best _______ ever!


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