Age is Just a Number

As each of us travels through this journey of life, we grow older each year!  The number of years we live is represented by our age.  We are true believers that our AGE is just a number, nothing more and nothing less.


Sadly though, that is not the idea that society has perpetuated throughout history. As a matter of fact, the terms used in one article to name the stages that women go through in life are prime examples of the view held by many for a long time where we women are concerned. Young Girl, Maiden, Mother, Crone…. let me repeat that last one again… CRONE. Have we lost our minds?


The definition online for a crone is a withered, witch-like old woman.  Not sure about y’all but we do not find that term to be complimentary at all.


Talk about a double standard! Society sees men aging more gracefully, gaining in their status, and becoming more dignified. Women over 50 (Susie would be in this category-btw) …. not so much! More like old and worthless and crone -like!

Look at the term used for women who have not married as old maids. Men are described as single and available.


With these thoughts in mind….  We wanted to share that Michelle is traveling this week with her grandmother in Italy. What an adventure they are having! When Michelle asked her grandmother, Martha, to share her age on the blog- she responded with,  “my age is just a number, and mine is unlisted.”

What an awesome attitude to have towards aging! They are both living it up in Italy and having the time of their lives.  Her grandmother is stylish, ready for adventure and enjoying every single moment of life!! Nothing crone like there!! As a matter of fact, she is fabulous in every way!

It’s obvious that Michelle is very much like her!!!

There is a movement under way! A strong movement to change the perception of society towards the aging of women. A movement to provide support for each other as we empower ourselves and protect our attitudes about life!

Showing our beauty and our talents along with the wisdom that we have gleaned through many years of life’s situations and adventures! We are a force- a revolution!

So no matter what your age, embrace your number, strut your stuff, and know that you are not destined to be termed a Crone but instead a  stylish Queen!


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