Sundays and Sundresses

Considering that Southern states lead the nation in church attendance, we thought you might like to know what some are wearing to their prospective churches.


Churches, in general,  have changed so much through the years that you are sure to find all kinds of great fashion statements in church.




If you walk into a traditional church down south you will probably see skirts, dresses, and suits. Some of these traditional churches have gone to a second contemporary service which allows for a more relaxed wardrobe.


But if you stepped foot into one of the newer non-denominational churches you will probably see all kinds of ideas for Sunday fashion. There will be jeans, shorts, slacks, dresses, skirts, and suits. It’s almost an anything goes kinda atmosphere.

Michelle attends one of these types of churches but she was raised in a traditional church. Because of her background she tends to dress up for church. Not always, but most Sundays, you can find her in a skirt or dress.

Today she wore an all over pleated colorful halter dress that ties at the neck. The colors are so vibrant and deep that a black shoe and clack clutch worked perfect as accessories.

Susie attends a more traditional church.  The younger generation in her church are a little more relaxed in their choice of dress but most still adhere to the concept of wearing your “Sunday Best”.




Today, Susie wore a black and white polka dot maxi dress! It can be worn both on or off the shoulder. Susie loves the versatility of the neckline! It’s perfect for both church and an evening out! All this dress needed were some black vintage jewels to make it southern belle approved!


We both love Sundays and the time that we get to dress up in our “Sunday Best” and to enjoy fellowship with our friends and family as we worship together!


We hope each of you have had a blessed Sunday! 💕


Trending and affordable

What’s better than finding things that are currently “in” is finding them on sale! As we’ve spoken to some of you we have found that some of our readers are just not into the hunt. 



It’s true- clothing that is trendy and on sale isn’t going to jump into your lap. Finding these things takes effort. We mentioned in one of our last posts that evaluating what you have is a great start to understanding what you need. A plan is always good.


With that being said. Sometimes we find sales that are just too goo to pass up! We have some useful tactics in finding trendy yet affordable items.


First of all never lose hope. If you walk into a store, and the first things you see are so expensive that you turn around headed for the door- then you might be selling yourself short!



Keep moving. Most sale racks aren’t in the front window. 90% of the stores you go in have sale racks or clearance. Shoot, Walmart even does! So, always be on the lookout for that.


Don’t stop at just the size you think you are in. Sometimes the reason something is on the sale rack is because it’s mis-sized. Also, someone could have “accidentally” put your size 10’s in the size 6 section- and could you imagine if you missed out on those? Ahhhh! That’s a horrifying thought!

      Finally , even if you don’t find something on that sale rack for yourself, while you’re there check out the clothing for other people in your family. If you’re married or have children you know you have to dress everyone, so why not just take a gander at the other things too. Sometimes you find something super trendy for your husband or kids.

Michelle found this jcrew skirt on super sale! It didn’t appear to be in her size- but she loved it so much she put it in her try-on pile. And what do ya know- it did! Success story number 1! The shirt is a very different but cool sweatshirt in the front and nylon in the back kinda top. Michelle found it at Goodwill-  but it’s from American Eagle.

Both pieces of this outfit are trendy but very affordable. Her super comfortable shoes are cookies. Full price, she wouldn’t have thought twice but for $20 from Barron’s she took those puppies home! They have been a very trendy but affordable choice!


Susie found a fun and feminine dress with sleeves to die for!! It’s a great lightweight material and is perfect for the summer heat!! Pairing it with black shoes and a fun black hat completed the look with a solid contrast!


She found this little number at Ross. She has found that Ross has both affordable and cute dresses for  work and casual events! This dress was perfect for a baby shower she attended for twin girls.


Here’s hoping that your Sunday is a fabulous one!!! Keep smiling and styling, sweet friends!!!

Pattern Passion

This summer has been a season for many different patterns in fashion! Stripes, florals, plaids, gingham and polka dots are just a few patterns that are out and about!!


We both  love patterns and decided to showcase two looks today showing plaid, stripesand polka dots!


One of the popular trends is to mix patterns in your outfit. Some people do not feel comfortable with this trend, so we have styled one look today for you where we are mixing stripes and polka dots and then another look where we have put a plaid with a solid.

Michelle chose her gray and white plaid skinnies that you have seen before, and will probably see again to go with her new orange shift top. This top is super comfortable and easy, even better it wa super inexpensive from It’s Fashion.

Look for this top to be featured in a Clemson post for sure. The gray plaid goes with so many other patterns and colors.


Susie chose pink striped palazzo pants and mixed them with a cotton pink and white polka dot blouse. The stripe in her pants is larger than the polka dots and creates a balance between the two prints!


Mixing the patterns can give you more variety in your looks and an interesting depth in your outfits.  It can also make your look more individualistic and show your fabulous personality!

When  mixing patterns, there are some tips which will help you to avoid a pattern pitfalls!


Aleays remember to vary the scale of the Patterns.  Wear medium or large patterns with a small pattern in order to create balance. Two large patterns will make you look wider,  and two smaller patterns will make your appearance way too busy!

Dont choose two patterns that compete with each other!  We always want to avoid looking like we got dressed in the dark! Lol


Your  patterns should also share the same color scheme.  For example, Susie’s color family is pink and white. She carried this through with her top and pants.  Black and white is an exception here because they are versatile and can work with other colors.

Polka dots mix  well with stripes and brush stroke patterns. Stripes are good with polka dots and florals. Gingham is versatile and goes with florals, brush strokes, and stripes. Florals mix well with polka dots, brush strokes and stripes.


Feel free to try mixing some of your patterns! Take a walk on the unpredictable side and show some of your pattern passion!

The Thrill of Thrift

Everyone knows that We love a good deal, and we adore a great deal!! We always try to get the most that we can out of each dollar that we spend!


Because of this, we always find our fashion at a variety of places!  We just don’t like to pay full price! Two treasure trove shopping spots for us are the thrift stores and Goodwill!


Today, we each chose to spotlight two different looks that we found at our local Goodwill store!

We thought that we would also share a few tips about thrift shopping with you, our fabulous style sisters!



One thing that helps a lot is to be prepared before you even start shopping! Do some research online or in the mags and see which current trends appeal to you! What looks are you interested in?


Look in your closet and make a list of some things you need! Maybe it’s a denim skirt or a certain color top, but whatever it is you will be more successful if you know what you are in need of!  Developing your thrift strategy so to speak!! Lol

You know that you will need to try things on so dress for it by wearing something simple and easy to take off and put back on. You might want to slip on a jacket right by the display so don’t wear anything bulky.


Speaking of trying on, remember that size charts have changed through the years! You are apt to encounter some vintage or older clothing while on your adventure! This is a good thing! Just remember to try on  your size, one size smaller and one size larger! You heard us right!  Three size range for try one!!!


Keep an open mind during your adventure!! Thrifting will not break your bank, so you can afford to take some fashion chances without losing a lot of money! Try something new! Step out if your comfort zone!!


Don’t forget that people often clean out their closets during the holidays or on the weekends!  These are the best times to shop because the inventory will be larger!!  Awesome news!!


Last  but not least, remember to have fun! Go with a friend who loves the thrill of the hunt…… a friend who has a great sense of humor and is willing to enjoy the adventure with you!


Hopefully, you will be as lucky as we are! We love the adventures we have as we Thrift the day away!!!


Maxi Love

I mean really, who doesnt love a maxi? They are flowy, they are long (just in case you didn’t shave your legs), they are fun and twirly, and casual but also can be elegant, stylish and feminine.


Maxi dresses are so versatile, you can change the mood of a maxi dress with things like jewelry, scarves, a clutch purse, or a super cute pair of shoes. Most maxi dresses hit the floor, or come close, but for those that don’t quite make the mark a lower heel or flat may be the better choice.


Maxi dresses can be used as great bathing suit cover ups and can also be used as the dress you need to wear to that wedding you have coming up. The possibilities are endless.


Michelle’s maxi dress today is colorful! That’s a great thing considering pretty much any color earring or bracelet would match. Her dress is adorned with beads at the scoop neck which adds a level of dimension and creativity.


The drawstring waist and sleeveless shell make it a casual and comfortable choice for running errands around town, going to church, or walking around the mall.

Did you know that maxi dresses can be worn to the office with a blazer on top and when you remove the blazer, you are ready to hit the town that night.  You can layer your maxi with a tshirt underneath or like Susie did as the base of something more colorful.


Susie used a solid navy blue maxi for a base to her look of the day! Her maxi was a steal at Goodwill for $5.99! She is able to wear it by itself and with so many other style elements!


Tiday, she paired it with a striped Tunic top with a ruffle detail at the top! Her tunic is fun and colorful and brings a totally different look to her maxi!  Simple earrings and bracelets are perfect for it! Simple navy Nine West wedges are the finishing touch!


So fashionistas before you discard an old maxi see what you can do with it. Maybe give it a tie u on one side, add a tshirt, or put on a blazer. The possibilities are endless.




Comfortable and Stylish

When you think about your wardrobe, do you find that your most stylish clothes are the most constricting and uncomfortable?  We sure hope not!!


A lot of women do not realize that there are many awesome and stylish outfits available which are as easy to wear as their  comfortable sweats!


Today, we styled two totally different looks for you- a maxi dress and a shorts outfit! Both of them are super comfortable and so easy to wear!


It is a glorious day when you can find super stylish things that are comfortable. These days more and more clothing is being created out of material that feels good!

Michelle found her shorts and top in Italy. But the shirt is 100% cotton. It’s got such great style. Who would have thought to put a corset in the front? Michelle also really loves sleeves. A tshirt with good sleeves is hard to come by, so when she found this one she feel in love.

Her shorts are very soft and breezy. They have an elastic waist with belt loops. The shorts also have a flat front band in case you wanted to tuck something in.

When Michelle saw this outfit in Italy she looked at it and said- well that’s different. At that point she should have known she would take it home, but what she didn’t know was how comfortable it would be to wear. 



Susie styled a wonderful maxi dress made out of  the awesome jersey  material! She found her dress at Versona in Mt, Pleasant and almost did  it try it on.


What a surprise she got when she slipped it on and was enveloped by its lightweight material! The full skirt was airy and fun! The top of the dress is sleeveless but has a built in capelet that just gave it an added detail!


She paired the dress with an embroideried floral wrap belt that she found for 70% off!  The contrast of the colors just brings a pop to the dress! This dress is so fun to wear!!


Don’t get us wrong. Sittin around at home in comfortable loungewear sounds like a grand idea- but who wants to change into uncomfortable things to go out that look.good but feel terrible?



The good news is loungewear has come a long way. Another plus- loose and comfy clothing is actually trendy. Make sure when you are shopping that you try things on… there are far too many comfortable options to purchase something that hinders you! 



Happy Shopping ladies!


Let’s Flamingle

Yes, you heard us right, we love mingling with friends all summer long. Susie adores flamingos, and her entire outfit is based on that love.


Michelle is dressed casually which is a great way to be when hanging out with friends or mingling among strangers.


Both gals tonight are dressed for hanging out with close friends. Recently, there was a questionaire  on Facebook about finding out if you are high maintenance or not. Susie’s comment hit the nail on the head- we like to call it well maintained. And if you’re asking if we ARE well maintained, the answer is yes.



When we hang out with friends we don’t “let ourselves go” as some might say. We still care about the way we look. We care because of the way it makes us feel. Whether we are hanging with close friends or just casually making small talk with strangers, it’s important to us that we feel confident and presentable. We always like to put our best foot forward.

Michelle’s casual outfit is BANANAS! Literally, her v-neck simple top from Sears has bananas on it. Wouldn’t you know it matches her yellow Banana Republic shorts to a “T”.  She wasn’t monkeying around! Lol. Pun intended!

We are sure you’re thinking Sears, really? I’ve never known Sears to be known for its clothing, only its appliances. The truth is you can find cool things EVERYWHERE! Prime example- one day Michelle and Susie were walking through Walgreens… can you believe Susie bought the coolest winter shawl. You should never discount the local pharmacy, appliance store, antique shop, or bait and tackle shop. You JUST NEVER KNOW!!!

Susie is wearing a simple white sheath dress with some cute button details! It is such a cool and comfortable look! It can be as casual or dressy as you wish it to be! Perfect for Lowcountry porches, poolside, or downtown with friends!


Susie kept the monochromatic look except for her jewelry and head wrap!  The flamingo scarf is so bright and fun! It brought a fab pop to the outfit!! Her earrings and necklace are both vintage from the 80’s! Flamingo jewelry is one thing she loves for summer and well, other times as well!


Her sunglasses are just plain fun!!  You can’t possibly wear them unless you have a deep pink passion for the beautiful and bright bird known as the flamingo! They are definitely a statement accessory!!


As you decide what style works for you when you are out and about and ready to FLAMINGLE – keep in mind that you should always wade into life and stand out in the crowd!! Be yourself!!!


Let’s Flamingle, ladies!! 🌸🌸

Thelma and Louise

Friendship is priceless, but did you know that it can be ageless as well?


In our younger years, we often form our friendships based on those who live near us, go to school with us , or even share that infamous college dorm room with us! These friendships are important and fun. However, as our journey in life progresses we often find a treasure in forming friendships of a different nature!


We are talking about those awesome friendships that are forged with those from different generations!  Our friendship is a glorious example of an ageless friendship, and oh, how thankful we are for it!!


Studies show that “Friendships with older and younger people help broaden your perspective, which in turn allows you to have compassion and empathy in your day-to-day life.”  These friendships help to connect us to where we have been in life and to where we are going in the future! Both are invaluable!



The friendships in life that grow and stand the test of time are not those based on age, demographics or location but are instead the friendships which consist of  unconditional acceptance, compassionate honesty, and mutual trust.


All of us need friends in our lives who …….have been around the block a time or two ……. will help us turn the corners in life …….. will energize and inspire us with new perspectives and unique insights — and who may also need and appreciate our support as they navigate their ways through life.


Those people are the the ones who love you no matter what and will be there through it all! So take some time to expand your social network and keep an open mind about forming friendships with those who are of a different age!



We are sure that you will find a friendship that will prove to be a treasure like ours has! We are thankful each and every day for the laughter, adventures and support that we share with each other!!  What a blessing!

After all, every Thelma needs a Louise!!


When you’re Smiling

When you’re laughing

When you’re laughing

The sun comes shining through

But when you’re crying

You bring on the rain

So stop your sighing be happy again

Keep on smiling

‘Cause when you’re smiling

The whole world smiles with you

-Billie Holliday



As the words from the famous Billie Holliday ring out, smile and the whole world smiles with you. In the fashion industry, it is said that runway models should smile with their eyes, not their mouths.



In a Vogue article the editor is quoted saying “smiling, doesn’t cost you anything.” And how true is that statement. Did you know smiles are like yawns? They are contagious. There are far too many negative things in the world, so much bad news, why not put on a smile for the world to smile back at you.


We have found in research that it takes 13 muscles to smile and 33 muscles to frown. Smiling is the best fashion accessory you can find! One of our favorite tips about smiling is that is when you are wearing deep shades of lipstick then your smile/teeth will appear whiter!


Susie and Michelle believe your smile should change the world! Don’t let the world change your smile. Don’t you want to be the contagious Happy that everyone wants to be around? Smiling gives off a positive vibe that can make any sad day turn around. So stop being stingy with those smiles and spread the love.

Michelle’s skirt is from Anne Taylor Loft, her shirt is from Target and her shoes are from Cato. This outfit is under $50. Now that’s something to smile about!




Susie found her maxi skirt and cold shoulder top at New York and Company. Her purse is a @goodwill  find at $3.99. Her necklace is from Handpicked,  and her bracelet is from Versona!  Her look Totalled around $60 and was worth every penny!!


Let’s greet everyday this week with a smile and share a smile with those around us!!


Two Stylish Chicks

Sometimes  you have those blog posts where there’s just no witty title to use so you just have to go with what ya have!!

Today was one of those days!  We think of ourselves as two stylish chicks – well, one young chick and one slightly older hen who thinks of herself as a spring chicken!! Lol


Some of Susie’s outfit of the day pictures are definitely appropriate for the term “Chicks”! In celebration of her retirement, a longtime family friend was sweet enough to gift her with a beautiful chicken stroller for her family’s chickens! This custom made stroller is just what every stylish chick needs for an afternoon stroll around town! IMG_7492

We are not sure if people in town will start calling Susie , the crazy chicken lady, but at least she will be the stylish chicken lady!


While on her stroll, Susie wore a basic cream colored dress with a feminine  lace top from Buffalo Exchange. The top has a awesome sleeves and fri ge around the bottom!


She added a vintage large bead necklace and earrings, beige shoes and a straw hat to accessorize her look!


To add a pop of color to this look, Susie threw on a bright blue wrap for an evening out for dinner!


Michelle wore her new and totally cute pompon white shorts! She purchased them from a sweet boutique in her hometown that is going out of business. She hates to see them go because that’s a great place she found loads of deals.

You know you have lots of things in your closet that go with white bottoms. Today- as Michelle strolled through the antique shops in Augusta, GA she wore her forever21 peplum top that is super colorful and fun.

Her cute earrings are from Pogirlz and her arm candy from a variety of different places- but one bangle in particular that is seaglass green came from Sassie Rocks.

No, we aren’t as crazy as you think. We are just two small town gals having a good time doing what we love! We hope that y’all enjoyed our post, and are all having a fabulous weekend!


Keep smiling and styling, sweet friends!!! 💕💕