Queens of Layering

Layers upon layers of good things are what these two chicks are all about. Whether we are talking about a dessert dish or a fashion decision the answer is almost always yes, make it layered!

Reaching into our fall wardrobe might be a tad premature but you can transition your closet by layering what you are currently wearing!

For example, Michelle knew she wanted to wear all black,  but her top was a tank and the weather was just a little too cool for that- so why not throw on her tasseled kimono and add some layering along with a pop of color.

When your outfit is starting to feel stale or in need of a little zing zing- add a layer to pump it up a volume.



Susie loves layering and is really experimenting with it! She can’t wait for the weather to get cooler so that she can take her layering to some new levels! For this look, she started with a dark brown long maxi as her column! She found a  khaki Maxi dress at Good Will that snapped up the front and had some cool metal details. Perfect for layering as a vest!!


The third layer was a floral lightweight scarf from H&M. A chunky necklace brings in some natural elements for fall and blends well with a dark brown hat from Chraming Charlie’s!


She mixed up her look by removing the scarf at times! You can also wear the khaki dress totally unbuttoned!



A layered look scares people at times but can work for many different body shapes! Just try some different elements together and see how you like them! We plan on showing you lots of different layered looks this fall and winter, and we would love to help you put together your own looks!  Layer up, Ladies!!


Reach for the Moon..

…..and if you fail, no biggie, you will sparkle with the stars.


Isn’t that a fantastic outlook to have? Why don’t we more often reach as far as possible and maybe even a little beyond? Is it because we are afraid to fail? And what about when we fail (not IF but WHEN, because ladies: news flash- it’s gonna happen, A LOT) the fall wasn’t as bad as we thought it would be.

Life can stink at times. If you look around and think that anyone has it all together, you are wrong. The failures in all of our lives are what teach us and mold us into being better people. The stretch and the climb to our goals, wishes, and dreams require both hard work and dedication.  Not giving up but managing to keep on keeping on. Perseverance will get you there eventually.


As you journey through life, always striving for excellence, the lessons we learn, and the people you surround yourself with matter! Those decisions are crucial!
The lessons teach us….
The people teach us….
So please always set the bar high.


Remember the famous race between the tortoise and the hare! No one expected the tortoise to win!  The tortoise was slow and awkward, but still managed to win the race because he dared reach for the stars! He did not quit and kept on keeping on!


Set your eyes on a goal! Aim high and reach for the stars and the moon!! You will amaze yourself and those around you!! Just like the tortoise did!




And So It Begins…

It’s almost the end of the week!!!! We have made it to the top of the hill,  and our weekend is in sight!!!  That’s really good news for each of us. In the bigger fashion scheme of life, it is the beginning of the fall Transition of 2017.


Women, everywhere, are all turning our eyes to our wardrobes and beginning to ponder what we have in our closets to wear when it’s not fall yet, but summer is waning and school is back in session!! Least we forget that Labor Day is just around the corner!!! If you follow the traditional rules, white and seersucker are living on borrowed time at this point!! (Dare we say as southern women, we have rebelled against this rule!!!!!)



We thought that we would take the opportunity to share a great fall transition wardrobe idea with you, stylish ladies, today!!!  Hot temps, humidity and cool evenings can sometimes pose such style dilemmas for all of us!!   What options will work?????  In our opinion,  Vests are the perfect layering element during this transition period!!!


There are many different styles, fabrics, and designs of vests available for us today!!! We chose to style two vests for you today- a cropped denim vest and a long black vest! One a little more casual and one tad more dressy!!


The vest is also an unexpected way to change up the look of a dress or top and pants!!! A way to make it new and add a fashion accent to your wardrobe!! They can provide warmth or just turn up your style volume!!! Either way, it’s a fashion win!!!

Michelle’s short denim vest was a great transition piece as denim lends itself to cooler temps because of the weight of the material! She layered a summer maxi she has with a snug black tshirt underneath.

Putting something with sleeves under something you’ve already worn makes it all look new again and gives you great versatility in your wardrobe! Tighter tshirts or collared button ups make that pretty easy- they key is to make sure the “under” shirt or whatever you choose as the base is not bulky. 



Susie went with a vest as well, but she went in a different direction with hers. As we have  said, there are many different styles of vests available to mix it all up!! Susie’s vest is a long, black vest with pockets!!  Oh, the wonderful things one can do with this!!! Today, she has paired it with black and white striped pants and a  white  peek-a-boo cold shoulder top.


Her vest is appropriate for a work, a casual, as well as an  evening event.  Goodness knows,  we love versatile clothing!! Let’s talk about the statement pop for the outfit!! Yes, the vintage red hat!!!  Susie fell in love with this hat in Nashville at Smack,  and she was ecstatic to welcome it to her wardrobe this summer. Isn’t it wonderful, the way it just adds a fabulous pop of color and another dimension to this silhouette? Love at first sight!!!


No matter what your fashion tastes are, there is a vest style out there just ready and willing to become part of your look during this time between summer and fall!! Be on the lookout for them while you are shopping, and don’t forget to shop your own closets to see what treasures you might already have in your closets!!!




Crossing the Threshold

Have you ever thought about the way you enter a room? Would you call it making a statement or leaving a question mark?


When we think of famous people and the way they enter a room, two people come to mind . One is an older actor from  the Honeymooners,  and one is a more recent actor from the Jerry Seinfeld Show!  Yep, we are talking about Kramer- Cosmos Kramer- to be exact!  He always made quite  an entrance! You know the door would burst open and full steam ahead Kramer would plunge into the room and command everyone’s attention!  Talk about making an entrance!! Now, we don’t suggest that you adopt his technique, but we do want you to make a fashionable and memorable entrance!


Do you confidently sashay  into the room or do you timidly cross the threshold in hopes no one will notice?  We have had people ask us recently what does sashay even mean! Well, the truth is southern women love to sashay into a room!  A description of it would be for a lady to glide or proceed slowly and confidently into a room without a care and as if they own the place!!


Our goal through this blog and this post is that you would recognize how you present yourself and if it’s not with confidence and swag we hope to help you to  feel empowered to hold those shoulders back and sashay right through that door!


Walking into a room filled with people can be intimidating. So we have a few tips for you that could help get over the initial anxiety.


Be aware first and foremost that many people worry about entering a room! You are in very good company there! The difference is that they fake till they make it!  That’s right, the secret is out! You just don’t realize that they feel the same way! That one fact alone really goes a long way to helping leveling the playing field!


Practicing an entrance can also help you to reduce your anxiety! Sounds strange but practicing the entrance takes away the unknown and gives you an opportunity to feel more at ease!   The more at ease you feel, the more relaxed and confident your body language and facial expression will be as you actually enter the room!


Olympic athletes practice visualizing themselves performing or competing perfectly  right before they actually start the competition! Studies show that this helps them to perform better! So, why not envision yourself sashaying into the room with all eyes turning in amazement and appreciation of your style and beauty!


So, take a deep cleansing breath, open that door,  and glide (sashay) into that room, our stylish sisters, knowing that you OWN that room and everyone in it!!!🌸🌺

A Total Eclipse Monday

Today was the the day that the moon took control and totally blocked the sparkle of the sun for a brief period of time! Picture it for a moment! The powerful and bright sun was unable to share its stunning sparkle  with us during that time! Darkness descended and took over! What an event it was!


Let’s think about this for a moment! The dictionary defines the word, Eclipse as-
an obscuring of the light from one celestial body by the passage of another between it and the observer or between it and its source of illumination:


Today, events took place in nature, but quite regularly in our lives, either events or people can serve as the moon in our lives and cause an eclipse to take place! They can dull our sparkle or rob our joy!


You know what we mean!  We all have had those moments when things are going so well, and we are so happy about it until someone comes along and with their words or actions deflate us as quickly as sticking a pin in a balloon, watching all the air come rushing out, and seeing it fall to the floor.


Sadly, There are always going to be those people who are willing to stick that pin into our balloons and watch them sink to the floor! We have absolutely no control over that!

However, hallelujah, we do have control over how we react to these people and their actions!!


What can we do? We offer a few tips to answer this question! Let’s talk about FEAR!!

The FEAR of not being good enough!   God has made you to be you and not anyone else! You have talents and strengths that are unique to you! If you are trying to live up to the expectations of others then you will always feel as if somehow or in someway you do not measure up! Never good enough! Do not fall into the trap of comparing yourself to other people! Nothing positive comes out of that!  Talk about a quick way to dull your sparkle!! Sure, if you want to improve some things, do it – go after that goal but do it with passion and a joy!  Be you- the awesome imperfect you! Believe us, we are each a perfectly imperfect us!!  You are indeed good enough!!

The FEAR of  failure! News Flash— We all fail! Probably more times than we succeed but we can not let the failures prevent us from trying! Not trying is the path to certain failure! Actually our failures and our survival and growth from each one of them is what develops the diamond in each of us from the lump of coal, and we all know how a diamond sparkles!!!


There are many other tips that we can offer, but let’s just concentrate on these two for now! Let’s really make an effort to believe that we are good enough, and that it’s ok to fail!! Let’s take control of our lives and our sparkle!!


Shine on, sweet sisters!!!

Ready, Set, Eclipse time!!!

Prepare, prepare, prepare! It seems like that’s all everyone has been doing for the past month. Did you get your glasses, are they ISO certified, where are you going to view the eclipse? All of these questions flying around, and people buzzing about their plans.


Oh, and what about the constant song in your ear- Total Eclipse of the Heart! Lol. Has anyone else been unable to shake that number from their heads?


To view the solar eclipse,  Susie plans to go up to the town youth fields to participate in a town, Eclipse event , and Michelle plans to watch the eclipse in totality from Lake Moultrie, one of her favorite spots near home. Luckily our little home town has one of the best views of this solar eclipse. What’s amazing is that Michelle wasn’t even born the last time the earth had a solar eclipse which was back in the 70’s.


If you live in a town that is in the path of viewing this eclipse, we are sure, like ours, there are events to attend. People from all over the country are visiting  these states along the path of totality,   so plan accordingly! Every event is an opportunity to have a fashion runway show, but this event might be a little tough considering it will be outside during the heat of the day. So dress accordingly.

Michelle is wearing white skinny jeans with her top from PoGirlz. The top is airy and cool, it is flowy and a bold cobalt that’s sure to grab the attention of those around her. She is wearing her wedge brown sandals also from PoGirlz. If you have never shopped with her, you really should give it a try. PoGirlz is a mobile boutique that is available on Instagram.

Michelle’s selina is the certification of the glasses she bought off of eBay. Are they legit? We may never know, however, she is prepared and plans to view with the best of them!



Susie’s outfit is a scrumptious caftan in some really bright colors! Her caftans have really been perfect for their week at the shore!! Worn belted or loose and flowing, they are always a style possibility!! Every time she wears one people stop her and comment on how much they love the look but have never worn one!! Her response is always,  What’s  holding you back?


Her sandals  with the large flowers 🌺 go so well with the caftan and are just right for her sandy toes!! A straw hat which say ” hello sunshine”  and a  straw purse embellished with  pompoms were exactly what this stylish look needed!


She has topped  all this off with white sunnies!!  Susie loves to collect sunglasses! However, she has to say that white sunnies are her faves!!! Maybe, It’s that air of mystery about who’s behind the sunnies that she really loves!!!


We look are looking forward to the events tomorrow and can’t wait to post about the day!!   Now what to wear to an eclipse????!!

Party in Pink

Isn’t it just that way? Every time we look in the closet we are drawn to it. It calls our names and reaches out to us. When we don’t know what else to wear it’s our go to color… PINK!


Many of you probably feel the same way. Here are some fun facts about the color pink:

1. The use of the word for the color “pink” was first recorded in the late 17th century.

2. The color pink is named after the flowers called pinks, flowering plants in the genus Dianthus.



3. Cherry blossoms only have a pink color when they bloom in the springtime. Because of this, pink is the color most commonly associated with springtime in Japan.

4. Most flamingo species are pink in color due to pink pigments in their diet.

5. In 1993, artist Gioia Fonda created a conceptual piece in the form of a week long holiday called pink week. The intention of pink week is to liberate the color pink from all dogma and simply celebrate pink as a color.


6. A Pink Lady is an alcoholic beverage made with gin and grenadine syrup that may include other ingredients.

7. In Thailand, pink is associated with Tuesday on the Thai solar calendar. Anyone may wear pink on Tuesdays, and anyone born on a Tuesday may adopt pink as their color.

8.Diane Vreeland once said “Pink is the navy blue of India”.


While some think of pink as frivolous and lightweight, color therapist Marcia O’Regan says pink is a color favoured by those who are truly strong-hearted. It is the color the brain see as representing compassion, nurturing and true love; the perfect blend of passionate, powerful red and purifying white.

Michelle wore a Ralph Lauren crisp button up shirt today with her white jeans. Friday’s T school is “jeans day” so most of the time you will find Michelle in denim on a Friday.  Her nude scrappy wedges were just right to pull the outfit together.
Pink and turquoise pair well together-so Michelle chose to wear both her earrings and necklace from Italy! She loves treasures from far off places that remind her of her travels.


Susie’s  floral maxi was bringing the Pink to the beach!!  She found this delight in Nashville at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks ago and knew immediately that it would be perfect to sashay  along the shore in! The  Flounce on the bodice and the ruffle on the bottom gives the  some fun and flirty dimension to this dress!


She used a pink scarf in multiple ways with the dress throughout the day! As a shawl, as a scarf and just as a fun accessory in the beach breeze!


Her purse is a floral print as well! While she usually would not pair a floral with a floral like this, she went outside the box today because she loved the way they looked together! 🌸🌺 A little secret about her bag is that it is not a purse, but instead is a small cooler bag! A perfect way to keep her water cold while keeping  her lipstick and mirror out of the sand!!!  Ok- so she might just be a tad high maintenance, but you never know when you might need to reapply the lip color!!



Of course,  she always uses a hat while on the beach!  The number of hats that she brought to the beach has indeed been a topic of conversation in the house! Oh well, a lady has to protect her delicate skin right!!!😘


We hope that you have enjoyed our pink soirée!!  We know that we sure did!  Keep smiling and styling, ladies!!!💕💕💕💕🌸🌸

50 Shades of Blue

As we start to think about Fall 2017 a quote comes to mind!  A quote from Monsieur Christian Dior -, “Among all colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities,”


Maria Grazia Chirui — who is  the designer for the House of Dior certainly took those words to heart when she dyed her runway every shade of the mystifying color for her Fall line.



Pantone has listed two blues in the colors for this fall!


PANTONE 19-4029 Navy Peony
A mainstay for the season for both palettes, Navy Peony is a dependable and an anchoring shade. Solid and stable, the hue takes some of the load off of black as a go-to neutral.


PANTONE 17-4041 Marina
Cool with an enhanced vitality, Marina is the only truly cool color in the fall palette that brings with it freshness and brightness.


So, our post today from the Lowcountry and the beach centers around our outfits featuring shades of  the glorious blue hue!! More than that- our lunch box even matches- so we threw that in there too!

Michelle chose two blues straight from the pantone top 10 for her fashion statement on the runway, oops…. hallway today! The powder blue skirt from United Colors of  Benetton has been such a soft place to land for Michelle. It fits to a “T”, it is professional, and it is feminine. When she was deliberating on what to pair with it, she thought about her normal color combo with it and that is black and white. So, instead of the norm, Michelle chose a navy blue lace peplum top that buttons up the back.

The top added to the outfits soft feminine side while adding some dimension with the lace overlay. This top also accentuates the waist, as most peplum tops do. For shoes, she contemplated on her navy sling backs, but finally decided on a more neutral shoe in order for the outfit to steal the show.

Have you ever bought your daughter a piece of jewelry and thought to yourself, I might need to borrow that one day? Well, today Michelle did just that! Her bedazzled medallion on the end of her necklas is full of blues, and guess who it belonged to? Her precious Veda!

Susie is still vacationing at the shore! She is embracing her caftan love and having fun wearing them each day!  Her biggest challenges so far have been frizzy hair and trying to get decent pictures with the beach breeze/ gale wreaking  havoc with said hair and clothing!!


Her caftan for today is so soft and comfy! The pattern is a wonderful  floral with many shades of  blue, mauve and pink and a white background. It is a perfect blend of such beautiful colors!


Susie kept her accessories simple. Blue earrings and a blue and white necklace provide just the right contrast to the v-neck! Her straw purse is a thrift buy for $4.99 from the beach. Susie loves the beautiful purse as it pulls out some of the colors from the floral!



The various shades of blue in her caftan span the spectrum!!


From the colors of the ocean to the beauty of our sky,  nature provides a wide range of blue hues from which our designers can choose to weave into their creations!!


Simply  blue- tiful!!!!💙💙💙




The First Day…..

Wednesday, Hump Day, Two Best Friends, and The First Day for both of us!


But, oh what a different first Day it was!


For Michelle there were a lot of new faces and the excitement at school was bubbling over! New teachers, new families and new students. But certainly a bittersweet day indeed for Michelle as she used to stand every morning at the top of the hall with Susie and greet the students with a sweet “good morning” or “have a great day”! She stood solitary and on the inside said a little prayer that Susie would know she was missed. 

Today was the first day of Michelle’s 11th year at SJCA. As much as she loves her workplace and the people this is the very first year in 11 years she has done it without her partner in crime- so although it was a great one, there was definitely a void. 

Michelle certainly had a wonderful day! It just so happens that a dear friend and her family moved back to Moncks Corner and now work at the school with her. What a wonderful blessing it is to have such a stellar colleagues!


For Susie, this day was her first Day of not being a part of the first Day at school!  You know one of those major milestone in anyone’s life: retirement. Up until this point it actually just felt like a summer vacay…. time off, if you will.


We all spend so many hours dreaming about just what we will  do with the time, that when it happens, we often aren’t prepared for the reality of it.  The emotions that go along with the reality of not being a part of that First Day! Or even heaven forbid, the reality that life there goes on without you without a hitch..


But then, bam,  there it was with all the uncertainty and doubts that change brings to all of us.


The questions that arose a lot today in her mind  were  “Who am I now?” ….. Exactly where am I headed?  Moments were  taken to pray about it and to take  inventory of her  gifts, skills, and character traits.  Also,  wondering  if one can have an identity built on the kind of person you are, despite having just considered yourself the sum of your working years for so long.


This First Day was the beginning of the reinvention of Susie, the new and improved Susie!  A the beginning of figuring out ‘What can I do with this stage of my life that is perhaps my highest purpose?’ Where ever this first day takes her she knows that her dear friend, Michelle, will be a part of it!!



It’s Monday: Shake it Up!!

Today is the day to shake up your routine and make a little splash with your wardrobe! How on earth do I do that you ask, well- allow us to elaborate.


Shake things up by starting your day off right!


WASH SOMETHING: Most of us do this in some fashion. If you don’t take a shower in the mornings, just wash your face- it’s a great way to begin the day, it wakes you up, and it offers a clean base for your makeup application.


TRY ON SOMETHING NEW: a small insignificant item can be just what the doctor ordered to shake up your Monday. As small as a new pair of earrings or as large as a completely new outfit and everything in between.


Michelle loves to run, and that same routine can get boring so occasionally, she likes to buy a new pair of socks or even new hair ties to shake things up. All of a sudden running doesn’t seem so boring. It’s small but it works.


ADD COLOR:   If you rarely wear color,  today is the day to change that,  ladies! Add some color  to your outfit with a necklace or  even a pop of lipstick.


Susie is all about  adding an accessory like a hat, a scarf,  a purse or shoes as her pop of color to bring energy to her outfit and her mood!  Shaking up her look is always fun!!!



Sometimes,  shaking up your Monday can be accomplished by the way we treat those around us!  As you arrive at work, greet your coworkers with a smile and a kind word! How about a compliment or two for someone who looks like they might need a pick me up!!  Set the tone of the day for your group!! Be that ray of sunshine!! 💛


If these tips don’t help, try this!!


Turn the volume up on your computer, Play this video by the Beatles http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVlr4g5-r18 and ………

“Shake it Up baby!”