Celebrating Life

On so many levels… we are celebrating life. We hope you are too! The fact that you are reading this means you have lived to see another day which means that God isn’t done with you yet! He has plans- big big plans for YOU!


On a much more solemn note we are celebrating the life of Susie’s sweet Uncle Lee today. If we learned anything from Uncle Lee it was to find joy in everything and to love unconditionally. “Tusie,” as Uncle Lee called Susie was a large part of her everyday life for so many years.



He  brought so much happiness to her family’s life as he embraced every moment of his 82 years.  In spite of his many handicaps, he was active everyday and never felt sorry for himself. None of the “woe is me” attitude for him.  He never met a stranger and touched the lives of so many people .  The way he lived his life showed time and time again that the simple things in life are indeed the most important things.  It is with sadness but also great joy that Susie’s family celebrates his life today.


While celebrating a life that has ended, we also celebrate the future. The excitement and anticipation of what may be waiting in the days to come fill our hearts everyday. The knowledge that each day is a new day ripe with possibilities and joy is a source of hope as we all go through the mountains and valleys of life.

Another reason we celebrate life is because a lot of our friends are having babies or grandchildren- and that my dear friends is definitely something to celebrate.


New life, a life well spent, and that which is ahead… there is always something to celebrate. We have a firm belief in celebrating every birthday. Some say it’s just another year- we say hallelujah for another year!! Let’s celebrate!

Whether you are celebrating a loved one’s life, a new life, the possibilities of your future, or another year of life,  we hope you don’t take a single minute of it for granted. Live every moment to its fullest, and don’t take any of it for granted. Our health and life are blessings to be thankful for every day!


Here’s to a life well-lived!

Changing your Approach

Without strategy, change is merely substitution, not evolution.      -Forbes Magazine

Recently, Susie and Michelle have experienced some tough situations that made both of them stop and think about the approach they were going to take to handle it. Communication is key when approaching a problem in a healthy way.


We know that this blog is Fashion mostly, but it’s a Monday- and that means we are here to MOTIVATE you all to strive to be”better people”. It often happens that we approach people and problems like we always have- and the result remains the same. Our idea today is that you take a new approach, a better one, and see what happens

We live in a gotta have it now world where things are bountifully given out- and sometimes we get frustrated when we have to wait in line or if we can’t know the answer right away.


As Dr. Seuss once said- why fit in if you were BORN to stand out?!? Why not stand out by smiling and waiting in line and making conversation with your neighbor. Or speaking kindly to the attendant behind the cash register. You never know the battles someone else might be fighting.

The deal is changing your approach, to be less focused on ourselves and more focused on others. This is a counter-cultural concept that has a ton of great benefits.


You need to help others achieve their dreams if you want to achieve yours. Success is not about you; it requires others. Can you imagine your life alone? No friends, no family, zilch-o! Whether you are a people person or not, you need someone to help or to help someone. You need someone to talk to occasionally! We weren’t created to be alone.

Here are a few strategies to use to change your approach.

1. How much time do you already spend helping others? If you find that you spend very little time on others maybe it’s time to carve out a little more for the people around you. It could be at your work or in your home.


2. What do you consider important? Are you putting money, pleasure, or objects ahead of the needs of others? They say the root of all evil is money – we aren’t saying that having is bad- but when it becomes your sole focus at anyone’s expense it can be a contributing factor to your approach.

3. Start with small changes. Change doesn’t have to be monumental overnight. Relationships are born over time. It’s the small changes we make in our everyday approach to people that really cultivate evolution within ourselves.


At the end of life, no one is going to be crying over the fact that we knew everything about this seasons ,Dancing with the Stars. Our time matters- your time matters! Make it count!


Freebie Friday💙

You can take the title of this blog and spin it so many different ways. We are FREE from the hustle and bustle of the work week! We are FREE  to express ourselves in any way we see fit. We are FREE people because of Jesus Christ! We are FREE because men and women serve in the military.


So, whatever you need for this Friday, freedom is  readily available to you in many different forms.


This is one of the first weekends in a long time that Michelle has had some down time and she plans to take full advantage of that.  She is free from sports practices, college football games, and plans! 

Susie’s weekend began today with a quick trip to Columbia where she was blessed to have lunch with some sweet friends and her oldest son!  Alas, it was just a short visit, but Brittne’ Guerry and Sarah Lewis took her pictures with the assistance of Jay Guerry before returning to the Lowcountry!!  So many blessings!!! What a great way to start her weekend! The rest of her weekend will be spent enjoying family and friends! Who could ask for anything more!!


Today’s outfits are also FREE…. of color! Black is on tap for outfits of the day- and they are festive and fun!    Well, we all know Susie had to add a pop of pineapples to her black maxi!  She couldn’t help it!!!! It’s Friday after all!

Michelle is wearing her Ann Taylor herringbone skirt- the pattern is so small it tends to resemble gray. The top from Francesca’s is a perfect pair! It’s not too long and not too short- this top is structured so it’s tailored cut is perfect! 

Why not add a full silver necklace to jazz it up a little? Her Nine West heels are always a lifesaver… always! You can’t beat a perfect pair of heels!


Susie started her look with a free flowing black maxi! This dress is so fluid!! Belting it gave the look a little more definition and structure! She does plan to wear it in its loose silhouette in another post! Layered over that, she added a dark pink pineapple vest! You have heard of the dark florals for the fall- she is going with the southern dark pineapple print!


Accessories were added to bring out the golden color of the pineapples! Her necklace and earrings are both fun and funky. Basic black slingback shoes are perfect to complete the look!



Whatever your plans are for this weekend, try to enjoy every moment to the fullest!!!  After all, it’s fall, y’all!!  🍂🍃🍂🍃

Tawny Port

If you live in South Carolina and you are into college football the chances of you owning tawny port is pretty high!



Tawny Port- Pantone 19-1725 is such a fantastic fall color! Think of tawny port as rich, deep and bold. It weighs heavy on fashion trends this fall because it’s all over the runway in NYC!



We drank in this heady hue and just had to incorporate it into our #ootd.  You can put on bold lips, add funky shoes, and pair it with some awesome color combos to head in a variety of different directions.


Michelle paired her tawny port with black pixie pants and some funky rose gold shoes.  At school, Michelle’s 5th graders asked if she wore heels every day. This, her flat funky skips this fine Wednesday!


Susie invested in a  knit dress in the tawny port color! She fell in love with the simplicity of its lines and its versatility. She is going to incorporate this dress into quite a few fall looks!! For today, she matched it with a sleeveless long vest from Random in Myrtle Beach!! The vest added a pattern and a more fluid look to her outfit!


Flat shoes are not really her thing! So, she chose matching tawny port pumps from Nine West with a cute wedge heel! Her bag is a cute vintage wicker case from  Collectors Corner Antiques. Sometimes, she loves to use unusual items as her purses !!


In our opinion, tawny port is a great hue for you to partake in this fall!!!  What fun and fabulous colors are on Pantone’s list this fall!!!  We can’t wait for you to see our next hue from their palette!!!


Navy Peony

Pantone has named Navy Peony as a color of Fall 2017 on both the London and New York palettes!  If you are like many people, you might be asking -what  color is navy peony or why can’t they just call the colors by a normal name?  Well, that would not be as fun and exotic as the creation of different names for colors you already know!!


Navy Peony is a dark navy blue!!! It is indeed a classic color and also goes by other names as well.  Cobalt blue, dark blue, royal blue,  and Indigo blue are just a few other names for this gorgeous and refreshing color!!


Navy peony is a color that never goes out of style and actually is a slimming color!! What’s that? Winner winner chicken dinner!! That makes this color an excellent investment as a foundation color for your wardrobes! We actually believe that this color is one of the absolute best neutrals after black!

Whether it is a dress or scarf, you will be able to get plenty of wear out of this color! Invest in navy peony items and use them as your anchor color from which you build your look for the day or evening!! Just imagine this color in a rich velvet or a delicate and feminine lace, or even  a crocheted and bulky sweater!! So many options for you to choose from  and so many compliments for you to accept with this hue which looks fabulous with every style and cut!!



We hope you enjoy our two styles featuring Navy Peony!!

Michelle isn’t singing the blues- she is dancing them! Her favorite color to pair with navy peony is orange , especially in the fall. And there may be a smidge of Clemson love oozing from that statement since, well….. you know- orange is the color behind the Tigers!

Michelle’s skirt was found at Target for a steal and it’s a Victoria Beckham find. This skirt is funky and fresh- made of great thick lined material. The flaps with a zigzag edge cover a perfect square pocket. 

The J.Crew navy peony and white button up she has on with it has been such a versatile piece in her closet. It’s a classic and a go to for Michelle! 

Navy shoes are one thing that you won’t find many of in her closet.  It’s a good thing these peep toe sling backs are just the ticket for this great ensemble. And that necklace- well it’s a statement of its own. 

Susie took our advice and invested in her foundation wardrobe by purchasing a navy blue pantsuit! The bargain angels were smiling down on her when she found this jacket and pants for a total of $5.99! What an addition to her fall wardrobe!


For today’s look, she chose a bright yellow and white polka dot blouse with a bow front to bring a pop of color to this classic blue. The jacket also ties at the waist, but can be worn open without the belt as well.


For accessories, simple navy blue wedge pumps from Nine West and a silver and blue necklace along with some simple blue earrings were the ticket to a polished look!


This suit is so versatile and will be lots of fun to style in different ways! Remember that these pieces need to be worn in other looks and not always as a suit! A great way to increase your outfit potential!


Can you tell that we love this hue???   You will be seeing us styling with it often this fall and winter!


Which  Pantone color is next in our series? Make sure to stop back by and see!!! Happy styling, Fashionistas!!!

Pantone 18-3531 Royal Lilac

Do you ever wonder where fashion gurus get the color palettes for the upcoming seasons?


We did, so we googled it, of course, and found on Pantone.com that every season the team at the Pantone Color Institute evaluates the colors shown by fashion designers in their collections at New York Fashion Week. This information is then used to create The PANTONE Fashion Color Report where they highlight the top 10 colors for men’s and women’s fashion for the upcoming season. For the first time ever, they  have added London Fashion Week to their seasonal color report.


“There is a commonality between the colors we are seeing on the runway in New York and London.” says Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “However, individuality is evident, and we are seeing a distinct difference between the shows in the two cities in the way these same colors are being combined.”

The color palette from New York fashion week

The color palette from London

Our blog today is about  these fall Pantone colors and sets the stage for our upcoming posts showcasing individual colors. Both  of these palettes offer warm and cool colors that can be applied to any fall outfit! Susie and Michelle chose one specific color from the London palette to highlight in today’s post!

They were both charmed by the Royal lilac which Pantone calls an enchanting purple, Royal Lilac provides a theatrical linkage to the other colors in the palette.

Enchanting it is! This color adds such interest and life into your fall wardrobe! As most of you must know by now, Michelle is a Clemson Alumni and extremely goo-goo over her Clemson Tigers. Her jumpsuit of royal lilac was such a perfect purchase for Tiger Town! The length is definitely not made for the petite, Michelle had to pair it with high wedges to make it all work- but it was totally worth the effort!



Susie is not a Clemson fan, but adores purple simply because, well, because it’s purple!!! We all know that she loves to shop in Nashville and once again the city delivered a fabulous dress for her fall wardrobe!! This maxi dress is from Buffalo Exchange and is exactly what she wanted for her purple fall look!! She can’t wait to wear this out to dinner!!


The dress,itself, is not a maxi but instead is a sheath dress. The purple overlay is just the right weight for the transition from summer to fall in the Lowcountry! Of course, she is all about a dress that lends itself to a gracious twirl around the room!! The neckline does  not need a necklace so some gold and purple earrings were perfect to provide the bling! She did incorporate a purple headband to pull back her hair and give the look a little nod to  a day gone by!!!  Her animal print leopard pumps  are the pop to break the monochromatic line! Mixing it up a tad!!


We are in love with these fall colors, and we are so looking forward to showcasing the colors with outfits styled from our closets and from our shopping sprees as we undertake the adventure of finding items without breaking the bank!!!


Keep smiling and styling, our sweet friends!!!!


Shades of Fall

As the temperature begins to slowly cool off in the south, we turn our eyes to the beauty that nature provides for our enjoyment!!  The leaves begin their annual change of color, and we all watch in amazement as the reds, golds, yellows, purples and greens begin to decorate our landscape in an explosion of color!


While nature is busy accessorizing the landscape, we all begin to yearn for those earthy tones in our choices of outfit colors as well. It’s not that we do not love the colors of summer, but simply that as the seasons change, so does our color mood as we are ready for the change!!


The colors of fall are warm and comforting! They invoke the feelings or memories of family, cozy gatherings, comfy sweaters,, bonfires, and maybe even pumpkin pies … just to name a few things!!!


We  are so ready to begin the shift to the colors and adventures of fall and even though our temperatures are not  saying pull out those comfy sweaters, we are looking for ways to wear our autumn colors while still realizing that we live in the south– the very warm south!!


We thought that we would share our latest pre-autumn looks with you in our post tonight,  in preparation for our upcoming posts where  we will be sharing the Pantone Color choices for Fall and our outfits that we have styled for those colors!!!  We are so excited about the looks that we will be sharing with you, and  we hope that you will enjoy them as well!!!

Michelle is wearing this long flowy Maxi dress from PoGirlz. The color of this dress is so…. complicated. Some may think it leans toward orangish/red. Others may think it leans toward orangish/pink. Either way- it’s a fall transitioning colors that is perfect for a certain game day (eh hem, Clemson Tigers) or a fun date night. 

It seems that everything Michelle wears from PoGirlz has an awesome part of it. This dress has an open back, and a ruffle/ flap. This dress is sure to make people ask where did you find that!!!

Susie’s look began with these palazzo pants from New York and Company.  The vibrant stripes remind her of the beautiful colors of the leaves which grace the trees each fall! The pants are so comfortable and will definitely be a staple in her fall wardrobe!


Her top is a black cold shoulder from Affordables. This top is versatile because it can be worn tucked in or untucked and still deliver a stylish silhouette. Her necklace picks up on the colors of the pants and adds a pop of color to the solid top.


Dont forget to check back with us as we begin showcasing different fall styles using the Pantone Fall 2017 colors!  We will be looking forward to it!


Layer Up!

Need tips on layers? Today we are- Sticking with a look that’s often on PenelopeSeraphina! Michelle and Susie give you two great examples of how to layer over a dress as well as two tips to help you as you navigate through what we call the adventure of layering while realizing that some find layering to be terrifying!  We have offered tips about this before and will continue to guide the way with more to come!


Tip 1. An inch is important. Yes, you heard us. Length matters here. If you are considering adding a layer to a dress or a top/pant set be sure to pick the correct length of the outer layer. You should avoid the lengths matching up exactly.

Tip 2. If possible try to wear your vest with a sleeveless top or a long sleeve top. Avoid short sleeves with vests when possible. There are times when short sleeve looks good (denim, white t shirt, and vest) but it’s normally in classic looks!

Let us share a humorous and not so stylish story about layering that you do not want to experience. Recently, Susie flew to Nashville and was somehow convinced by her husband that she only needed one checked bag and a carry on. Now, to start with this was a recipe for disaster, because she is never going to leave any empty space in a suitcase. That being said, when she travels to Nashville, she loves to shop there, especially for vintage clothing! You see where this is headed, right?  Huge mistake!!!

On the return flight, her bags were so heavy  the man at curbside checkout was pretty clear that there was no way her bag was at 50 pounds. She had not made it to the scale yet!! Things were not looking good, so she informed the man that he needed to open the bag so she could layer up! With a perplexed expression, he asked what she meant! She promptly informed him that she was just going to have to start putting on layers of clothes  right there in order to meet the weight requirement!  There was a good ending here, because after laughing  until his eyes watered, he told her that all was good! Thank goodness! The airport angels were smiling on Susie that day! So with a huge- thank you and a sincere-Bless your heart, Susie hurried on her way! So not the correct or stylish way to layer your clothing! But hey, a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do right?

The point to the story is to share a misadventure but to also remind you to be thoughtful about what you layer! Be intentional! It is not a case of just piling it on!  That will result in a dowdy mess!

Experiment with looks and combinations when you get a chance!!  Do not be afraid to try things!! We promise that after a few tries, you will feel more comfortable and confident with your abilities!!

So, we hope you have enjoyed our post and look forward to seeing y’all   LAYER UP!!!

Hope Floats

Hope floats….. doesn’t it? Have any of you ever seen the move  – Hope Floats? Oh man, it is one of our all time favorites with so many lessons about life and love.  Being that’s it’s Monday, ladies, and we try to always motivate and inspire on Monday- let us take a stab at pushing just the right buttons today to get you going. 


In the movie, while watching the scene where Birdy is trying to find employment and walks into the interview with Dot, or “Polka-Dot” as she was called in high school a flurry of emotions wells up inside of us. Do you ever think back to those days and wonder how you made others feel?


This post is not to condemn you but to do two things. 1. To remind you that maybe you need to make it right- it’s never too late to pick up the phone. And 2. To give you an opportunity to make good humble choices from here on out.


At the end of the day, people don’t remember what you said, but they certainly remember how you made them feel. We have said before how powerful words are but today we’d like to speak of being humble.

You just never know when you might need someone. There may come a time when that eye roll or that giggle you had about someone could come back to bite you right where it hurts. So why not be humble? Humility is not thinking less of yourself but thinking of yourself less.



In the wake of Hurricane Irma, maybe we can act in humility. Where we once weren’t as complelled to think of others, what if we put aside our selfish ambition and helped someone out- without payment or expecting anything in return. 

We find a sense of pleasure and fulfillment when we help others in need. Being kind to one another is a trait we should all strive for more and more. We are constantly exposed to hate and fury. Let’s be a shining light on a hill for everyone to take note of.


Because as we have all heard and said before beauty starts from within. Let’s show love for our fellow sisters and brothers and help each other everyday and in every way! Be the change that we want to see!


We ♥️ Animal Print!

Don’t you? Animal print whether it’s giraffe, zebra, leopard, or any other-one thing is for sure- it never goes out of style.


One of the new 2017 trends in animal print isn’t the print at all. It’s sweaters, dresses, and blouses with animal faces on them. A little spin on the “norm” but still very jungle like.


Susie and Michelle always love to pick up a new piece of animal print for several reasons. It goes with so many things. You can put it with a color, or you can let it be the star of the show and it never disappoints. 


The great thing about animal print is it comes in so many different options. You can wear a dress, bangle bracelets, a belt, scarf, bathing suit and the list goes on and on! Prints are Alain flattering on just about everyone…. so they are real winners for a go-to look. 


Just like you have a LBD in your closet that you can always count on- you need something with animal print in your closet to count on. Heck, you can add that animal print to your LBD and change that look completely! 
Michelle’s animal print is a leopard sheer button up top. It’s easy to wear with a black tank top underneath. Her J.crew black pants were an easy choice with heels and a belt for work!

Susie went with a leopard print as well, but opted for a less structured top, and you guessed it-  she layered it! Black palazzo pants and a black tunic with an asymmetrical hemline provided the base for her top to take center stage! Her top provided thr perfect backdrop for her necklace! Both powerful without overwhelming each other!

Animal print of any kind is a great way to transition from day to night and still look stunning!

Make sure you spend some time this fall taking a walk on your wild side, and Let us hear you roar!!! Keep smiling and styling, our beautiful sisters!!