Passing the Fashion Torch

Yes, we know the importance of teaching the next generation about working for what they want, having an educated opinion, and contributing positively to society. We also know the importance of passing on the values and traditions of our families. But what some people might be surprised to hear is that it is SO important to pass on the importance of fashion to our next generations.


Every stitch of what you wear says something about you. All the way down to your undergarments. We are reminded of the movie The Devil Wears Prada when Merle Streep tells Anne Hathaway that what “regular people” wear is actually a direct result of some high fashion designers and editors.


We feel a charge to pass down to young ladies everywhere a sense of style and fashion that can be very “in”  that can be very “them”, and can be very “classy” all at the same time.

Some trends we see aren’t meant for all body types. It’s important to note what fits you best and what makes you look like a lady. Not everything works on everyone!


We spoke earlier about undergarments: let’s go there. It is so important to plan ahead. No one wants to see through your dress when you are outside or in a bright place. If you can see the outline of your legs through your dress, add a slip under the skirt. If it’s a short skirt, wear a short slip. If it’s a long skirt, wear a long slip. We know we sound like your grandmother- but it’s little details like that which set you into a “wow, she really cares” category.  If you prefer a certain type of underwear for goodness sakes make sure it is appropriate for the bottoms you are wearing! Seeing the outline of a thong is far from ladylike.

We aren’t perfect- never claimed to be. However we do try our best to instill sound dressing skills in our young ladies in out lives.


If you aren’t a teen, we challenge you to do the same. Be an example. All ages are watching- but the most influential need is that you to lead them in the right direction.

Let’s help the younger generations know that while they are looking for their own special style which  is unique to them, they do need to do it with taste and charm.  Walking the walk instead of just talking the talk!! Let’s inspire them to aspire to hold both their heads and their standards high!!


Real Fashion- Real Life

If you have ever watched a runway show, you have probably found yourself asking the question- Who in the world wears these clothes?  Rest assured that you are not alone in asking that question.  The shows are well known for their over the top  and might we say very impractical designs! Can you imagine anyone  going through their day or attending a wedding dressed like this?

A model in a Sourabh Kant Srivastava creation

or this?

green thing

Ok well, maybe lady Gaga, but not those of us who have to balance a multitude of real life moments every single day!   In other words, not us!!!   The designers are all about the art level, the shock value, and creating a muse. Even if it looks like a potato! Their interests is not in the functionality of a look. There is usually a theme to the show such as nautical or rustic for example. That theme is then what gets produced as the wearable fashion that we see in boutiques and department stores! “The real fashion for real women with real bodies living real lives, aka US!!!


Michelle’s real fashion is straight from GW! Real life means real budget. Raising three children that are all busy playing sports leaves such little time for Michelle but she squeezes every ounce she can. After school she tries to exercise daily but rarely has a full hour to do so.

Finding time to leave town to shop on a budget is next to impossible, so locally, Goodwill is a great place to find things that she loves at a very low cost.

Let’s get real ladies- life is expensive and Michelle isn’t afraid to do what it takes to stay in style and keep it under budget.

This black and red dress has a retro flare. The shoulders were the first thing that caught her eye. Michelle loves a puffy shoulder and this dress even has shoulder pads. One of the best things about squared shoulders is that it makes your waist look smaller.

This flowy dress was paired with suede sandals that lace up from TJ Maxx. On sale of course. Michelle isnt about compromising style for cost. She wants to squeeze as much in as she can.



Susie’s real life fashion was a blend of old and new!  She took a black pair of pants from Versona and a turtle neck from H&M and put them together to form another monochromatic column! That gave her a base for her look. Remember, the post on the BOLO list, well her list always has black pants and tops on it!



The old in her outfit is this fabulous red coat complete with its hood!! Yes, she was definitely channeling her Little Red Riding Hood persona for this look or maybe she’s trying out for a part on Once Upon A Time!!  Her coat is from Buffalo Exchange in Nashville! The details on the sleeves at the wrists are fun and feminine.


Real life on a real budget is always a consideration! The coat was only $6.50!!! That is a score no matter how you look at it! That much flare for so little cost, and she doesn’t look like a potato on the runway!


Her accessories are simple – a red and silver necklace with red ball earrings!  She couldn’t resist wearing her mustard sunnies and leopard pumps just to throw another pop into the mix!!



Real is what you get when you visit PenelopeSeraphina!!  We love fashion and of course watch the runway shows to see the latest designs of those creative minds, but we are here for you! We are looking at real life and real fashion to help offer affordable style options and ideas for some great looks that you can wear no matter what you do each day!

We hope that when you visit PenelopeSeraphina,  you enjoy the humor, encouragement and lifestyle tips that we offer up to you!! We are growing and learning as we go, while enjoying every minute of it!! We love sharing things with you and hearing from you!  Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!! We also love it when people come up and say – Can you talk about what to wear to weddings or what’s going to be in style this winter or summer? Keep those thoughts coming!!


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Keep smiling and styling, ladies!!!


Big Hits

Big hits don’t always have to be pertaining to baseball or football. We are talking today about big hits of fall! There are outfits that are “singles,” “doubles,” “triples,” “home runs,” and then there are grand slams, baby!

When you find that deep fall colorful pattern whether it’s in a scarf or in pants, you hit the grand slam! What a great statement you can make with a bold pattern. 

For Michelle, her H&M pants are the perfect combination of fall oranges, browns, blacks, and greens. She took a fitted tshirt dress and side tied it to make a festive black top. The length of the pants are so far beyond Michelle’s height that the black/brown wedges she has was the best choice for giving her a lift.

That super cute natural wooden necklace is from Italy. One of her favorite memories from her trip was shopping with her Grandmother and new found friends. The pieces she brought home will forever be cherished.


Susie’s big hit was a fabulous fall scarf from H&M.   Her vintage black maxi dress from Collective Clothing in Chattanooga, Tennessee is the perfect column base when paired with a  lightweight turtleneck from H&M. While we all love a monochromatic look, it is always great to add the colorful accent to what some consider to be the Fall and Winter fashion uniform!  Her scarf is the perfect way to do just that!


The scarf’s autumn green base color is not overly bright but the  orange red, gold, and maroon trim around the edges of the scarf bring a collage of shapes and dark bold colors to the look!! The dark patterns of the scarf make it great for layering and for adding a wrap for the cooler evening temperatures.


Susie added a hat with in tan with a reddish orange crown and a black stripe accented with a bow!! Her necklace is a vintage one that complements the scarf trim. Her belt – simple and black!  Her booties while black velvet throw out a pop with their gold heels!


Look in your closet and pull out those deep fall colorful items that you have and see what you already own! Then, hit the stores and see what you can add to your wardrobe to create your Grand Slam!

An Unlikely Combination

An unlikely combination… know, like blue cheese crumbles on top of sweet potatoe fries or chicken and waffles. We know, we are hungry too- we relate everything to food- but today’s outfits are just that… An unlikely combination.


Michelle is wearing a southern gypsy style outfit from Pogirlz. Most may not pair these two together, but that’s most. Michelle has a wild streak- one that is edgy in fashion and daring in style. She doesn’t mind a challenge.

The oversized sweater with sweet detail at the sleeve and the button up mid length skirt is together an unlikely combination but never the less a homerun in the fashion industry. Don’t believe us- check out these runway models pairing sweaters and skirts!

She chose to front tuck the sweater to give the waist a little more definition. You could belt it or just wear it down- it’s more of a boxy look untucked.

The sweater was super soft and comfortable and the skirt was light weight and ladies- it has pockets. Didn’t it just go up a notch in the like-o-meter?

Susie’s unlikely combination comes in the way of a pantsuit. She most often wears dresses or skirts but has been on the mission of changing her wardrobe just a bit since her semi- retirement this summer!!


She chose a fun fall plaid from New York and Company with a modified paper bag waist. A cropped mustard jacket with a round neck over a black turtle neck provided that fall bright accent!



Her mustard necklace and earrings bring a bit more color to the look and  are complimented by her floral purse!

Keeping a variety of different looks in your wardrobe is always a great idea! Mixing it up and making life interesting!  So look at what you usually wear and ask yourself what you can do to mix it up and create an unlikely combination!   The possibilities are endless!!


Think Pink!

With October being Breast Cancer month, Pink is definitely on everyone’s mind! In the spring of 2017, pink was there for all to see.



From Fashion Week in New York to London and then on to Milan, pink was on the runway sending a very clear message that pink was an ongoing trend for spring 2017.  Fast forward in fashion time to Fall of 2017! Oh wait, that’s where we are right now!!


Remember, we live in the southeast, and can we say that Mother Nature has not been operating on the same calendar for the change from summer to fall as we have. Until today that is, we woke up to a glorious, and we do mean, glorious temperature in the 50’s!!! Hallelujah and Amen!!! Sorry but we had to digress for a moment!!



The colors for Fall once again show variations of the hues of pink! From the Pantone color hue of  Ballet Pink to the in your face electric, pink is out and about showing her colors once again!!

Image result for ballet shoe pink pantone

Ballet slipper just is the sweetest shade of pink and lends a soft touch to any look.  This color is  trendy, elegant and jocose (playful)!   Both soft and glamorous!!!   A color that works so well with the different fall fabrics.  Suede, leather, and knits…… Oh MY!!!!!!!!   What’s there not to love about this!


The brighter pinks are still there to brighten our gray days!! As seen on the runways !!!

  Seen here, paired with many of Pantone’s Fall 2017 colors doing what Pink does best!!!


So while you are putting those summer items away, remember  that Ballet slipper and those bright shades of pink get to stay out to play!!!!

Think Pink, Ladies!!!

Make Each Day the Best It Can Be

“Success in life is founded upon attention to the small things rather than to the large things.” – Booker T. Washington


For each of us, every day is limited to 24 hours- no more and no less. The sun rises, and the sun sets every single day!! Like clockwork! However, those moments between that sunrise and sunset are determined and influenced by the moments in between and how we choose to live them. Those precious moments which we can not afford to waste need to be protected and valued. We need to be intentional about how we spend them and what we choose to do.

Each day is a gift, a truly special and priceless gift! A gift that we have ultimate control over. We thought that we would share with you some tips on how to make the most out each one.


  • Rejuvenate   Make sure that you get enough sleep. Each of us pretty much knows how much sleep we require in order to wake up fresh and energized. There are always going to be things which tempt us to stay up and keep working or partying, or just worrying. Knowing that we might not get that every single night, let’s do our best to protect that time and get it as often as possible.
  • Wake Up Early   We know that those mornings where we are rushed and running short of time, are not setting a good and positive tone to our day. Wake up early and give yourself time to have a healthy breakfast and ease into the day. That’s right we said it- EASE into the day, not run around manically feeling tons of stress before we even leave the house.   What is it that wakes up your soul?


  • Smile    You have heard us preach this many times! Smile- Smile-Smile ::: When we start our days with a smile, it sets the tone for our day.  It helps to move our mind to a positive place.According to Shawn Achor, the author of The Happiness Advantage, by making smiling a part of our everyday practice, we help our brains create happiness loops that encourage more positive-thinking patterns.“Happiness is a work ethic,” wrote Achor. “It’s something that requires our brains to train just like an athlete has to train.”
  • Check the chatter in your mind   Conversation does not always have to be out loud and involve another person. In fact the conversations that we have in our minds is always with us.  While we joke around that we are losing our mind, the truth is we take it where ever we go, so the words that are involved in our chatter are so important.  When those words become negative and belittling to ourselves we should acknowledge it, challenge it, and replace it with positivity.  Studies show that negative chatter in our brains  is associated with higher stress levels and even depression.


  • Pump it Up. Whether you are a Jillian Michaels fan or Richard Simmons fan- moving makes us productive and more alert in our waking hours. It’s proven that when people are active in their daily lives endorphins are released and you feel happier, have more energy, and maintain a healthy weight. It also improves your memory, and if we are considering maxing out our 24 hours, surely we are going to want to remember all the good stuff in between.
  • Put on a killer outfit.   Dress like you care- it shows and it effects your productivity. Have you ever heard the term dress for a test? That’s because when we were in school the better you dress on test day the better you test. The more confident you feel the more optimistic you are! And my goodness we should all certainly practice reckless optimism.


Today is among the greatest gifts we have ever been given. Let’s use it wisely, and refuse to waste a single bit of it.

Hello Friday!

Can you hear us saying that like hellOOO. Friday? Where have you been all our  life? We are celebrating that it’s  5 o’clock somewhere with our festive outfits and pretty drinks in hand! After all, Saturday only comes once a week- we should definitely celebrate that, right?!? Coffee, you’re on the bench! Wine, suit up!


Oh girls,  and before we say anything more- might we add that it’s Friday the 13th. We are so not superstitious but just hearing Friday the 13th makes us think of every scary movie we’ve ever seen. Susie loves a scary movie- Michelle, not so much. But whether you’re superstitious or not, it’s Friday the 13th,  and that’s better than Monday the whatever- can we get an AMEN!


Would you believe that Michelle and Susie actually somewhat “go together” today? It’s a cream and black kinda day, and both are right on que.   This  doesn’t happen as much as it used to!

Michelle is wearing a shirt from White House Black market. It’s a straight up hand me down from a dearfriend! One thing is for sure. Another gal’s  old clothing is this gal’s new treasure. Her pants are the signature collection of Anne Taylor. She gets to wear these so much because they are a perfect fit, length, and stretch.

This is how you know Michelle was feeling Friday. Look at those lips- absolutely zero color. Drained of life, and in desperate need of some pop. At the end of a long work week, her well is dry and her lips are pale.


Susie is wearing is black and cream striped shirt jacket from Buffalo Exchange, her fun and go to shop in Nashville!! She can not wait to travel back there to add some more awesome items to her wardrobe!! Hopefully, that will Be soon!! She has paired it with her wide legged black pants from Versona!  They are the perfect length and fit so they get invited to be a part of many #ootds.


Her clutch purse was a recent bargain score for $4 and her black shoes are a thrift treasure from Good Will!! She has had a long week and is  trying to ignore the fact that Mother Nature has lost her mind since it is still hot and humid here in the Lowcountry!! Still!!!!! 😱


But that’s ok  – because it is now Friday,  and we are home – sweet, sweet home!!  Susie may be organizing all weekend but you can bet that it will be done with a wine glass in hand!!


Enjoy your Friday night, Ladies!! Whatever you choose to do, do it with a smile and lots of style!!! Love y’all!! ❤️


Whose Path Are You on?

All of us are walking on a path in life! Nothing new there, right!! Each day, we get up and begin a new day and a new set of experiences on the path we are walking! There are many different discussions which can be had about this subject, but today, we want to focus on one aspect- Whose path are you walking on at this point in your life?

Walk Your Own Path


Are you following a path that you have chosen or one that someone else has chosen for you? Are you fulfilling your expectations and following your dreams or someone else’s? Are you doing what you want to do with your life?


As girls and eventually women, we are continually exposed to the expectations that others have for us:  Expectations about our personalities, fashion choices, friends, careers, hobbies – you name it and there will be  some expectations attached to it!!


As women, we need to realize that just because there are expectations that we encounter in our day to day existence that does not mean that we have to live by them or accept them as ours.  The expectations of others are not (We repeat NOT) obligations.

You may be asking yourself- What in the world do they mean by this? Well, we mean that just because someone thinks that they may know what is best for you or want you to make a certain choice, that does not mean that they are right and it does not mean that you should do it.


Let us share a personal example with you. When Susie started college back in the 70’s (just last year!!), her father wanted her to major in business administration. He said that it was a major where there were so many job opportunities and offered very good salaries.  Being a good daughter, and not wanting to hurt my dad’s feelings, she acquiesced and declared that as her major. That was the path she chose to take. Long story short, She was miserable as she walked this path, she wanted to be a teacher. That was the dream and the path that she wanted to follow. So for a period of time, she walked someone else’s path out of fear of disappointing or angering her dad. She did this until she gathered the courage to finally be honest and open to her family and talk about the path that she wanted to walk- her dream- her heart’s desire!

There are many other examples of situations or times in our lives when those expectations from others will steer us down someone else’s path if we are not careful and honest.  We thought one real life example would help you to begin to reflect on your past and what you want! To inspire you look at things and ask yourself if you are walking down your path or are you simply following the map that someone else handed you to a goal that they chose.


Are you happy with what you are doing? Is there a passion within you for it? We believe  every one’s path is like our fingerprints. No two are exactly alike.  You, our sisters are different, unique,  each born with your own skills and talents and dreams and desires. So what brings you happiness and joy? What makes your heart sing out and brings a smile to your face? Those things which are the answers to those questions are your passions. Your passions are your own individual clues to where your own true to you path lies!!!


So what’s to be done?    We truly believe that it’s best to follow your own heart.  If you give your power to others you are giving up control but not responsibility. You are the one who has to walk the path…….live the life……………. face the challenges………….suffer the disappointments…………….celebrate the victories,  not them.



So what are you waiting for?  Get busy living your life and walking your path.  Your path is unique  and special, and it  was perfectly designed just for you and you alone.  Remember that expectations are not obligations.  Pick up your map and start navigating. While you are navigating, remember to keep smiling and styling!



Clean Up Your Act

Often, we find ourselves moving so quickly from one thing to the next that we forget to clean up after ourselves. Before you know it our make up drawer is a total disaster and our closet is upside down.

We certainly aren’t the most organized, however we have gone to some pretty lengthy measures to ensure that our chaos is at least organized.

Michelle just invested in a make up drawer organizer. She used to have it all together and when things like blush crumbled in a million pieces it got on everything. Lipstick sometimes gets put in the wrong compartment, but for the most part it stays where it’s supposed to!

Susie has amassed quite a collection of modern and vintage jewelry over the past few years.  It had recently gotten to the point where it was a roll of the dice as to whether she would be able to locate the specific piece of jewelry that she was looking for.  That being said, she decided to invest in a chest of drawers as a plan  to organize her over flowing jewelry boxes, (let’s be brutally honest here), as well as her ziplock bags and shoe boxes filled with jewelry!




This has worked amazingly well and has made life so much easier for her! Styling her different outfits of the day is a lot less time consuming,  and she is able to enjoy her passion a lot more!


In Michelle’s closet she keeps what she has worn lately to one side and decides what to wear from the other. She knows some divas who are color coordinated, but that’s a small stretch for even her!


Susie’s Closet is a work in progress! At this point, it is organized with all dresses in one area, pants in another, and tops and jackets in another area.  This has worked well for many years, but now she is facing a reorganization of it all!  She is definitely not a minimalist when it comes to fashion.


As she researchs  the different options for her closet, she we would love to hear  what has worked for you in your closet setup!!

Keeping things of like kind together just makes getting ready easier. As if we don’t have enough stress in our lives already, we certainly do not need to feel that stress at the beginning of each day. We could all use a little help in this department.

That being said, We would love to hear about your organizational tips!


BOLO – In legal terms, the police use this acronym as an alert for officers and the public to Be On the Look Out for someone or something usually associated with a criminal act!


In Susie and Michelle’s minds, the BOLO alert is a list – that’s right a list of items that we need to BE ON THE LOOKOUT for when we are out in the trenches looking for a bargain- an accessory to add the needed pop- a new fashion item that’s totally on trend, or an item that we have just got to have because well, sometimes it is just because!!


We are sure that each of you have things like we just mentioned that you need to look for in the stores! Now, this should be simple, but alas, the life of a fashion addict never is!


We tend to be so excited when we go shopping that we forget to look for what we need- hence the creation of the list! The best place for the list is in the notes section of our phones. That way the list is always with us and can be pulled up with a touch of the screen! No way can we forget it or lose it! Believe me, in our busy lives, we soooo would lose it if it were on paper!
Sometimes, we can’t even remember why we walked into a room. We know we had a reason but what was it!


Anyway, we hope that you will consider creating a BOLO list of your own, and that it will serve you well when you are out and about hunting for those fashions treasures that we just can’t live without!!!



Oh, and while you’re at it, BOLO for us if you are in the Lowcountry, you never know when you might see us on a shopping adventure! Keep styling and smiling, sisters!!!💕💕💕💕

***on a side note. Michelle gets her modeling lessons from the very best- her 6 year old, Evelyn… a seasoned professional.