Digging the Denim

Blue jean baby…. L.A. Lady…..


You know the rest of the song! And we love that song almost as much as we adore Denim! Whether it’s a skirt, shirt, or jeans, Denim is always such a huge hit.

For years Michelle has interchanged the terms denim and chambray. It wasn’t until this blog post that her research showed that they are similar but different. Denim is woven differently from chambray although both are a very similar color blue.

Needless to say, we dig both but Denim is a win win every single time. Have you ever stood in the closet looking for something “different” to pair with that skirt, pick the Denim shirt! It always goes with everything!!

Jeans, especially ones with wide leg, bell bottom, or some type of “fashion flare” we adore❤️. They are comfortable and versatile yet cute and reasonable.

Michelle found her denim jumpsuit at TJ Maxx before she went to Italy this summer. She almost forgot to wear it while the temps were still warm because it’s sleeveless. Luckily she remembered it and put a simple cardigan on top to move it into the fall months pretty smoothly.

This jumpsuit is casual and buttons down the front. It has a feminine cut that ties like a corset in the back to keep it fitted. Her #sotd is local to her but have traveled the world! Barron’s department store is the place she found these Corkies. She found them before Italy so they went with her and they were so comfortable she wore them everywhere! They are still going strong and have animal print on them- can you beat animal print with denim? We think not!


Susie’s wide leg denim pants are super comfy and lent themselves to a funky retro look! She decided to follow the impulse and see how it turned out!  She paired the denim with an off the shoulder black top and a really cool crocheted  little poncho in a great fall shade of green.

This poncho is made to be worn loose or belted! For today’s look, she belted it with this fun vintage belt from Buffalo Exchange. The chunky earthy tone stones and tan leather tie to bring the boho style to the poncho!


She added a wooden necklace to the look.  Just another boho vibe!!  The scarf and denim wedges  complete this fun #ootd.  She can’t wait to style these pants with some chunky sweaters and take them in a whole other direction! Stay tuned to see them again.



What are your your favorite ways to style your denim?  We would love to hear from you!!   Here’s to digging our denim!!!


Keep styling and smiling, our stylish sisters!!!





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