Vintage or not? That is the question!

It’s not unusual for one or both of us to have on something vintage nearly every day. Especially since Susie found this awesome shop  in Nashville that has a plethora of vintage finds called Buffalo Exchange!


Michelle hasn’t visited although she hopes to, it’s still fun to find vintage pieces all over! So we have a challenge for you! Can you decide what on each of us is vintage? Name the piece!

Michelle’s vintage piece is the pants she has on. Handcrafted on the 70’s we think, Michelle found these at the goodwill. Why is it that pants fit so much better when they are old school? High waisted fits at the hip, creased down the leg- now that my desires is hard to find!!

She paired it with a short sleeved sweater from The Limited. The burnt orange color really picked up the similar color in the pants. Her half suede and half Pantent leather shoe is unique and stylish. These peek-a-boo toe shoes are low and comfortable for school with an ankle strap.  

Susie is really just a vintage soul!  She has found such a joy in finding items from a time long ago and breathing new life into them. It’s amaxing what is out there and how easy it is to blend it right in with today’s styles and fashion!


Today’s look has two vintage pieces blended in with her look! The most obvious one is her hat!! Susie does love a stylish chapeau and  always has vintage hats on her BOLO list. This little beauty came from a vendor at Soda City in Columbia!! She lucked out and found three there!!  Yippee!!!   She has been watching Miss Fisher’s Murfreesboro Mysteries on PBS and is loving the clothes from the 1920’s. Some of her latest looks have actually been inspired by the glorious Miss Fisher!


Her second vintage item is her comfy wrap! With its lightweight and neutral hue, it is a perfect wrap to accent but not detract from her look while providing a little extra warmth as our temps decrease in the Lowcountry!


Her tan pants are loose fitting and go with the flow perfectly. Her top is a black and taupe tunic that adds some contrast to the #ootd.


We hope that you will feel inspired to discover the fashion opportunities provided by wearing some vintage fashion. It always feels good to know that something has found new life instead of taking up space in a landfill somewhere.  Not to mention the beauty that it brings to the table!  If you don’t feel comfortable with clothing, give some vintage jewelry a try! You will be amazed with the variety that is available!


As Saturday approaches, we both want to wish all of you a Happy Veterans Day!  We know that chances are all of us have someone in outbfamily who has served in the armed forces!  We are deeply grateful for those brave men and women!!


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