Sweet Delicious Browns

Is it terrible that when I think of brown I don’t think of a color at all? My mind goes to gingerbread cookies, brownies, Oreos and fig newtons! lol,  I swear if we weren’t so in love with fashion this would be a foodie blog! 



Ok, focus- snap out of it!!! Or should we? I mean seriously think of the color of the gingerbread cookie. That caramel brown that pairs well with other darker browns. And then the fig newton that’s kinda tannish brown with that garnet fig in the middle- isn’t that such a cute combo?

If you think about dark browns, like dark chocolate brownies or even a cake- dont those dark Browns  pair well with lighter colors? We think so!


We also think it’s Monday- which is normally a motivational post. So here ya go ladies… go find something brown in the pantry and then try to match that brown to something in your closet! isn’t that the best advice you’ve ever gotten? Lol


Have a snack- something sweet and match it to a piece in your closet. This time of year, tons of sweets are in the brown family. What does your sweet tooth craving of choice pair well with?

Michelle’s chocolate brownies go very well with any time of light cream or cloud blue. Her ruffle tshirt which was casual and cotton made by Liz Claiborne paired easily with her J. Crew cloud blue cropped pants! The Nine West snakeskin pulled the two together with both a creamy white and brown. What a delicious combo!


Susie’s dark brown suede is perfect for that warm chocolate cake or maybe something with a little caramel!!  She has on a vintage two piece skirt set belted and accented by a rust infinity scarf. Her hat is vintage and a little contrast for the look! Her bag is a wicker antique basket!  Her boots are a dark brown and carry on the dark brown silhouette!



Now, if you weren’t hungry before you started reading this post, you certainly are now!      Time for a snack! We hope that your Monday was a fabulous one and that you have set the tone for a productive and positive week!!  Keep smiling and styling!!!🍁🍂🍁🍂



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