When life gives you Lemons….



Michelle has a girl group of friends from her high school days that have always had this motto! Life always has a way of throwing you a curve ball. Maybe it’s within your family or maybe it’s your career…. it could be that you aren’t where you thought you’d be at this age or maybe it’s something really simple like you have nothing to wear!!!😱 (God forbid)


Our message to you tonight would be whatever you are going through you have a choice of how you react and how you let it effect you! We hope you’ll choose to make LEMONADE.


There are going to be times that you thought things should turn out differently- do you let it ruin you? Do you let it define you? The answer is no! And not just No, but heck no! You take control of your future- so it’s not what you thought…. then readjust your thinking! God’s plans for our lives are so different than our own…. sometimes we aren’t even in the same ballpark!


Don’t sit around moping about what you thought was gonna happen. Take the bull by the horns, and get back up! Stay positive and surround yourself with people who believe in the power of positive thinking! Your attitude in life can determine your aptitude in life. You won’t get very far with stinkin thinkin…. so chin up, readjust and push forward!


Believing in the good, turning toward the light, and always finding ways to stay up beat are game changers! So be sure to find some good friends who point you in the right direction and remember to always make lemonade when life give you lemons!


Beautiful in Blue

Blue is such an easy color to master! So many different shades, hues, and variations that almost anyone can find a piece of blue and look beautiful in it. These beauties…have found a way to make blue run all the way to summertime! Granted this was “back in the day” when women wore Petticoats and slips but some things never go out of style!

Michelle has a bold and vibrant cobalt blue on with some very interesting new tights! These tights online boast a strong ombré from dark blue to cobalt. The length of Michelle’s skirt doesn’t allow it to show very well, but she wanted to keep things professional!

Michelle has been searching for unique tights this winter and has been a little successful. You might get to see some of her findings shortly if the weather doesn’t warm up!

Her black skateboard skirt is cotton and twirly! One of Michelle’s favorite Christmas gifts is her gold multicolored earrings. They go with just about anything and make such a fun statement piece!


Susie went for a  turquoise and navy blue layered look to transition into spring! She went with a lightweight navy blue maxi skirt from Cato and paired it with a navy blue turtle neck.


The next layer is a really fun turquoise gauze tunic with a v neck. This tunic has a really fun silhouette and hemline! Perfect for layering now and wearing all by itself in the lot days of summer!! This material breathes for summertime!!!


A navy blue belt and a hat are perfect for the look!  Navy blue pumps from Nine West are always a versatile wardrobe staple in her book! A little boho look! The shopping angels smiled on Susie because she found this scarf which just happened to match this outfit perfectly for just .99 cents!!!  For under a dollar y’all!! Yippee!!!


As winter turns to spring, let’s turn  those winter blues into the colors of the sky and the ocean!!  Feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces and the feel of the sand between our toes!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀

Lots of luck to you on St. Patrick’s Day! We hope that you have green in your ensemble today, otherwise you might get a pinch! Where on earth did that superstition come from you ask? Read on dear friends!

We love to celebrate any holiday large and small. So today we wear green in honor of the leprechaun. And we hope you enjoy the seven lucky facts about St. Patrick’s Day.



1. St. Patrick’s Day is all about luck!

However the Irish were very unlucky people. The phrase “the luck of the Irish” dates back to the 1800s during the gold rush! Mini Irish immigrants found gold and silver but because they were deemed incapable it was called the luck of the Irish that they found success during that time.


2. The lucky number seven!

Did you know that a rainbow has seven distinct colors? Also the number seven is Lucky all over the world, especially in Las Vegas we’re triple sevens means that you hit the jackpot!



3. The Shamrock. 🍀

According to Christian legend St. Patrick taught the Irish pagans about the trinity with a three leaf clover. The four leaves on a four leaf clover represent luck, hope, faith, and love.

4. Other Lucky charms!

A coin or penny, horseshoe, and falling star are all lucky charms. Hang a horseshoe over your door upside down, otherwise your luck will pour out. See a penny, pick it up, and all day long, you’ll have luck! If you see a falling star or a shooting star You’ll receive a secret wish!


5. Pinch… pinch!

Green in the 19th century was considered to be a patriotic color for the Emerald Isle also known as Ireland. Wearing green is considered lucky in many US states and cities adhere to this celebration and dye their rivers and fountains green!

6. Lucky leprechauns!

These crotchety fairies are known for fixing the shoes of other fairies. They are known to be grumpy and miss use their magical powers for trickery and mischief.


7. Kiss me, I’m Irish!

This term comes from not a person, but a place. There is a stone of legend called theBlarney Stone that is in the wall of a castle in Ireland. It is said that anyone who kisses the stone will have magical powers of persuasion. It’s best to keep your kiss to a small pack as millions of people have kissed tthis very stone.

St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, these are all fun and easy holidays and celebrations to focus your outfit on. It’s fun to have a reason for what you’re wearing!

We hope you have the luck of the Irish today and always💚💚💚


Flower Power

The timeless allure of a floral print has once again asserted itself as a trend for Spring and summer 2018 fashion on the runways and the streets. You can find it in clothing, headwear, and footwear so it’s no surprise that we, like you love to gaze at the beautiful florals in fashion.



This year there are three different categories of florals on the top of the list! Soft, floral prints- 60s florals- and micro florals are all waiting to be picked and flaunted!!!


The soft floral is a little different than might be expected. It’s a floaty-romantic floral that is often printed on airy chiffon. We see most of these soft florals with a plunging v-neck line and high splits. This print is not worn professionally per say, its more of a night time and party type of floral.


Soft florals are often light in color and very feminine. They create a very lady like- girlie effect when worn properly. We should always avoid looking like a curtain or your grandma, but when you’ve chosen the right color and style you can look very charming and romantic.


60’s floral are distinct in color, shape, and size. A 60’s print will always carry that signature look and in 2018 the 60’s floral of large print and bold colors are certainly holding their own. The “flower power” movement has designers delivering creative ways to incorporate the past in our everyday fashion choices.


The 60’s floral is one that is fun to mix with all sorts of neat ideas. Often the fabric is thicker and bulky and if that’s the case you can always pair it with something more sleek or even something equally as bulky to give is an artistic flare.

Micro florals are just as the name implies, teeny tiny flowers! They are petite and sweet and can be found everywhere this spring!


Coconut Oil Love – Part 2

Our love for Coconut Oil continues as we share even more practical uses for what is often referred to as the “tree of life”.

After sharing some cooking and beauty uses for  it yesterday, we wanted to list some ideas for handy household uses and medicinal uses today! Remember there are many more uses for it than what we have listed here!!


Did you  know that it can be used as a furniture polish? To make wood furniture really shine, combine 1⁄4 cup melted coconut oil, 4 tablespoons distilled white vinegar and 2 teaspoons lemon juice in a reusable spray bottle and shake well. To use, spray on wood furniture and wipe away with a clean cloth.

Why limit it just to furniture? It can also serve as a shoe polish. Try rubbing some coconut oil on your leather boots or patent heels to give them shine, disguise blemishes, and make them look fresh and new again.


To remove stains from upholstery and carpets, mix one part coconut oil and one part baking soda.  Apply it to a stain and let it set for a few minutes and then wipe away!

We don’t often have gum in our hair, but it will remove that as well!!! It also works if somehow gum is stuck to your furniture. You can use it as an alternative to pea-nut butter.  As a future grand mom, Susie has this fact filed away!!!


Laundry detergent can often be very irritating for many people with sensitive skin and allergies.  A detergent can be made by Combining  coconut oil with lye, water, and essential oils of your choice to create a non-toxic soapy liquid that does not harm your skin or clothing.

A favorite of Susie’s is that it can be used to remove the dreaded gummy residue left after removing stickers from glass and other items.  Yes, an easy solution to an age old problem!!! Mix up a 50/50 mixture of half baking soda and half coconut oil. Rub with a rag until the mess is removed, and then wipe clean with a dry cloth.


The nasty shower scum is quite a battle.  Those cleaners often have so many chemicals in them which are irritating to say the least. Use coconut oil on a damp rag instead. For an added boost,  you can add vinegar or baking soda.


Our last household use is as a lubricant for a stuck zipper or a bicycle chain which needs  some help!!   A moderate amount of oil on any squeaky door or window is also the best all-natural lubricant.

Coconut Oil also has some uses for health and medicinal purposes!

If you have a baby in your house, you are probably well acquainted with the issue of diaper rash. It is no fun!!!  Rub some coconut oil  about a tablespoon full around the affected area and allow it to seep into the skin to sooth swelling, redness, itch, and burn.

We all know that the cold and allergy season has been here for a while this year. Do any of you use a vapor rub?  Combine coconut oil with eucalyptus oil and rub the mixture on your chest or the chest of your children to open up the airways and facilitate breathing. Together these two work to increase circulation and clear congestion to help you get a good night sleep when you  or your child are sick.

How about those stretch marks, ladies????  I can’t imagine anyone wanting to keep those as a souvenir of pregnancy! Pregnancy really does a number on our tummy’s elasticity, but rubbing coconut oil all over the tummy during and after the pregnancy can help reduce them. The oil helps to fade dark marks, discoloration, and redness plus it hydrates the skin and allows it to heal more quickly. We always find it helpful to allow it to soak in and then blot off the excess.


The inclusion of  coconut oil in your diet can also help in the following areas. chronic inflammation, boosting the immune system, helping to prevent bone loss and osteoporosis, balancing  hormones, and helping in weight loss as a fat burning supplement. Do some research and see if the addition of anywhere from one to three tablespoons of it in your daily diet will help in any of the above areas.

There are many studies which point to Coconut oil being one of the superfoods.  Imagine all the room you can save in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry room closets if you get rid of some of the other products you use and switch over to utilizing this organic oil!!!


We realize that we sound like a commercial for coconut oil, but we are not sponsored in any way by any company!! We just firmly believe in looking for more natural and healthy ways to live our lives and were very surprised to learn that many people did not have a clue to the many uses and health benefits of it after a post we did where Susie mentioned her love for it as a makeup remover and moisturizer in her skincare regimen. She is also using it in a variety of different ways mentioned in the post!!!

Let us know how you are using it!! Making life simpler and healthier is always a great idea!!!  Keep styling and smiling, our sisters!!!

Coconut Oil Love!!

Our first experience with coconut oil occurred about 5 years ago. We had gone to visit a possible high school Prom venue and of course, visited the lady’s room while there!! We all know that the Lady’s room is always an important factor when choosing venue sites!!!


To our surprise, there was a bowl with a spoon and an absolutely awesome hand sea salt and coconut oil hand scrub in a bowl for us to try!!! It was amazing!!!  Our hands felt so soft and smelled amazing!! After that, we had to make our own and have never looked back!!


That was just the beginning! We soon discovered that coconut oil is one of the most versatile health foods on the planet. Not only is it my favorite cooking oil, but coconut oil uses are numerous and can extend to being a form of natural medicine to being  used for natural beauty treatments and so much more.

There are basically 4 categories of ways to use it:    Food Uses, Body and Skin Care, Household, and Natural Medicine.

Coconut oil is great for sauteing and frying food in.  It works great for buttering your toast and as a creamer for your coffee. It can give you an extra boost of energy and replace your traditional creamer.

If you are a fan of smoothies, you can add 1 to 2 tablespoons of coconut oil to any fruit smoothie for a boost of cholesterol fighting compounds. It also improves the texture and mouth feel of  the smoothies  all while adding healthy fats to your diet.  That’s a sure winner!!!


There are many other  food uses for coconut oil to be found if you research it!!!

We love coconut oil as a part of our beauty and skincare regimen. Susie uses it in many different ways!

We all need healthy ways to remove our makeup each night! Coconut oil is perfect for the job!!!  Just a small dab of it will liquefy your eye makeup  so that all you need to do is wipe it off with a warm cloth using a circular motion.  Unlike other makeup removers, it does not irritate your eyes and actually moisturizes your skin naturally!


That leads us to the fact that it is a wonderful moisturizer. It is not greasy and absorbs quickly! Just put a pea sized dab on your hand and gently apply to your face. Rub it gently in and then let it set for about 5 mins. After that you can blot off the excess!! It is perfect for moisturizing those lines around our eyes!!

Did you know that you can even use it for toothpaste? Yes, it is a great toothpaste!!  Just mix equal parts of coconut oil with baking soda then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil for homemade toothpaste. Use daily to help whiten teeth, improve gum health, and freshen your breath. According to researchers at the Athlone Institute of Technology, the antibiotic properties of coconut oil destroy the bacteria that causes tooth decay.


It can even be used as a soothing shaving cream. If you struggle with razor burn or other skin irritations,  Just rub it on the area where you want to shave and then shave! Follow with a warm rinse off and feel the difference!! Believe us, you will indeed feel a difference!!

Living in the south, mosquitoes are always a pest when the weather warms up!!  Of course we are always looking for healthy ways to keep from becoming their buffet for dinner!  Mix a tablespoon of coconut oil with a couple of drops of peppermint, rosemary, and tea tree oil to repel flies, mosquitoes, gnats, and bees. This is a safe alternative to DEET and can be applied safely on all areas of the body.


These are by far not all of the ways that  organic, unrefinedcoconut oil can be used in cooking or body and skin care!!! Make sure you check out our next post where we will be sharing some household and natural medicine uses for this wonderful and natural plant based oil!!


Halfway There!!

Have you ever wanted something but were afraid to go after it or to try to achieve it? Did you doubt yourself…… your abilities……. your  talents…… your strength?

If we are all honest with ourselves and with each other, the answer has to be yes, we have. It has been that negative voice in our heads that has whispered quietly but effectively… “why would you think that you might be able to do this? You don’t have what it takes. You are not good enough. You are not anything enough!!”


Our minds are a battlefield. There is so much that isn’t true that we muster around, stir and sift inside our minds that we actually begin to believe it.

Self doubt can be a killer. A killer of dreams- a killer of positive thoughts…..A killer of our God given potential and gifts!!


We saw a quote that really strikes a chord with us.

“Believe You Can, and You’re halfway there!”

One of the most important things we need in order to become successful is the ability to believe in ourselves, to believe we can, to believe not only that we can do it but that we can do it WELL.


Your mind will believe everything you tell it. Make sure you are telling it all of the great things about yourself! Feed it truth, feed it positive, feed it love!

If we could think of who we are, instead of who we aren’t our minds would begin to speak a different language. You need a shift in attitude. Believing in yourself means positive thinking. Always find the silver lining and begin to speak it. Begin believing in yourself and you will see that this kind of thinking will make you unstoppable. Be a warrior not a worrier. Negative thoughts take the exact same effort as positive thought. How will you spend your time thinking?


Believing in yourself means believing in your maker. You have power inside of you that is untapped potential! You are here for a very special reason, you are created to do all kinds of things. Imagine that you may not be living up to your fullest potential if you aren’t seeking your purpose and going for it.

Believing in yourself means that you surround yourself with others who believe in you too. Keep good company, shine brightly when given an opportunity, and not only be confident but challenge others to watch you! Watch you become a success, watch you become taller, watch you crush your goals because of this mighty power you are given.


In fact take it a step further- since our word for the year is MORE…. do more than just believing in yourself, believe in others. It gives them confidence and energy too!

So when your negative thoughts become heavy and you feel like you are being buried in dirt, just think….. maybe you’re being planted for something greater than you could imagine. Maybe then you will see that you’ve had the power all along and never even knew it!


We believe in you, so you believe in you!

Blue or Pink?

This question has been on Susie’s mind quite a bit lately! While it is true that she’s asking the question about fashion and color choices, the REAL question is all about her news that she is finally going to be a grandparent!! Yep, by golly, she and Scott will be getting a grand baby in August!


So therein lies the question…… blue or pink? Boy or Girl?  The excitement of it all has the whole family atwitter!  Amidst all the excitement, we thought that our post today could feature the two colors in our #ootd selections!!


The much awaited answer to the question for the family won’t come until later in March when Kalen visits the OB/GYN again!  The days are sooo dragging by!  We can’t wait to share that news with you when we all find out!

We were surprised to find out that what we see today as pink being a color for girls and blue for boys was not always the way it was!   Say what?????  In fact  it was the opposite!  Who knew!!


“In 1918, an article from a trade publication called Earnshaw’s Infants’ Department, declared that, since it was derived from red, “Pink is for the boys, and blue for the girls. The reason is that pink, being a more decided and stronger color, is more suitable for the boy, while blue, which is more delicate and dainty, is prettier for the girl.”

According to  Jo B. Paoletti, historian and author of Pink and Blue: Telling the Girls From the Boys in America,  the switch in the color association came along  in the 1980s, when two things happened.


First, it became more and more common for parents to find out the gender of their children while they were still in the womb. Excited moms and dads wanted to buy gender-specific items for their new little bundles of joy, and of course, retailers obliged. So pink was thrown out in everything to appeal to the desire of the excited parents to celebrate the little princess!

The other main reason, Paoletti theorizes, is because mothers who grew up wearing gender-neutral clothes and playing with toys that appealed to both boys and girls wanted their daughters to be able to revel in pink, lace, long hair, and Barbies. Marketers and advertisers just made this choice seem natural with the packaging and advertisements!!


Who knows what the future will bring colorwise with the baby boys and girls! …… And in the grand scheme of things in the world today  the color association is not the main thing that we should have at the top of all of our priority lists!

However fashion wise , we know that we are more than happy to wear both of these colors in their many beautiful shades!  From baby blue to electric pink, we LOVE them all!!


Michelle loves blue and pink equally! Especially when the blue is bold and bright. Her skirt is Ann Taylor and a fantastic material. It’s thick and has great stretch. It fits great and is a professional length. The Apt. 9 shirt just happened to match to a T!

Michelle loves to find great shoes that are funky… she found these at TJ Maxx recently and they are a huge hit. The color is so versatile and the heel isn’t that high. A win/win for sure!

Susie loves both colors as well, but really must admit that pink does have a bigger part of her heart!  After all, Pink is an attitude!! She chose a bright pink cold shoulder top from Affordables to style her look around! The color is just fun and vibrant!


She paired the top with these colorful palazzo pants from Cato! Comfort and style! How can you beat that!  Her necklace is a wooden design from Handlicked! Her hat was a goodwill find. She added the black band around it to tie in with the black in the pants! Her white bag just completed the look by adding a structured element to this flowy look!!


We hope you like our looks and will celebrate our happy news with us!!  So rock the blues and the pinks, ladies!! 💙💕💙💕💙💕

Spring Products We L❤️VE

As Spring swiftly approaches we wanted to share some of our top products we love for spring…. along with a coolio outfit of course.

Tans are a horribly hard thing to achieve when working all day inside. One of Michelle’s favorite products these days is the gradual tan by Coppertone.

This lotion is so subtle, it doesn’t make your hands change colors or when you shower it doesn’t look like you have been playing in the dirt. This lotion over a few days gives you a natural glow and the transition is easier from winter white to springtime tan.

One thing Michelle isn’t is partial to one brand or product. She loves trying new products and seeing if they actually work. Lately, she has been using an Aloette enzyme peel which is gently getting rid of dead skin from winter and rejuvenating her face with new layers. What she loves about Aloette is that it’s aloe based. It is so easy and gentle on your skin!

Along these same products of beauty creams, Michelle hasn’t had success with Rodan & Fields but what she has found helpful is their redefine multifunction eye cream. It seems to make your “wrinkles” a little smoother and it certainly hydrates around your eyes.

Last on Michelle’s list but certainly not least is Arbonne. If you haven’t heard of it, you need to! It’s an all vegan beauty product line that Michelle uses for adult acne. Most might not recognize the skin issues we all deal with on the daily, but this Clear Future wash regimine has changed her world.

Michelle also uses their foundation and because of its natural qualities it doesn’t break her skin out and it’s light and dreamy! If you never have given it a try- you certainly should!


Susie is a bit older than Michelle so her products are a little different!! This winter,  she really tried to focus on being more proactive in her skincare routine and to use more natural products! Now that spring is almost here and we will be seeing short sleeves and bare legs, the condition of our skin is really out and about!!!


That being said, let’s talk  about unrefined Coconut Oil!!!  She loves it!! Susie uses it as a makeup remover as well as a moisturizer for her skin.  It moisturizes and prevents flaking, and  was a lifesaver during the cold winter days! However, additionally, it also helps in treating various skin problems, including psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema and other skin infections. It also delays the appearance of wrinkles and sagging of skin, which normally accompany aging. The credit to this benefit goes to its well-known antioxidant properties. She bought her coconut oil at TJ Max, but you can find it in many store and online!!


Exfoliation of  dead skin is a must for women. As  women of a certain age, we know that the outer layer of the epidermis typically thickens over the years because of the accumulation of dead skin cells. Without proper exfoliation, you don’t only lose your glow, but it can also make you look older than your actual age. Oh the horrors of that!!!!


In her quest for more natural products, Susie has begun to make her own facial and body scrubs for exfoliation purposes.  Again, Coconut oil has stepped up to the plate as a main player in the game!!!  The main ingredients in her scrub are sea salt and coconut oil. She does make a different scrub for her face and body using a finely milled sea salt for her face and a coarser sea salt for her body.  What a difference this scrub makes!!!



She has found a body wash that works really well for her at TJ Max as well. Coconut milk and Vitamin E by Renpure is her favorite go to!!!   You can definitely see the coconut theme here.  Give it a try if you get a chance!


How many times a day do we wash our hands? If you are like us, it’s a lot!! Susie loves a great hand soap. One that cleans  for sure but also soothes and perfumes the skin. She found a fabulous one at TJ Max that has a light fragrance and works really well for her skin. It is made by Garrison + Home by Home and Body Co. – Los Angeles. The Verbena with essential oils is awesome!!


Since Susie focused so much on skin care, she did want to share a spring gotta have makeup wise for her. A pink lip color is a must for this girly girl, and it can’t just be any pink. She has found this awesome pink crayon which just looks so happy and colorful. She is loving it!!!


We hope that you will see something in the ten different products that we have shared with you in our post that might be helpful for you in your skincare or makeup routines for spring.  The items that we have mentioned are not sponsored items. These are all products that we use because they work for us!!! Feel free to comment with any questions you might have.

Spring is almost here!!! Keep styling and smiling, Fashion Sisters!!!