Let’s Get SOCIAL

Ladies and Gents, it is our pleasure to introduce to you the newest platform of promotion… SOCIAL MEDIA….

….Said no one ever!


Sometimes we find that we get tired of the hoopla that is associated with social media. The constant comparing, putting your “good stuff” only out there, finding that people aren’t who you thought they were…. all of these things can beat down really heavy on one’s soul.

We find ourselves climbing onto the techno train as a source of entertainment only to be sucked in and in awe of the things we see. It sometimes feels like we are left empty and feeling depressed about the things we don’t have! What a crying shame!


We, PenelopeSeraphina, prize ourselves on breaking that mold. We are real life, we aren’t perfect, and we certainly don’t want to leave you feeling empty. Instead, we want you to feel fulfilled, confident, and always coming back for more positive and uplifting words of encouragement.

We are women who work, have families, cook supper, go to sporting events, attend church several times a week, and we even squeeze in a little exercise here and there too. Our lives are busy, blogging is so fun, but it’s not our number one priority, in fact, social media isn’t even our top priority. There are seasons of life, and we pride ourselves on speaking to two different seasons. One beginning a new adventure as a grandmother and the other being a busy mom of three very active athletes.


We hope that you can understand our lapse in blog posts and embrace the business of life right along with us! At the end of the day, being in the presence (and by presence we mean putting the phone down and looking someone in the eye) of our loved ones and spending time with people we enjoy reigns supreme.

Fashion is a part  of our every day lives! We wake in the morning excited about the outfit and the adventure we will have in it. We hear things like “what an interesting combination, I love it” or “that’s my favorite outfit yet” from so many passer-byers. We are on the daily a walking blog! We love sharing stories about where we found a steal or what we say in the store yesterday that would look great on you!


The Southern spirit that lives within us is all about sharing the love! When we find the “good stuff” we want to pass that on to you!

For example, just two weeks ago, Michelle found these “Summer” sweaters from Old Navy for $9.99. She bought two. One was the lemon sweater posted in a previous blog post, the other is here today!


Susie found the cute and affordable pink top at It’s Fashion along with a cute spring kimono! She wore the pink top in our last post and styled a look with the kimono  for our post today! Affordable – yes!  Versatile- yes!   Perfect for real life- most definitely!

We just wanted to be totally upfront and transparent about what’s going on with us. We know you can relate! Stick with us as we continue to lift you up in life and in fashion! Oh happy day fashionistas, long live the blog!


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