Be That Woman!

Be that woman!!

No, we are not talking about being the most beautiful, the best dressed, the one who lives in the biggest house, or even the one with the most money!


We are talking about being the woman who is is strong and fair! Be the woman who goes to other women’s events, who builds other women up, and celebrates their victories!
Let’s face it! As women, we are living in a time where we have so many opportunities available to us!



This is a time where we, as women, are involved in politics, medicine, education, the arts, and business! We are bringing our many gifts and talents to the table!! Our strong wisdom, compassion, collaboration, persistence, work ethic and our desire to succeed are just a few of our strengths!
Yes, we want you to be all of these things, but there remains one issue that keeps getting in our way! The age old shadow that holds us collectively back!

That shadow is that we as women are our worst enemies when we are are harsh and cruel to each other.


You know what we mean! How many of you have been the victim of a snarky and mean comment from a fellow coworker or even a so called friend…..Or worse yet how many of us have been the one making the comment?

It’s a shame when we see grown women shun other women and hear them spread gossip and lies about them.


Don’t we, as women, deserve better than that? Shouldn’t we treat each other better than that?

The change begins with each of us!

Supporting each other- cheering each other on! Believing that our sisters do not have to lose for us to win!


Maybe we should ask ourselves a few questions!!!

  • Do we support small businesses?
  • Do we celebrate the victories of other women?
  • Do we  listen to other women?
  • Do we let them know that their presence and voice matter?
  • Do we help connect other women with people they might be able to collaborate with?
  • Do we ask other women how we might help them?
  • Do we ever give other women a shout out on social media or in conversation with other women?
  • Do we offer to mentor other women?
  • Do we invite other women to network and support each other as a group?
  • Do we reach out to women from other generations to either offer advice?
  • Do we put other women down?

We become even stronger when we truly believe that we need each other’s love and support to survive in this world, and we strive to be that kind of woman!


A woman who knows that………
Her star can shine without having to tarnish the star of another woman!

Shine on, sisters!!!


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