What a Great Hat!

Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore wearing hats!!  Big, Small, bright, neutral……. hats of all kinds!!!!  I just so  love styling my outfits and using hats as beautiful elements in the looks! Honestly, hats just make my soul happy!!!

Sometimes, the hat is an addition to the look,  and sometimes the fabulous hat takes centerstage and deserves a starring role!

I was so very excited to  be given an opportunity to style some looks with five beautiful one of a kind  millinery masterpieces from Paula Singleton,  the talented designer and owner of  What a Great Hat! These hats are one of a kind- not mass produced! Simply said, they are works of art!

The first hat that I wore is a crimson red and black wool felt windowpane plaid cloche! She is sooo beautiful!!
She is adorned with an oversized vintage vintage black flower and a herringbone ribbon band edged in silk.  So striking and eye catching!!
She is defintely one of my favorites!!  Such style!!!!❤️
The next work of art is a Yellow and black hat.
The colors in this hat are a fabulous School bus yellow-gold and black wool felt windowpane plaid.  This beautiful cloche also has a wide black velvet band and has  a large one-loop wool felt bow  that totally completes the look.
 I have to say that I absolutely love a cloche hat, and this one definitely brought some stylish sunshine to my look of the day and matched my booties to a tee!!! I could so see Ms. Fisher wearing this hat as she solved her murder mysteries!!!
Paula also sent another cloche that stole my heart!!! This pretty mottled gray cloche is hand block and hand sewn. she has an asymmetrical brim which rolls upward in the front and on the left side.

The band is a gorgeous abstract fabric in black, gray and deep blue. She even added a pretty velvet posy bouquet  to adorn the right side.  Such a stylish look with my black  and gray color scheme!


Moving to a more formal look, this next hat had me at hello!!!   This pretty wool felt hat can easily transition from Winter to early Spring and is perfect for any dressy occasion.
This  flattering asymmetrical wide brim hat turns up on the left and slopes down on the right. A unique folded pleat adorns the brim.
It’s topped with a gorgeous mauve/pink dupioni silk band and bow with a fun and fluttery grouping of feathers.  With this hat, I am sure that I should be invited to tea with royalty!  I felt like royalty just wearing it!!!
The last hat that I had the honor of modeling is a lovely and sophisticated hat  which is a classic one of a kind piece in the richest of colors!
The brim edge tips up slightly on the left and adds an interesting design feature. The band is a gorgeous watercolor-like silky fabric in purple, burgundy, bronze and brown and topped with three velvet flowers. The brim is a medium width; not too big and not too small. In the words of Goldilocks- This one is just right!
I think that this hat quickly became my favorite because I love the style and the color combination!!
Here’s a little information about Paula!
Paula Singleton Portrait
Paula makes each hat completely by hand from start to finish. Wooden molds – some of which are decades old – are used in this process, and the hats are then finished and sewn with the utmost attention to detail.
She typically begins with a piece of millinery straw or felt and creates a unique shape by blocking or hand sculpting it using time-honored millinery techniques. She may
incorporate found objects, vintage finds, sinamay, fabric and other materials to create her designs. All materials are of the highest quality and come from around the world.
Clients may find Paula’s designs in her online store or by visiting the What a Great Hat studio in Fairlawn, Ohio.
She also works with long distance clients by emailing communications and photos during every step of the process. Many pieces are custom made to complement a specific
dress or outfit. Most importantly, they are designed to enhance the features of the wearer.  Color, shape, scale and balance are an integral part of creating a look that’s unique, beautiful, and tailored to each client.
Paula’s hats have been displayed in the Kentucky Derby Museum nearly every year since 2010, when she won the Judge’s Choice award. Her creations have garnered prizes in competitions, art shows and events throughout the United States. She was honored to have had a hat displayed in The Great Hat Exhibition in London, England in March, 2018.
I had so much fun styling and wearing these gorgeous hats for my photo shoot! I am excited to let you know that you can visit her website via the link below and enjoy a discount of $25 for the next 48 hours!
I hope that you will take a look at her designs!! There are more hats  than just  these beauties profiled on her website!!
Visit – enjoy her stylish works of art – and get one for your very own!

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