Summer Fresh Salsa

We often share about our fashion finds and favorites but we rarely share about one of our favorite things to do and that’s EAT!

Summer is a prime time for new recipes with fresh ingredients and outfits with patriotic colors! Today we are gonna share a fun summer salsa recipe straight from the garden!

If you have a summer garden and are picking some of the same veggies as us, you too could make some stellar salsa to share with friends!

In our garden we have tomatoes galore, jalapeños, bell pepper, corn and a friend shared onions from their garden. These were the 5 simple garden ingredients that went into our salsa! Plus a few others to finish it off.


The beauty of this recipe is that nothing is exact and you can add just about any fresh ingredient you wanted to. For example, you could add black beans or pineapple to switch it up a bit.

Full ingredient list is:

  • Tomatoes
  • Onions
  • Bell peppers
  • Jalapeños
  • Corn
  • Lime
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Cilantro

When I say we had a lot of tomatoes to deal with, that is an understatement. Our family always takes a week vacation at the beach- so we planned to refrigerate the salsa until beach week.

We have access to veggies and animals on the farm, so nothing goes wasted. If a tomato wasn’t perfect, the bad was cut off and discarded for the chickens, the good was kept for the salsa!

We started the process with a food processor to chop up all of the ingredients the same size. We chopped the tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, and jalapeños. If you don’t want your salsa hot be sure to remove the seeds from the peppers first- then chop like the other veggies.

Michelle’s mother is one of the best cooks! Pictured above she is removing those seeds to tone down the heat in the salsa because there are children who eat it by the chip-full!

Kitchen-aid makes a great food processor that is easy to use and safe enough for children to participate.


After all vegetables were processed, it was then time for the corn. When the corn was picked it was cut from the cob and blanched to freeze. You can add as little or as much as you would like to taste.

Adding some finishing touches include chopping cilantro and squeezing the juice of a few limes. For this amount, 5 limes were used. Honestly, it’s just what I had in the refrigerator.

The end result was so fresh and flavorful. Salt and pepper is a must! Shake a little and then taste a little until it’s perfect for you!

The best part…. You can’t go wrong- so add what you want, and experience this amazing Summer fresh salsa for yourself! Happy cooking!



Dots and Stripes

So… the Fourth of July has come and gone. The fireworks were grand…. the water in the pool was a blessing, the hotdogs and burgers were delicious…and the company was just amazing! So now what, do you ever feel a little deflated after the holiday is gone?

Does it seem like everyone is talking about how much they love America on the day and then, boom, everyone just goes back to their everyday rituals… back to the rat race?  Let’s try this year to hold onto that feeling of patriotism and love for our country and for each other throughout the year!!

After all, we are so very blessed! So fortunate to live where we do and to enjoy the freedoms that exist every single day.  We, at PenelopeSeraphina, want to say that we are thankful for all who have fought and continue to fight even today for our freedom and our individual rights as Americans.  Thank you so very much!!

On the fashion front, we are breaking out some dots and stripes instead of the stars and stripes!! A little different take, we know but Susie wanted to do a little pattern mixing in the post soo, voila, an idea was born!

Susie recently purchased a new navy blue and white polka dot maxi skirt from Cato and loves the lightweight material and the bold pattern! She paired it with a white tank top and a navy lightweight cardie!! Bringing in the stripes was easy when she added the navy and white striped scarf from the Crown and Ivy line at Belk. The scarf has a trim of green pom poms, so she added a green sash to the waist of her skirt and a green ribbon to her white hat. Her sunnies are from Versona.

Michelle is taking a more casual approach of stripes this summer. This Old Navy find is a perfect lightweight dress that has the look of a halter (close to the neck) but the comfort of easy cotton.

The stripes on this dress is flattering because the busy is a diagonal stripe while the bottom is a horizontal. The hem is also uneven which makes it more flowy.

Her low heal sling was found at T.J. Maxx. The neutral color allows Michelle to really wear them with just about anything!

We hope that your weekend is filled with even more fun and fellowship with the people you love and enjoy!!  Of course, we want you to flaunt your style and keep on smiling!

Some Summer Arm Candy!!

Summer 2018 is underway,  and the heat wave has begun!!  As we all look at the styles of 2018 and plan for our outfits of the day, we want to talk about some ARM CANDY!! We know that your minds have immediately gone to the bracelets and watches that look so awesome with our ensembles!! butttt……


Surprise!!! We are actually talking about an entirely different arm candy!! We are focusing on the seriously awesome STRAW arm candy today!! We, as southern fashion divas, have watched this fashion trend as they call it with somewhat of a humorous What took you so long? attitude.


Seriously, while we realize the straw bag mania is new to a lot of people, we have been rocking the straw and wicker bags for while.  After all, the south is known for the coastal lifestyles and the famous sweet grass baskets made by our amazing and talented local ladies.


While these bags have always been a gotta have for the day at the beach or pool, we also love to saunter into a summer soiree’ swinging a light and fresh bag that really compliments our easy breezy lifestyles and fashion at so many of our outdoor events and celebrations.  Let’s be real here, it is hot and humid here in the southeast, these straw bags are essential to our  survival.   …… and they also look fabulous!!! The truth is that hot and sticky leather is not that attractive or comfortable, so we look to the straw, wicker and raffia bags for our style and function!



There are so many different looks that straw or wicker bags look fabulous with! Here are just a few ideas from your southern sisters to aid you in your styling. While straw purses and bags look great with so many different looks, here are a few ideas to get you started:

linen outfits
summer floral dresses
casual jumpsuits
monochromatic white, black, yellow, orange looks
midi or maxi retro dresses
polka dots
flirty shorts or resort wear
oversized boho styled looks
clothes in a neutral tone
safari inspired looks


Whether you choose a natural straw bag or a straw bag in a bright color, the choices available are immense!! Not to mention the many shapes and sizes out and about!


The bags can also be plain or embellished in so many different ways! Pompoms, scarves, tassels, flowers, and fruit are just a few ideas!!


So if you have not done so already, send your leather purse on a vacay for the summer and rock  a straw, wicker or raffia bag!!

Sunny Side Up😎

Do you have your favorite sunnies? If there is one thing Susie and Michelle have a lot of- it’s sunglasses! Why not have a pair that matches everything you wear. That means shape, color, and style change on the regular.

Let us show you some of our favorites of the season!

Michelle was turned on to this fun and funky shape from her sister in fashion Elisabeth! She found these beauties in Greenville on a shopping trip with her mother and sister! These black cat- eyes are new to some this season, but just cycling through as many styles do!

Michelle always loves a conversation piece- or some funky flare to a piece of her wardrobe. Sunnies are a great way to add that flare whenever you feel the need!

These beauties are classics, made by Brighton and they work great with anything Silver. They have a little silver presence on the tortoise shell frame.

You know everyone has to have a classic back up that will work with just about anything. These work well for Michelle, and they always have!

The Ray-Ban aviator is a great addition to anyone’s collection! These blue reflective shades are head turners for sure.

Although they are very popular they still never go out of style. It’s kinda like the saying “blondes have more fun.” “Aviators always look so cool” no matter who you are or how old you are!

These bronze tone sunnies have a slight cat eye and large coverage. They are comfortable, go with all things gold, and an easy YES!

The only not so great thing about these shades are the nose piece when you pull them back to wear on your head. Like the aviator, your hair can easily get tangled and getting that out can sometimes be a real challenge!

As you all know by now reflective lens are certainly an IN thing at the moment! So these silver mirrored sunnies are the ticket for summer outings. Of all the reflective colors these are the most classic but less versatile when it comes to golds because of their silver color- they go best with cools.

Susie loves to wear sunglasses with each of her blog outfits!! Pairing hats and sunnies with each outfit to give you plenty of ideas for ways to style your looks. Her first sunglass selection is a simple metal lower frame with an embellished upper frame.  Living in the Lowcountry, we love our pineapples – standing tall, wearing a crown, and staying sweet inside! These cuties are from Versona.


How about some black and white stripes!! These geometric sunnies are unique and perfect in a black and white combination. Susie found these while shopping in Myrtle Beach and was lucky enough to get them in gray and white as well as maroon and white!!


You just have to love some Prada sunnies!!! These have wood frames and were a special treat from both of Susie’s boys just for those special blog moments as they described them!!! Susie truly feels stylish  and like a  movie star every time she dons these beauties!!!





One of Susie’s biggest recommendations for a perfect summer way to throw some shade is with a pair of fun white sunglasses!  They are so light and can go with just about anything!!! Everyone needs a pair!!!!

When it comes to a tinted lens, Susie loves her blue cat eyed shades!!  Not a pair to be ignored and always lending an air of mystery and adventure!!!


So while the sun is definitely in her summer mood, be ready to cast some stylish  shade while keeping the  sun out of your eyes!!!🕶🕶🕶🕶🕶

pH Balance

We have never seen a hydrangea plant that wasn’t beautiful! That plant in particular always catches our attention! It can be an array of different colors. Baby blue, hot pink, deep cobalt, and whispery pink are among the many variations we have seen.

Interesting enough, the PH balance in the soil is what makes a hydrangea have its unique color. If the pH balance is more acidic (below a 6), the plant will be more of a blue. If the pH level is a (7ish or above) or it’s more alkaline,  it will be a pink or even a red color.


Isn’t it just like our big big God to create even plants to have their own unique make-up and allow them to be perfectly beautiful in just the spot they are planted? I believe you might be catching on to what we are getting at here…

We are all given a uniqueness about us that is so beautiful. Some spend their whole lives trying to be the same as everyone else! Every fashionista we know has something specific we could name about them that we adore!


It might be her cool taste in shoes, the fact that she has a scarf to go with every little thing, or even that her reading glasses must match her outfits! Whatever it is small or large that’s the BEST thing about style and fashion. We gain from others’ uniqueness.

And because of someone else’s boldness to stand out we then gain courage to be a little more bold or different! Being unique, we believe, is something to celebrate and be celebrated!

There are so many quotes to back up our theory here! A few of our favorites are:

  • ” be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons”
  • “You will never influence the world trying to be like it”
  • “Fashion says “me too” style says “only me”
  • “Being different isn’t a bad thing, it means you’re brave enough to be yourself”


Standing out is a great way to show your confidence and lead by example. Everyone wants to be like somebody else, why not be that somebody else. We encourage you to be bold and never shrink back, to stand tall and proud forever, and encourage the uniqueness of others with a word or smile to pass along the love of being an individual!!

Happy trails, sweet friends!

Michelle’s earrings are from Pogirlz boutique, shoes are from Ross, her skirt is from banana republic, and her top is from H&M!


Susie is wearing a polka dot maxi skirt from It’s Fashion. She paired it with  a sleeveless white cowl neck top from New York and Company. Her fuchsia jacket is from Belk. It can be worn belted as shown here or without a belt!!  Her straw bag is from TJMax!!  Those sling back pumps are a thrift treasure,  and her hat is a vintage find!!!   When she first laid eyes on those dots, she  just knew an adventure was not far behind!!!  Be Bold, Be You,  Enjoy Life!!💕💕💕💕💕💕


Color or Black and White

Color is such a beautiful and mysterious language! In art and fashion, color plays such an important role!


When we look around us, we are always surrounded by the colors of nature!! The first and true source of color inspiration. Think about how you always feel by the end of winter, the dark and gray days lingering heavily on our souls, we look on with joy and anticipation for the green buds and shoots of the plants to begin to emerge into the scenery again leading to the profusion of colors as spring and a new joy burst onto the scene.

There is a book about a society where all of the citizens have had their ability to see any colors taken away from them. Only one person, the giver, is allowed to see colors and have memories of the world before the change to the protection and the new world.  In the novel, The Giver, the lack of color is meant to promote sameness, to eliminate any variety or envy amongst the denizens of the community. In order to gain control of things, certain things had to be given up. Control was given to the leaders and choices did not have to be made by the citizens.

Can you even imagine such a world? A world without color?The beautiful and glorious hues that we enjoy matching and choosing between in so many different areas of our lives.


We all know that the colors evoke emotions in us – deeper emotions than just fashion trends!! A Canadian study shows that 90 percent of consumers’ first impressions are based on color alone.  The choices of our colors not only affect our opinions of ourselves but also those of others towards us.

The importance of color is valued  there is a color psychology as well as color therapy.

Let’s look at the psychological relations behind fashion’s 4 most popular colors.


  • Black    The color, Black,  is seen as  reflecting authority and power. In fact, by wearing black often enough, the color can draw admiration and respect. The color also is known as indicating a sense of independence.
  • Red       The color, Red, has always been known to captivate people.  The University of Rochester did a study which found that  waitresses who wore red lipstick earned greater tips than those not wearing lipstick. The color reflects energy, power and strength. Red carries so much authority as a color that studies have also shown that the color can cause others to experience a faster heartbeat and breathing rate as it stimulates the nervous system.  Studies have also shown that athletes wearing red  have a higher chance of winning  because the opponent will be more likely to find them as a threat and dangerous, and the color gives the wearer a sense of strength and power.
  • White   It probably does not surprise you that white evokes the feelings of innocence and cleanliness along with a sense of openness and space!  Of course we know that white for us southerners means time for the summer and breaking out the white linen pants, skirts, dresses and the list goes on as we face the humid and hot weather!! 💕

Blue-  We all need calmness in our lives, blue steps up with a feeling of calmness and serenity. It is a color that speaks of truth and a focused attention. Let’s just go ahead and add wisdom to the list for blue! However, the attributes of being cold and uncaring are also associated with this popular color!



Whatever  your favorite colors are, enjoy them!!   Surround yourself with them in your art, your clothing, and your life!  Try new colors and experiment with different combinations! Step outside that color comfort box and live in a colorful world!!


We hope you are having a fabulous week and adding joy to your days as well as those around you!!!

Thank You Cards- Do You Write Them?

A hand written thank you note goes a LONNNGGGG way! Or at least that’s what we were taught, and because our mothers said so, it MUST be True.

We love them! It sure beats the normal mail which consists of the light bill, water bill, and cable bill…. imagine one day opening your mailbox to a colorful, sweet handwritten note from a friend. Oh the joys!


It’s really the little things in life that add so much to our daily routine. The thought of something other than junk in the mailbox makes our hearts palpitate a little. And it also makes us want to rush out and check the mail again and again.

Have you ever done something you thought might warrant a thank you note- and not gotten one? Or have you ever forgotten to write one to the friend who brought you dinner when you were sick?


Some might say in today’s culture that a short text or email is sufficient, however, we believe in the power of ink to paper!!! It’s more sincere, it takes thought and time! We really enjoy giving and receiving thank you notes!

The BEST thank you notes are always unexpected! Normally they are written after an interview or when someone has done something nice for you. But what about the times when you just want to say thank you for being a friend?! When is the last time your wrote one?

When writing a thank you note- be sure to follow these thank you note tips:


  • Write a draft and proof it! You certainly don’t want spelling or grammatical errors in your note! It is a reflection on you!
  • Use your best handwriting! Slow down! Taking time and effort to write clearly is of the utmost importance.
  • Make sure it’s all positive! After all, it’s a thank you showing your gratitude! Keep your negative comments for later.
  • Be sure to keep it short and to the point. Don’t blab on about nothing. Get to the point and cover everything you need to!
  • Choose some really nice stationary or cards to keep on hand so that you have a supply when needed. We find that makes it a lot easier than buying one card at a time.


  • Think about the people in your life. make a list of five people who have either done something for you, given you something, or simply made you feel special! We bet that you will find that there are way more than five!  Then bring a smile to their face and share some love. They may not always remember your words, but they will remember how you made them feel and how you took the time to write them a note!

While we are at it:::::

Dear Totally Awesome Style Sisters,

We want you to know that we are thankful for each of  you, wonderful ladies. Your support and love make our hearts happy and inspire us everyday. Thank you- Thank you-Thank you!


Michelle and Susie

Michelle’s floral dress with pockets is most definitely like thank you notes! Traditional, conservative, and dependable. It says thank you and its stamp and envelope are the belt and collar that completes this cute but classic dress.

Michelle found this gem at the goodwill years ago- like a thank you note, it never goes out of style!!


Susie’s look is such a soft floral boho look complete with ruffles and tassels! Her dress is from TJMax in Mount Pleasant!! She was lucky enough to find several new dresses while there!  The dress did not have a belt with it, but she had this belt which blended nicely with the different hues! It also looks great without a belt!  Her hat is from Versona from a year or two ago.  The sunnies are also from Versona!! They have a great selection there!!

Susie’s purse is actually a small carry on. She loves to use some unusual items as purses just for an added pop. The color was perfect for the dress!!  Remember it’s all about the small details in fashion that make the look special!

We hope your weekend is going really well!! Enjoy your family and friends and remember those who have lost loved ones in service to our country!  Maybe write a note letting them know how much you value the freedom we enjoy here because of the brave men and women who fought and died for us!


Who’s the Artist of Your Life?

We have friends who are artists, and there isn’t a job we could imagine where they would hand over their  paintbrush to someone else and let them take over creating their work of art. You see an artist is particular- they have a reputation to uphold, they have an image or a quality of work they want to ensure.


Have you ever seen the most beautiful piece of art? Hanging on a wall in a museum, someone’s home, or even in the form of a sculpture? Art can be vibrant and contemporary or muted and traditional. It can be of people, animals, nothing at all, or everything all at once. We have a deep appreciation for ALL types of artwork in all venues.


Our point with all this “colorful” talk is that our lives are like a piece of art and we want to discuss with you the importance of not letting anyone else be the artist of your life! Do not hand anyone else the paintbrush!

On a personal note, when we first started to voice the idea of beginning our blog, we were so excited and scared at the same time. The idea of blending our passion for fashion and our love for supporting other women and seeing them grow, bloom and blossom into strong women who believe in themselves and their value, talents, and special beauty was something that we thought would be met with enthusiasm and total support from every one around us.


We were, of course, looking for ideas and support, but also a shared celebration of the joy and excitement that we were feeling. It was indeed an interesting learning experience for both of us.  Most people were interested and asked questions about the whole blogging concept. Once we answered their questions, they were fully on board and ready to celebrate with and encourage us as we took the next steps to create our shared dream!

Imagine our surprise when we realized that there were some who reacted in a totally unexpected manner! We never saw it coming.  Really, who wouldn’t be excited about a blog centering on fashion, lifestyle, positive encouragement, and shopping tips????  Some people were not afraid to throw  doubt and negativity our way.  Instead of encouraging us, a few were flat just negative Nancy and were so unsupportive.


For our part, we were stunned. some of these people were ones that we had always been there for, and we had always been their greatest cheerleaders.  To say that we were hurt and disappointed would be an understatement. We were tempted to hand them our paint brushes  and let them become the artist creating the picture on our canvas.

The planting of those seeds of doubt were like little voices in our heads that caused us to doubt our dream, our vision, our beautiful goal of helping other women feel good about themselves no matter what their ages. That’s the thing about those words of negativity and doubt that we as women often cast in the direction of our friends. Those words like a cancer. They can take control of the paint brush and destroy dreams if we let them.

We were blessed that we had each other for support and so many others who were there then and still to this day cheering us on……encouraging us to paint away…….recognizing and embracing our dreams even if they were not their dreams. We are so thankful for each other and the many people who said don’t give up….don’t listen to those who are not in your cheering section.


Our hope for each of you, beautiful ladies, is that you will find the colors and designs that you want to paint on your canvas of life! What are your passions, your hobbies, your dreams?  It can be anything! We know a super talented young lad who just started a youtube channel on makeup…… an artist who sells beauty products now as well as having other creative endeavors, and several others who have started blogs of different sorts. maybe you would like to learn to fly a plane or even jump out of a plane!!! No matter what your dream is, do not let anyone else take the paintbrush from your hand or encourage you to put the brush down!! paint on that canvas of your life the colors and designs that are YOU!!! The perfectly imperfect…….talented and beautiful YOU!!! God has created you for these things!!!


We are here to say that your picture will be bring you happiness and a feeling of joy, and  we will be thrilled to cheer you on and offer you support!!!

So as this glorious new week begins, take out those paint brushes and begin to add color and life to YOUR creation!!!!

Michelle’s look is colorful and you’ve seen the top before- it was a great purchase from H&M to pair with all kinds of other colors. This go round, it’s hot pink pixie pants. These ann taylor pants were a Goodwill find but have been super useful! Michelle loves color… the more the better. Summertime is a great time to splash the paint with your paintbrush and pick up the positive upbeat vibe!


Susie’s look is a green and navy floral sheath from   Nine West   with a bold stroke of the brush! It’s a simple silhouette with a lot of pop!! The three quarter sleeves are the perfect length! Her  wedge pumps are also from Nin West!  A navy hat and purse complete the picture  and give her the pop she loves as she paints on her canvas of midlife!

Hugs and Kisses!!!


Hello Yellow!!

We have been noticing a hue that has been popping up a lot this season. Maybe not always as a main color, but also as a pop or accent color! Hello YELLOW!!!

Some of you may remember the song from the seventies- ” We all live in a yellow submarine- yellow submarine, yellow submarine…” from the Beatles!!

Okay, let’s be honest, the first reaction most people have to yellow is – I love it, but I just can’t wear it!!! It just does not look good on me!! Michelle found her little girl and her sister-in-law wore it very well on their vacation this past week together!

The truth is that yellow comes in so many different hues even though we all go immediately to sunshine yellow when we think of the color. However, there are many different shades to look at.

We would like to recognize the stylish choice of Queen Elisabeth who chose to wear yellow to Kate and William’s wedding. Her choice was elegant and as always impeccable!  (Image: Getty)  What a style setter!!

Queen Elizabeth II smiled as she made her way into Westminster Abbey with Prince Philip for Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding. She is wearing a single crepe wool primrose dress designed by Angela Kelly with a matching coat and hat, and Queen Mary’s True Lovers Knot broach. The bride is wearing a gown designed by Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen. The ceremony is happening right now: watch our live streaming!

Some of the various shades include: neon, sherbet, canary, sunflower, ocher, lemon, pastel, cream, pale, saffron, gold, flash tone or spicy and soft, pumpkin, taxi yellow or sun-color.   Try saying that 5 times really fast!!  Among these it is important to find the nuance that fits better with our skin tone and, above all, our personality.

You don’t have to go with a monochromatic yellow look! We actually like throwing yellow out there as a pop!! It’s easier for those who just do not want to take the leap all the way!

Check out these yellow boots!! Shoes are a fabulous way to make walking on sunshine a reality for the day!!!

yellow fashion trend

Here are some other yellow options for Accessories!!

Forever 21


Forever 21


Slide View: 1: Sam Edelman Liliana Slide Sandals

Urban Outfitters

Slide View: 1: Sunny Stripe Woven Tote Bag


Dasein Faux Leather Studded 2-in-1 Tote Bag with Tassels



EZ Contacts


SUGARFIX by BaubleBar Beaded Tassel Earrings - image 1 of 3

Yellow is a very healthy color that we associate with lemons which lends us to think about detoxes which lends us to think about weight loss ( can you say: When you give a fashionista an idea…. kinda like when you give a moose a muffin) but in all seriousness, yellow is striking, demands attention- whichever hue you choose, and always brings out a positive vibe! Yellow can be associated with energy, enlightenment, happiness, and so many other upbeat words!

Don’t be bashful in your selection of yellows this summer! Be bold! Go for the gold! Choose a pop of color that is sure to steal everyone’s attention!

Grown and Flown – Now What?

While Michelle is juggling the schedules of three kids and a job as she hustles to keep up with it all, I am in quite a different parenting category.


Screenshots of my life are a whole different story! Of course, I remember  the days that she is living  with such fondness and love and also with a huge sigh of relief,  but our two boys, ( my sweet angels)  are grown and flown!!


Now, we have not gone as far as to advertise their rooms on Airbnb. However, it might have been mentioned a time or two!!! 🙂

One would think that after we, as parents, say good riddance to poopy diapers, sports practices, late nights out with friends, some rebellion, and the stresses of being a teenager – all would be smooth sailing, a breeze……. right? Well, not so fast!!!


The day to day challenges might not be there, but let me tell you that it can be challenging to navigate these waters!!!  I mean, Who are we? What are our roles as mom and dad?  Seriously, this is a new relationship!!   The  questions I have just keep growing in number.   Are we friends? Are we advisers? Are we loan officers?  When should we give advice and when do we keep our mouths shut?

One son is married and expecting a baby in August, and our youngest son is getting married in October! I haven’t even mastered being an adult’s mom and a mother in law and now I have to navigate the dos and don’ts of being a Glammy!! Don’t  get me wrong…. I am over the clouds excited about the baby but what if we mess up!!!!

Being the nerd that I am, I spend a lot of time googling and reading to gleen advice and ideas for how to handle these new relationships with love and grace.  The temptation to give advice when none is asked for is strong in this one!! An older friend gave me some great advice on that one!! She said that I need to treat them with the same respect that I would give to another adult. Wait….. aren’t they both still my adorable little boys? Not any more…. they may still be adorable but they are now grown men!! She also said to not offer advice unless it is asked for!!   Harry Truman once said, “I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want, and then advise them to do it.”   Hmmmmm….. this sounds like a plan!!!


We also spend a lot of time on the road traveling to see them and help out with their homes. Each trip is a thrill for me. You see, I miss these two sweet young men and the energy and laughter that they brought to our home that we affectionately refer to as our NEST! We are busy helping to prepare for the new baby and planning for our part in the upcoming wedding.

Life is good, but oh so different! This parenting adult children presents yet another learning curve for us, but it’s one that I would not miss for the world and plan to embrace with all my heart and soul!!!!


Now, where is the number to call to put their rooms up for rent with the Airbnb?

Michelle is wearing a long white/ blue skirt with a scalloped edge open back layered top. Just so happens last year she bought these blue flats that are a perfect match! The cool mornings and hot afternoons work well with a long airy skirt!

Susie is wearing a dark floral maxi dress with a high neck! She has paired it with a bright orange shrug and bag to bring out the orange in the floral pattern.  She decided to amp up the color with a vintage red hat from  Smack in Nashville! There’s not blending in the crowd with this look!!


In addition to adjusting to the Grown and Flown parenting stage, I have realized that even at 58 there is a world of adventure waiting to be experienced and that age really is just a number! For our younger fashion sisters, know that there is so much to look forward to as you age, and for our ladies of a certain age, kick up your feet and live the life!!! Enjoy every moment!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️