Love the One You’re With

Do-do, do do, do do!

Love the one you’re with!

So easy to say but sometimes so difficult to do! We are talking about this concept on many many levels!

Most think when we use these words we are strictly talking about the spouse or mate that you have chosen. Where we believe this is true in that aspect, we also believe this is true with ourselves and the people surrounding us.


How many time have we looked in the mirror and said, ugh I hate the person I’m looking at! You have no idea the affect these words have on you. If you don’t love you, how can anyone else truly love you?

Your body hears everything your mind is saying, keep it positive! There are enough negative comments offered up by the world to keep us all going for eternity.

If you begin to speak life into your own soul you will begin to radiate more confidence and exude a positive energy that is attractive! Don’t believe us, give it a try!


And ladies- if you have children, and they are in the room when you are bashing your looks what are you teaching them? Don’t you wish you were taught to love yourself better? To love yourself more? Let’s teach our children that they are beautiful not by complimenting them all the time, but by loving ourselves and showing them what that looks like!

We also believe that loving the one you’re with could be simply the people surrounding you. Are you always looking ahead? Never in the moment? Do you feel like you’re too busy to enjoy life?


Put down the cell phone and look your friend in the eye. Listen to them. Enjoy their company. It makes life so much more enjoyable to have substance and meaning in conversations!

And because once again we are mothers we know this to be true with children too! You can’t enjoy your children in the car rear view mirror or even in line at the grocery store. Be intentional about the time you have with them. It doesn’t have to be long- but give them some undivided time.


Always thinking ahead and wondering what else or who else is stealing your RIGHT NOW! None of us are promised tomorrow, so make the most of the time you have!

This week, Will Smith spoke about happiness. His thoughts were you should not look to anyone else to make you happy. Your happiness is your responsibility. You make you happy, because when you look to others for your happiness, you set them up to fail. Part of making yourself happy is finding your individual joy and then presenting yourself to a relationship already Happy. Not coming begging with our cups out to be filled by someone else. Part of this internal joy begins by being surrounded by people you love. Part of loving people is being present in the moment that you are with them!


Great friendships don’t happen over night, we have to nurture them, communicate with others, listen, and focus. Loving the one you’re with is so hard because of all of the distractions this world offers. Remember to always be intentional, stop looking at the clock, and be PRESENT!!! It’s the one gift that money can’t buy and EVERYONE loves it the most!

We are rooting for you friends! As we move forward and try to do better, we hope you will too! Cheers to being more present in life and loving the one you are with!



Be That Woman!

Be that woman!!

No, we are not talking about being the most beautiful, the best dressed, the one who lives in the biggest house, or even the one with the most money!


We are talking about being the woman who is is strong and fair! Be the woman who goes to other women’s events, who builds other women up, and celebrates their victories!
Let’s face it! As women, we are living in a time where we have so many opportunities available to us!



This is a time where we, as women, are involved in politics, medicine, education, the arts, and business! We are bringing our many gifts and talents to the table!! Our strong wisdom, compassion, collaboration, persistence, work ethic and our desire to succeed are just a few of our strengths!
Yes, we want you to be all of these things, but there remains one issue that keeps getting in our way! The age old shadow that holds us collectively back!

That shadow is that we as women are our worst enemies when we are are harsh and cruel to each other.


You know what we mean! How many of you have been the victim of a snarky and mean comment from a fellow coworker or even a so called friend…..Or worse yet how many of us have been the one making the comment?

It’s a shame when we see grown women shun other women and hear them spread gossip and lies about them.


Don’t we, as women, deserve better than that? Shouldn’t we treat each other better than that?

The change begins with each of us!

Supporting each other- cheering each other on! Believing that our sisters do not have to lose for us to win!


Maybe we should ask ourselves a few questions!!!

  • Do we support small businesses?
  • Do we celebrate the victories of other women?
  • Do we  listen to other women?
  • Do we let them know that their presence and voice matter?
  • Do we help connect other women with people they might be able to collaborate with?
  • Do we ask other women how we might help them?
  • Do we ever give other women a shout out on social media or in conversation with other women?
  • Do we offer to mentor other women?
  • Do we invite other women to network and support each other as a group?
  • Do we reach out to women from other generations to either offer advice?
  • Do we put other women down?

We become even stronger when we truly believe that we need each other’s love and support to survive in this world, and we strive to be that kind of woman!


A woman who knows that………
Her star can shine without having to tarnish the star of another woman!

Shine on, sisters!!!


Listen to the Whisper

As we go through life’s ups and downs, the happy times and the bad times, we often talk to God! Sometimes its through formal prayer and other times it is through just a one on one conversation which is really what prayer is!


If you are like us, you often turn to God and want Him to answer questions, give advice and guidance, and even just flat out tell you what to do. You know like when you are trying to make a difficult decision or figure out what the next step in life is.


Talking to God is not difficult, however, the listening and hearing His answer can be a toughie! We all want the answer to be delivered to us via a text or a phone call – straight forward and loud and clear. After all, we live in such a technological world. We do not want to have to pause for a second in our busy lives to receive His response.

Here is where the challenge arises. You see, God operates in his way and on his time. He does not answer us in a loud voice, he whispers. That’s right- his answer comes to us in a gentle whisper.  While living our lives in the fast lane, we let His voice get drowned out by the noises and distractions of the world, then we wonder why we can’t hear Him. We worry that  He is not answering our pleas, when in reality the problem is with us.

So, how can we listen for the whisper – how can we listen for our loving Father’s voice as He gently gives us guidance? We wanted our post today to offer some suggestions  to help each of us to hear the whisper– to hear and recognize God’s voice.


  •  Have a seeking heart– when we turn our hearts to Him and seek after Him we can truly hear Him. His word says that if we seek Him, He will always reveal himself to us. You were created to have an intimate relationship with your creator. Seeking him through his word allows us to open the lines of communication with Him. We can also seek through people. Finding Christian friends can be a lifesaver if you are in need of direction. Having friends pray with you and for you is never a bad thing!
  • Be still – in a carousel of a world that is flying by at the speed of light how is it possible to be still? Being still might mean that you have time to fill your mind with things to do or even take a nap. Grab a piece of paper and sit. When things come to mind, you want to get rid of them ASAP… so write them down then you can forget about them and focus on the reason you are there.


If you are feeling tired, grab a drink of water or coffee, sit up straight and maybe doodle God’s word. Sometimes drawing or doodling can help you focus or clear your mind. Don’t worry we all struggle with this one- it’s our culture- but we have to strive to do our best… afterall He gave us His!

  • Belong to Him-   Staying in God’s word and studying His word is vital. How often are we reading from the Bible and spending time reflecting on the guidance that is offered there for us? Planting a seed without nurturing it will not result in the growth or eventual blooming of that seed.  The same applies to us. We have to work on and nurture our relationship in order to be able to hear the whisper.  


  • Obey God- Receiving a message from God is not really helpful if we deny his response and disregard it. Sometimes we doubt whether an answer is actually from Him and fail to take action.  However, when we strive daily to obey God, we start to have a confidence that we really have heard from God and not from the world. How you may ask??


The answer is quite simple……..

We will just know it because our relationship with our Father is so close and special            that His gentle whisper can and will be heard.



Let’s Get SOCIAL

Ladies and Gents, it is our pleasure to introduce to you the newest platform of promotion… SOCIAL MEDIA….

….Said no one ever!


Sometimes we find that we get tired of the hoopla that is associated with social media. The constant comparing, putting your “good stuff” only out there, finding that people aren’t who you thought they were…. all of these things can beat down really heavy on one’s soul.

We find ourselves climbing onto the techno train as a source of entertainment only to be sucked in and in awe of the things we see. It sometimes feels like we are left empty and feeling depressed about the things we don’t have! What a crying shame!


We, PenelopeSeraphina, prize ourselves on breaking that mold. We are real life, we aren’t perfect, and we certainly don’t want to leave you feeling empty. Instead, we want you to feel fulfilled, confident, and always coming back for more positive and uplifting words of encouragement.

We are women who work, have families, cook supper, go to sporting events, attend church several times a week, and we even squeeze in a little exercise here and there too. Our lives are busy, blogging is so fun, but it’s not our number one priority, in fact, social media isn’t even our top priority. There are seasons of life, and we pride ourselves on speaking to two different seasons. One beginning a new adventure as a grandmother and the other being a busy mom of three very active athletes.


We hope that you can understand our lapse in blog posts and embrace the business of life right along with us! At the end of the day, being in the presence (and by presence we mean putting the phone down and looking someone in the eye) of our loved ones and spending time with people we enjoy reigns supreme.

Fashion is a part  of our every day lives! We wake in the morning excited about the outfit and the adventure we will have in it. We hear things like “what an interesting combination, I love it” or “that’s my favorite outfit yet” from so many passer-byers. We are on the daily a walking blog! We love sharing stories about where we found a steal or what we say in the store yesterday that would look great on you!


The Southern spirit that lives within us is all about sharing the love! When we find the “good stuff” we want to pass that on to you!

For example, just two weeks ago, Michelle found these “Summer” sweaters from Old Navy for $9.99. She bought two. One was the lemon sweater posted in a previous blog post, the other is here today!


Susie found the cute and affordable pink top at It’s Fashion along with a cute spring kimono! She wore the pink top in our last post and styled a look with the kimono  for our post today! Affordable – yes!  Versatile- yes!   Perfect for real life- most definitely!

We just wanted to be totally upfront and transparent about what’s going on with us. We know you can relate! Stick with us as we continue to lift you up in life and in fashion! Oh happy day fashionistas, long live the blog!


Staying Positive When It’s a Negative Day

Stay positive- Think Positive –  Have a positive attitude! We all see the memes, the tee shirts,  and cute little reminders on the wooden signs and posters.  Susie even has little sticky notes attached to her dashboard and desk at work to remind herself!!



This idea of being positive is not that difficult when things are going our way. Honestly, its easy to be happy and bright when all is good. But what about when the storm clouds gather and that sunlight dims?  When it seems like there’s nothing but problem after problem?  It’s when the winds shift and the bad things happen that we struggle to hold onto the positive! We struggle not to let it knock us down and put a halt to our productivity and our self esteem.


Even though it may seem very difficult or impossible, you can maintain a positive attitude if you remember a few of these things. These tips may help you hold it together and even emerge from that bad time or life wiser and stronger.


  • One thing to remember is that the situation is temporary.  No, it’s not going to be this way forever even though it seems that way. Keep it in perspective. Better times will come!
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  • While we know that we cant control everything that happens to us, we can control how we react and our approach to dealing with it. Those things are completely under our control. Once we acknowledge that, then we regain power in the situation and reject the victim mentality that threatens our perspective.
  • Concentrate on what is going on right now. Live in the present. When we focus on the past or speculate and worry about the future, we take our energy away from what we can do to make the present better. Take charge and be proactive with the moment in which you are living.


  • Remember the advice about how to eat an elephant. You can not do it in one bite, it has to be one bite at a time. Take that approach with the difficult times as well. Keep moving. Take one step at a time. Then take another step. They do not have to be big steps, even baby steps will move you in the right directions. Just keep on keeping on!!
  • Look at the situation through the test of time. Ask yourself- will this matter or be important in one, five or even ten years? Separate yourself from it for a bit and then look at it from someone else’s point of view. Maybe you will see things differently.
  • Give yourself a bit of time to regroup. Spend some time with the people in your life who support you. Call that friend who always makes you chuckle. Go out to eat with a group of those who know and love you. Watch a movie that will just make you laugh out loud!


  • Above all else, treat yourself with love and respect. Acknowledge that bad times happen to everyone, not just you and realize that it does not define who you are.  Take care of yourself and love yourself!!!


And Remember this!!!

How to Stay Positive

Rejoicing in the South

nThe dictionary defines Rejoicing as the expression of one’s joy!!



As southern women who live in the Lowcountry, we can definitely tell you that rejoicing can make your life so much better, and that we defifinitely rejoice a lot in the south!



Easter weekend is just one of the many examples!  Let’s take a moment and talk about Easter in the south!


For these southern girls, Easter is a season of such delights!! Beyond the most important reason – the resurrection of Christ our savior and the gift of an eternal life and salvation, is the fact that the Lowcountry comes alive!! The dogwoods are blooming, the azaleas not be outdone are a profusion of pink, white and red!! They almost take your breath away!! The Lady Banks Roses are covering the arbors with their yellow blossoms, and the purple wisteria is draped everywhere with a gracefulness of a dancer! Our silver Spanish moss even joins in and sways with the breeze to the tune of the church bells ringing in the the air!



The women love their Easter bonnets and dresses of rainbow colors! Little boys all don their neckties and try their hardest to wear them through Sunday school and church! Little girls are dressed to the nines and smiling like no tomorrow!! Pictures are taken in front of the flower cross on the front lawn of the church! Many families even have albums of pictures in front of the cross of each year as their families have grown up!


After church, there’s the huge meal that rivals Thanksgiving in the amount of food offered by all the cooks in each family!
These traditions warm our hearts and while they are small things, they are indeed part of the fabric of our small towns and communities! Oh, how we love them, and oh how they bring us such pure joy!!!

Michelle has thoroughly enjoyed the colors that spring has brought to the Lowcountry- especially this baby blue that she just can’t get enough of. Today she wore her favorite skirt that has somehow managed to match a whole bunch of items in her closet.

Without remembering the skirt she purchased these cute baby blue tassel earrings that just so happened to “go” with her skirt! She found these little gems at Francesca’s!

The vintage top is multi colored from Fox’s, a European clothing retailer, and would look great with a multitude of colors. It’s a cropped button up sweater that hit right at the top of the skirt. She wore her brown wedges to solidify a colorful yet traditional Easter Sunday outfit!



Susie was all about finding a dress that was colorful and fun for her Easter ensemble!  The search was on!  It wasn’t going so well until she walked into Versona on Saturday.


That’s where she laid eyes on this sweet floral maxi dress! She loved the fact that it was a mixture of black and such a bold floral print!! In addition, this little number had pockets!  It was love at first sight!!


She is also all about an Easter bonnet! Luck would have it that Versona always has a great selection of hats for Easter!!  After circling  the displays, she saw this one and tried it on!  It worked perfectly and felt just right!!


Pink vintage jewelry and pink slingback pumps  completed the look and gave her the southern look that she soooo adores!!!


We wish each of y’all sweet tea, baked ham, deviled eggs, potato salad, and all the love you can stand this Easter! Here’s wishing you each a Blessed and Happy Easter and Passover! 🌸💕🌺

When life gives you Lemons….



Michelle has a girl group of friends from her high school days that have always had this motto! Life always has a way of throwing you a curve ball. Maybe it’s within your family or maybe it’s your career…. it could be that you aren’t where you thought you’d be at this age or maybe it’s something really simple like you have nothing to wear!!!😱 (God forbid)


Our message to you tonight would be whatever you are going through you have a choice of how you react and how you let it effect you! We hope you’ll choose to make LEMONADE.


There are going to be times that you thought things should turn out differently- do you let it ruin you? Do you let it define you? The answer is no! And not just No, but heck no! You take control of your future- so it’s not what you thought…. then readjust your thinking! God’s plans for our lives are so different than our own…. sometimes we aren’t even in the same ballpark!


Don’t sit around moping about what you thought was gonna happen. Take the bull by the horns, and get back up! Stay positive and surround yourself with people who believe in the power of positive thinking! Your attitude in life can determine your aptitude in life. You won’t get very far with stinkin thinkin…. so chin up, readjust and push forward!


Believing in the good, turning toward the light, and always finding ways to stay up beat are game changers! So be sure to find some good friends who point you in the right direction and remember to always make lemonade when life give you lemons!


Beautiful in Blue

Blue is such an easy color to master! So many different shades, hues, and variations that almost anyone can find a piece of blue and look beautiful in it. These beauties…have found a way to make blue run all the way to summertime! Granted this was “back in the day” when women wore Petticoats and slips but some things never go out of style!

Michelle has a bold and vibrant cobalt blue on with some very interesting new tights! These tights online boast a strong ombré from dark blue to cobalt. The length of Michelle’s skirt doesn’t allow it to show very well, but she wanted to keep things professional!

Michelle has been searching for unique tights this winter and has been a little successful. You might get to see some of her findings shortly if the weather doesn’t warm up!

Her black skateboard skirt is cotton and twirly! One of Michelle’s favorite Christmas gifts is her gold multicolored earrings. They go with just about anything and make such a fun statement piece!


Susie went for a  turquoise and navy blue layered look to transition into spring! She went with a lightweight navy blue maxi skirt from Cato and paired it with a navy blue turtle neck.


The next layer is a really fun turquoise gauze tunic with a v neck. This tunic has a really fun silhouette and hemline! Perfect for layering now and wearing all by itself in the lot days of summer!! This material breathes for summertime!!!


A navy blue belt and a hat are perfect for the look!  Navy blue pumps from Nine West are always a versatile wardrobe staple in her book! A little boho look! The shopping angels smiled on Susie because she found this scarf which just happened to match this outfit perfectly for just .99 cents!!!  For under a dollar y’all!! Yippee!!!


As winter turns to spring, let’s turn  those winter blues into the colors of the sky and the ocean!!  Feeling the warmth of the sun on our faces and the feel of the sand between our toes!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀

Lots of luck to you on St. Patrick’s Day! We hope that you have green in your ensemble today, otherwise you might get a pinch! Where on earth did that superstition come from you ask? Read on dear friends!

We love to celebrate any holiday large and small. So today we wear green in honor of the leprechaun. And we hope you enjoy the seven lucky facts about St. Patrick’s Day.



1. St. Patrick’s Day is all about luck!

However the Irish were very unlucky people. The phrase “the luck of the Irish” dates back to the 1800s during the gold rush! Mini Irish immigrants found gold and silver but because they were deemed incapable it was called the luck of the Irish that they found success during that time.


2. The lucky number seven!

Did you know that a rainbow has seven distinct colors? Also the number seven is Lucky all over the world, especially in Las Vegas we’re triple sevens means that you hit the jackpot!



3. The Shamrock. 🍀

According to Christian legend St. Patrick taught the Irish pagans about the trinity with a three leaf clover. The four leaves on a four leaf clover represent luck, hope, faith, and love.

4. Other Lucky charms!

A coin or penny, horseshoe, and falling star are all lucky charms. Hang a horseshoe over your door upside down, otherwise your luck will pour out. See a penny, pick it up, and all day long, you’ll have luck! If you see a falling star or a shooting star You’ll receive a secret wish!


5. Pinch… pinch!

Green in the 19th century was considered to be a patriotic color for the Emerald Isle also known as Ireland. Wearing green is considered lucky in many US states and cities adhere to this celebration and dye their rivers and fountains green!

6. Lucky leprechauns!

These crotchety fairies are known for fixing the shoes of other fairies. They are known to be grumpy and miss use their magical powers for trickery and mischief.


7. Kiss me, I’m Irish!

This term comes from not a person, but a place. There is a stone of legend called theBlarney Stone that is in the wall of a castle in Ireland. It is said that anyone who kisses the stone will have magical powers of persuasion. It’s best to keep your kiss to a small pack as millions of people have kissed tthis very stone.

St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Groundhog Day, these are all fun and easy holidays and celebrations to focus your outfit on. It’s fun to have a reason for what you’re wearing!

We hope you have the luck of the Irish today and always💚💚💚


Flower Power

The timeless allure of a floral print has once again asserted itself as a trend for Spring and summer 2018 fashion on the runways and the streets. You can find it in clothing, headwear, and footwear so it’s no surprise that we, like you love to gaze at the beautiful florals in fashion.



This year there are three different categories of florals on the top of the list! Soft, floral prints- 60s florals- and micro florals are all waiting to be picked and flaunted!!!


The soft floral is a little different than might be expected. It’s a floaty-romantic floral that is often printed on airy chiffon. We see most of these soft florals with a plunging v-neck line and high splits. This print is not worn professionally per say, its more of a night time and party type of floral.


Soft florals are often light in color and very feminine. They create a very lady like- girlie effect when worn properly. We should always avoid looking like a curtain or your grandma, but when you’ve chosen the right color and style you can look very charming and romantic.


60’s floral are distinct in color, shape, and size. A 60’s print will always carry that signature look and in 2018 the 60’s floral of large print and bold colors are certainly holding their own. The “flower power” movement has designers delivering creative ways to incorporate the past in our everyday fashion choices.


The 60’s floral is one that is fun to mix with all sorts of neat ideas. Often the fabric is thicker and bulky and if that’s the case you can always pair it with something more sleek or even something equally as bulky to give is an artistic flare.

Micro florals are just as the name implies, teeny tiny flowers! They are petite and sweet and can be found everywhere this spring!