White Shirts Rule this Spring

IMG_6330A basic white shirt! Everyone has at least one and most of the time more than one!   The Spring 2017 fashion shows were definitely a change for the white shirt fashion!  It was apparent that designers were determined to turn the simple white shirt into something not quite so basic!




One of the great things about fashion is that designers and real life women have the ability to see fresh beauty in the average everyday things around us.  The proportions and lines of the basic white shirt have taken on a life of their own!! There is an energy and style to it like never before.



Bubble sleeves, mismatched panels, bows  and ruffles are just a few of the details that designers have used to bring the white shirt to center stage.

Here are some ideas of how to style your white shirts this spring and summer!  Not sure how comfortable you will feel about trying it, but wearing your white shirt half untucked is one of the popular trends this spring!!  However if you feel more comfortable with a totally tucked in look, that is still stylish as well. FYI- Michelle is often seen with her shirt half untucked while Susie is more of a total tuck or total untuck kind of girl!! If you love the untucked look especially with a longer shirt, try belting it! Some of these awesome shirts come with their own belt, but do not be afraid to use some belts that you already have in your accessory wardrobe!



One of our favorite trends with the classic white shirt is the feminine reconstruction of the shirt!  Showing an unexpected glimpse of skin gives attention to our feminine form.



The shoulder is the chosen area for attention this spring with the cold shoulder, off the shoulder, and cap sleeves being the most popular. These styles look best when done in a stark white cotton but can also be effective in a subtle stripe.



Make sure that one of your investment pieces for this spring and summer is a beautiful white shirt!! We promise you will not regret it!






That classic white shirt that has always been a wardrobe staple is no longer content to have a supporting role. This is the year where it takes center stage and becomes the star of the show!!

We can’t wait to see how you style your white shirts this spring!

Keep styling, ladies, and wear those white shirts!






A Fashion Education

Yes, we are educators. Yes, we want to share our knowledge with others. On this fine Tuesday, we thought why not share the terminology we have learned over our blogging career with our readers. Everyone likes a good “SAT” word, right? No, that’s just us? Well, if you are like us… a little bit nerdy and proud of it, then you’re gonna just love this post.


In a specialty industry, like fashion – if you are new to it, or just not in it that often, you may find that people use certain words or terminology that make you look down. Like the child in school who doesn’t want to be called on. Have you ever heard the term Applique? It’s one of the more common words. Applique is a noun that means embroidering or stitching one fabric to another.

It just so happens that Michelle’s denim jacket today is Applique.


Bias cut is an adjective and means a garment that is cut diagonally. We see this often in fashion- Michelle always refers to hers as an uneven hem, but the correct technical term is bias cut. This type of hem can add length to your body and give you a more slimming look


Pop up shop is a term used a lot lately with Lularoe and those sorts of shops. It’s a noun, and it means a temporary retail shop. We have seen pop up shops all over including a birch box tour. Do any of you gals subscribe to Birch Box?


This is one of our all time faves….Capsule wardrobe. It’s a noun, and it’s an edited collection of interchangeable clothing pieces. Our dear friend, Whitney Meade, who is a Christian Fashion Consultant shared her journey for 30 days of her capsule wardrobe. And I must say- it was pretty impressive. I’m thinking I hear a challenge here?? Anyone else want to try it with us?

IMG_4827 We hope that this post has been of some help in increasing your fashion vocabulary.  You can be sure that we will post additional terms in some upcoming posts in the near future.

After all, when someone stops you while out and about to compliment you on your fantabulous outfit, you want to sound like a true fashionista!!!

Keep styling, ladies!!!



We all have it… Whether we know it or not. Someone is always watching us. Whether it’s in our fashion, in our action, or in the words we speak. What is your influence?

Everyone is looking to someone for something different. You may be influencing someone to have a more positive attitude or you may be influencing someone to dress more conservatively than what they used to. Either way we have the power to change the world around us by what we put out there for others to see.


Susie and Michelle have a great and powerful opportunity to influence people of all ages. They have to be careful about what they wear because all grade levels are always watching.


In a lot of ways, we are influenced by the people we surround ourselves with. It’s important to choose wisely who we let in our circle because the people surrounding us can either help us make good decisions, speak truth to us, and spur us to be motivated to always do our best or… allow us to make bad choices, tell us lies, or hinder us from feeling like we have more to give.



The ability to influence others is not limited by age. Even young people can be an influence on those around them. We are fortunate to work with the most amazing young men and women! What a blessing and a privilege! We decided to share a picture of two young men who are true examples of the fact that a young age does not stop you from having the ability to influence others. As middle school students, they both try hard and serve as great role models for those around them! Did we mention that they both have tons of style when it comes to fashion?? Well they do!!  They are both so dapper!


In fashion, we tend to look at other people and want to mimic their look or- just the opposite- look at them and never want to dress like them.
Our goal is to inspire you- as readers. We love a variety of styles and fashion so we wear them all hoping that it will catch your eye and encourage you in a direction that is right for you.


Fashion is a catalyst for conversation and relationships. We want to get to know you… we want to talk fashion…. and share all of our love for it.



Happy Monday, Y’all!!  Keep styling and smiling!!!


Life! Life is often so busy that we spend the majority of our time running around, working, taking care of errands, and trying to get it all done!! Every day, we all have long lists of things that we need to accomplish!  Unfortunately in the rat race of life, we often forget to take time and marvel at who or what is around us!  Honestly, when was the last time any of us have experienced or been struck by wonder?

The dictionary defines wonder as “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.”   We often hear the word used when describing how a child views things.


As we get older, we lose that ability to look around at the wonderful things and people around us because we are too busy running the race to take the time to notice.  We WONDER what we have missed because of this?

“Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder.”- E.B. White



Mr. White was definitely on to something when he said those words. If we take the time to slow down and notice who is around us, we will begin to see that there are so many  people who have the ability to inspire that sense of wonder in us.


We will be  so awestruck by the “SHE-roes”   whom we encounter in our daily lives who are awesome -fearless-powerful-wise-creative and so much more! The “SHE-roes” who can inspire, lift up, and convince us to believe in our awesomeness. Those women who can help us to believe that we indeed do have the talents and ability to pursue those dreams that we have never felt brave enough to attempt.


In the Wizard of Oz, it took Dorothy quite a while to learn that instead of needing help to  return to Kansas,  she, herself,  had the power to go home all along.

Let’s let go of our doubts and fears.  Look deep into your hearts and think of what you dream to do. Look around you for those SHE-roes who will inspire you and cause you to be struck by wonder!!


Stop treading water and start swimming!!


and most of all……

Click your own heels and make your wishes come true!

We believe in you!!!



Finding the good things in life doesn’t have to always be this difficult task… sometimes it’s the simple small things that can make the biggest difference.



Have you ever thought of a friend while at a store and bought them a little surcee? Those are the simple things that mean so much. Or taking the shopping cart back to where it belongs for someone else while at the supermarket. Small, insignificant to some, but large and speaks volumes to others!


Today, we’d like to challenge you to do something small and kind for one other person. Nothing major, nothing spectacular, but intentional and thoughtful.

When we think about simplicity in fashion, we think black and white. Two colors that marry together like peas and carrots. They are so simple, yet so elegant. They are so unassuming, yet they can make the biggest impression. Black slims us and makes us always feel fashionable. White is crisp, clean, and makes us feel light and airy.

Put them together and oh my! The glorious reunion you shall have!

A long black and white maxi dress offered exactly the boho style that Susie is all about this spring! The black is accented by the white trim and the cold shoulder style is perfect for the spring temps!!


Her black and white pearl choker  was just the right length for the V-neck line. Her new black mules from Ross have a chunky heel and were just the right style to finish her ootd!


Michelle found her cropped pants at Cato for $4.99 yall!! Such a steal. She loves that sale rack! Her lace top was found at Ross, which once again was a steal-and those heels are Anne Klein and so functional. Rounded toe and comfort fit makes for a very repeated wear!

Michelle’s birthday just passed, and her friend Susie gave her a great surcee to celebrate! You can see them around her neck as a moon stone necklace, some funky drop earrings that tie in nicely with the moonstone and a fun cuff bracelet with matching stone. It would have been such a tragedy to not wear this combo with the black and white today! Notice her nails, they are HOT pink- which we mentioned in our last post that color is very in this
Spring. Michelle hardly ever has her nails painter, her friend Susie on the other hand won’t be seen without professionally done nails.

To each his own, but we should always draw attention to the things we are most proud of. Right? 🙂

Oh, and keeping with the trends found at fashion week-Michelle decided to try these “up-do buns” on top of her head some might call a “top knot.” People definitely looked at her strangely today, but mostly in aw of the fact that had the guts to pull it off. She is crazy like that… She likes to stand out in a crowd!

As this week progresses and you find opportunities to do something nice and simple for someone else, please do, and tell us about it! We love hearing stories about how our blog has inspired you!


Have a happy Tuesday ladies… Keep styling!







Spring has Sprung!

What a glorious day it is when the time of year actually catches up to the flowers in bloom. In South Carolina, we see it all too often that the azaleas, the wisteria, the camelias are all in full bloom yet the temperatures are… well in the 40’s some days and 70’s other days.

Fashion is definitely in full bloom and color is in abundance. Susie and Michelle adore color… and lots of it! From hats to shoes we love to show our fashion styles in all hues of color, shapes, and styles.

Think color, color, and more color…

Be brave…. live colorfully…think outside the box this Spring. Maybe you have something in your closet that you are tired of or you’ve worn over and over again. Begin to think about something totally different to pair it with. Maybe something colorful, maybe something off the wall.

This Spring there are some very cool trends that can really amp up your closet without breaking the bank.

Ruffles are definitely a thing. Whether on your sleeve, on a sleeveless shirt, or on the top of your bikini top… add a little ruffle to your life- you won’t regret it.

Scalloped edges. Bring some fun pizazz to your wardrobe with a scalloped edge on the bottom of your dress, the bottom or your shirt, or once again the edge of your bathing suit. Scalloped is a feminine addition to your wardrobe that is certain to get a compliment.


Tassels and fringe are a win win. Suede fringe is in this Spring, which one might think suede is more of a cold weather trend, but it is making an easy transition into Spring. Tassels can add pop to your hat, hand bag, or even your lace up shoes! Tassels can be colorful and fun to add to all sorts of creative styles.


White skirts- simple looks- and so much more! So this Spring remember to go big or go home with color, fringe, ruffles, tassels, or whatever makes you happy!🌺🌸🌼


Keep on styling girls!

Charleston Fashion Week

We were so fortunate to be able to attend the Friday night festivities at  Charleston Fashion Week. What an awesome time we had!!! To say that there was a wide variety of fashion and style there would not do it justice!! We were surrounded by so many men and women whose  unique styles were on parade at one of the  top Southern Fashion events!

Yes, they had a photo booth there, and we might have visited it a few times during the evening!

One of the great parts of the evening was the fabulous jewelry that Michelle and Susie wore for the evening!  Shannon Tabor of Charleston Clay Jewelry provided their gorgeous necklaces and earrings. Each one of Shannon’s designs are hand made and are one of a kind. Her jewelry is a work of art in addition to being a fabulous accessory for your outfits!!  Make sure to visit her website  at Charleston clay Jewelry and check out her creations!




Paul Mitchell  The School Charleston was also there providing free hairstyles for Fashion Week guests.  Kelsey and Susie decided to give it a try and were quite pleased with the results!!  Thanks, Paul Mitchell!!!


During the shows, there were four new designers who were showcased. They were all wonderful and we enjoyed their designs. However, Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant celebrated 50 years with  a fabulous showing of some of the designs available at the independently and  locally owned department store in Charleston Tri-county area.

We even saw some really beautiful mannequins!! …..And some friends posing as mannequins!!


During the night we found this gentleman whose attire  matched Valerie’s so well that we just had to snap a picture!!!   Everybody loves a sharp dressed man, right?

Even the DJ was stylish and dapper as he provided awesome music in one of the tents!  We think his updo was a tad higher than Susie’s updo.

To sum it all up—–We had a wonderful time at Charleston Fashion Week and can not wait until next year to go again!!!!


We hope that your weekend has been  awesome, and that you, wonderful and beautiful ladies,  found time to do something that you enjoyed!!! As Sunday comes to a close, look towards Monday  and know that you are not just  ready to conquer the world but to also do it with style!



Mastery of Layering #3

Layering has been a part of fashion history for the past 44 centuries!  Probably the reason was more for survival than for the sake of being a Fashionista, but the longevity of this trend in clothing has been around and around!

In the Lowcountry, especially, layering is  a fashion must because we may start a day with very cool temps and proceed to warm up as the day goes on.  Not only that but the number of people who travel from one climate and get off the plane or ship in a whole different climate is quite a large one!

Getting the hang of layering means that you can increase the number of outfits and looks in your wardrobe just by changing how things are worn!!

Some thoughts to consider when layering are:

  • Begin with a thin layer and top it off with a thicker layer!
  • Have your  individual layers  vary in fit. You want each piece to be showcased in your outfit.  Major pitfall is to appear bulky. Layering is not able looking like you have a ton of clothes on.
  • Get the colors right. The more colors chosen, the  the more interesting your look will be!   Choose one color as your foundation and then choose colors which complement it to add as layers.  Make it bold, and put your fashion front and center.
  • Generally, bright colors will become the central point of your outfit, making the softer colors only as a background, while neutral colors are very good for creating harmonious layering look, as they have low saturation and are therefore not bright and intense.
  • If you do not feel comfortable with a bold, bright color, Then work with the neutrals: gray, black and taupe.  They work together very well.
  • When it comes to matching with prints, generally, it’s best to have only one visually complex pattern, and to keep the rest plain
  • Play with the fabrics! Texture is key.   A mix of materials helps to avoid the bulky and dowdy look.
  • If you choose to wear several layers on top, keep the bottom-half long and lean. Try skinny-cut, tapered, or slim-cut pants or leggings or tights.  make sure it works with all the rest of your outfit.
  • Don’t be afraid to add a scarf!  They are like frosting on a cupcake!!
  • If you are concerned with your waistline, then add a belt to accentuate the waist.

Michelle took her mustard cotton Po Girlz find which is a very thin, comfortable dress and layered it with  a summer dress overlay that had that same mustard color in it!

Today was a day for leggings to keep warm so Michelle chose her navy blue ones to keep with the blues in her top dress! She also loves to incorporate her blue suede booties whenever she can! They are Sam & Libby and were found at Target!


Susie started with a thin rust t-shirt and wore a rust dress from Affordables. Her next layer incorporated a  lightweight printed short sleeve trench coat without its belt. It provided a great flowy silhouette to the look.  She then topped it off with a half sleeve jacket that matched the dress. The print provides a break from the matchy matchy top and dress.


The bottom half of her look needed a more streamline look so she went with rust leggings and some cinnamon boots with a thicker heel.  Her jewelry is from Handpicked. Her sunnies are from Its Fashion.



Whether we are just trying to stay warm or create a certain look,   Don’t be afraid to try new and fresh combinations through layering!  Keep it interesting!

Layering-Day 2

It appears that we will have a few more days of this layering! Just more time to show off our awesome accessories and additions!


Both Susie and Michelle wore color today- one a very vibrant choice and one a softer lighter choice but both make large statements this season. 

Michelle’s jewel tone cardigan (LandsEnd) paired  fantastically  with her ruffle scarf (apt9) of other jewel tones. When you put jewels together- they always form a medley that is hard not to notice. On the bottom- she wore a classic pair of light khaki Talbots pants.

These snake skin heels are some of her faves from Nine West! She has gotten loads of use out of them!

She also recently bought this waffle white top from Francesca’s and finds it to be super soft and very useful!!


A vintage pale blue cardigan with pearl-like  buttons was the starting point for Susie’s ootd. She decided to pair this with all soft pastel colors. A student told her today that she reminded them of Easter! She took it as a compliment.


A long eggshell wrap maxi skirt from Versona and a basic turtle neck  made a beautiful flowy silhouette for this cold Tuesday.


Two vintage necklaces and earrings partnered up to provide the icing for this sweet look. Susie wrapped it all up in a pale scarf of pink, blue and cream! Such a feminine and easy look.



Tomorrow promises to be yet cold again, so we will layer up yet again! We are also looking forward to attending Charleston Fashion Week on Friday night!! We can’t wait to share the fashion and style with you!!!

Keep smiling and styling even when you are freezing!!!


Chic and Layered

It’s looking like this week is going to be one where we add layers to our outfits to stay warm! We can’t deny the fact that spring has sprung in the south, yet the temps this week are dipping into the 40’s. Who can dress to impress with the back and forth?!?




Well, we promise to do our best- press forward and keep that Springy feel while staying warm and cozy.

Today, Michelle layered her while cotton button up with a white crocheted vest to add some length to the top. She has gotten so much use out of the checked skinny jeans she found at Goodwill. And to add some Spring in her step she put on her new pink scarf from Bijuju. The sued gray booties she bought from Rack Room early this winter season have been such a great addition to her wardrobe.


One of Susie’s favorite colors is pink! She loves the feminine color and finds it to be very versatile!  She also loves the way it blends with navy blue! She met the challenge of the low temps by layering this pink and navy striped  long vest with a pale pink turtle neck and a navy blue maxi skirt. Her skirt is from Versona, and her vest is from It’s Fashion .  Her jewelry is from Bijuju.


We hope that you will find some inspiration for Spring transition fashion this week in our posts!!!!

BTW: Is everyone else suffering from the transition to Daylight Savings Time like we are?

Keep styling and smiling!!!